Ascension - 2012


Looking Glass World

Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......

My Dear Friends:
You and your world are now dealing with the final chapter ofthis current creation. The "bridge concepts" you are recalling now aredesigned to re-introduce you back into complete knowledge of yourMultidimensional Self. You are, in essence, calling yourself home.Therefore, let us now offer you a master key that will be of greatassistance, as you interpret the events, ideas, and indicators thatare now coming your way.
As we have previously said, the World of Form is a compressedand contained experience, designed to keep out memory and consciousconnection to the rest of the Multiverse. There are defined bordershere, clearly stating what is supposed to be "real" and what is not.When a human joins 3D, he agrees to buy into this "script," or massconsensus for a time...and play out a specified role within aparticular story plot. This creates an energetic portal, or link,through which knowledge of personal experience, and accompanyingsensory data can be transmitted back to the archives of the Oneself.
Understand, therefore, that each physical focus serves as amirror image for the rest of the Oneself. It is a fragment of beingwho has turned himself around to face the rest of Us, agreeing topretend that he is something else. As with any mirror image, eachreflection appears exactly backwards from the viewpoint that exists onthe Other Side of that Veil.
Every mirror dance has two sides. There is the face whichlooks therein, and the reflected image which stares back at him. Each"mirror world" has its own distinctive viewpoint. And each side ofthat dance is quite real. One side is called a Universe, and theother side would be its Antiverse. The assignment of terms isdependent upon which side of the dance one wishes to identify as"self."
Many things that are interpreted as "good" and "proper" in 3D,are actually seat belts--keeping one's focus locked in the physicalworld. And many things which initially appear to be "bad," or athreat to you often turn out to be a vanguard of light energy,entering your life to "break down the walls" and restore a MultiversalPerspective to the situation.
There is no innate "goodness" or "badness" in this Game. Alljudgment exists within the eye of the beholder. As one writer aptlyput it: "We don't see the world as it is. We see the world as we are."?
In a sense, what might be considered an "alien invasion" bysome 3D story plots, could be nothing more than a concept of self from"outside the box" who lands in 3D, bringing with it new and activatingideas and characteristics. If you fight against the "aliens" and win,you have the option of making them go away. If they win, they maychoose to enter your life situation to stay, creating change(mutation) in how the world is, or how it experiences itself.
In our first transmission to you, we spoke about Holograms.When using the concept of the Hologram--remember that when you look ata holographic picture you will automatically have a firstinterpretation or recognition. Then, by giving yourself some time torefocus--you will notice that somewhere, between the lines thereexists another, completely divergent picture of something else. Whatwe are now telling you is that all of reality is like this. When youare presented with any picture that seems to perplex or introvertyou--we encourage you to grant yourself that moment of time to adjustyour focus to the Multiversal Mind.
Does it seem to you that everyone seems to hate you? Turn itaround. It is you who has the hate. It is you who judges yourselfand others to be unworthy. The "everyone" is just a mirror reflectionof that shadow. Does it seem that nobody loves you? Turn it around.Maybe you love yourself so much (are so self absorbed) that you,quite literally, drink up all the love in the room........leavingnothing for anyone else to feel. These are examples. Everyone'sreflections are different.
This expanded mindset focuses not upon the black letters whichare printed on the page (which the human mind is used to reading)--butfocuses rather upon the SPACES AROUND THE LETTERS. It is that part ofthe picture which will often carry the Multiversal message.
In visual terms, we are speaking about learning how tofocus---not on the circle drawn upon the page and the space containedwithin it---but rather upon the HOLE IN THE PAGE which the circlecreates, and all the space around it.
You will find that, with few exceptions, this shift ofperspective will unravel more knots in your head than any magic youever wished you possessed. In the auditory realm--listen not as muchto the words that are spoken as to the what happens in the SILENCEbetween the sounds. Here is where your answers reside.
What we are suggesting, if you really feel you are ready tograduate from playing the Limitation Game, is for you to turn aroundand face the opposite direction that you would face if you were tofollow your normal human instincts.
It is interesting to note that your word "repent".......whichis often used in situations involving judgment..... means, quiteliterally, to "turn around." You appear to be going one way down apath, and then go the other way.Instantly, the Hologram shifts, turning one picture a moment, in the twinkling of an eye!
But, here again, remember that when you utilize the word"repent", you must use it differently than the mass consciousness usesit now. To repent, in a Multiversal manner, is to actually claim yourdominion as God/Goddess in your personal universe--not cower in shamebefore a God which you have imagined exists outside of you and who youhave "offended" in some way. What once seemed to be a service thatyou perform TO GOD, or FOR GOD, now becomes an expression of divineinitiative that you perform AS GOD, within your own perceptual world.
When a person looks into a mirror, his usual intent is to geta clearer picture of who or what he is, in that moment. Isn't thatironic? By identifying with that one view, concerning who or what heis--he automatically excludes ALL OTHER VIEWS about who he could alsobe. By saying "I am this," or "I am that"......he automatically shunsthe idea of being anything else.
This, my friends, is why mirrors always hang upon walls. Whatyou see in them represents all those traits and attributes which standin the way of your merge with everything and everyone. They areWALLS, blocking clear perception of the expansiveness of who youreally are.
In the 3D World, more and more are becoming obsessed with howtheir image appears in the mirror. They are especially fixated uponhow they are perceived by others. Can you see the damage this causes,if one is trying to reconnect?
Now is the time for you to let go of what has been called"self image." Let go of attachment to who or what you are, within anygiven moment. Those images are simply "snapshots." They bear noresemblance to the vastness and wonder which you truly are. They areone role you have played, in a stage career than spans all across time!
In truth, you are ALL OF IT......though, for a time, you areplaying out this role or that role. You are dancing within Dreams ofthe Mass Mind. So be it. Play out your roles, have your experiences.And then, when you are ready........only when you areready........READ BETWEEN THE LINES, do an about face, and come onhome.

Channeled by Daniel Jacob
Copyright, 2005, by Daniel Jacob. All Rights Reserved. Maybe copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research,so long as the above URL and this copyright notice are included intheir entirety. All reproduction for profit, by any means, requiresthe written permission of Reconnections, Inc.


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