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Diane 11/30/05, Mike Quinsey

Diane 11.30.05

In your minds you have often visualized a state of perfection, but
it is normally restricted to the memories of it that you have
perceived upon Earth. In fact there are natural areas such as in
your tropical regions that lend themselves to much beauty. Areas
where so many different plants and fauna exist, and an array of
bright colors that compliment each other, In your seas the living
coral exists in great reefs of beauty, as it is visited by a
multitude of fish and other creatures that show off an exquisite
range of colors. Trees and bushes, their flowers and fruits, are a
panorama of different shapes and colors, and the home of animal and
insect life. You have much to stir your imagination, and all that
you see was first in the mind of its creator.

Is it not amazing that on Earth, alongside the beauty the ugliness
is played out and yet it helps you appreciate what is pleasing to
your eyes. Your Earth is truly a great show house, that even in its
moments of drama that have entailed changes, there is still beauty
as it is re-shaped. Mountains gloriously reach up to the sky, and
valleys dip into the earth creating their own lazy patterns. You say
beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but no one can deny the great
vista of fantastic scenarios that are to be seen everywhere. In the
lands of snow and ice, there is another beauty in the often gently
windswept landscapes. Even in the sandy dunes the finger of God can
be seen.

Dear Ones, your Earth is unique and the creation of great minds. It
still has the magic that has existed for eons of time, but it has
been despoiled by Man's activities to earn a living from his
environment. It has been destroyed in senseless wars where
destruction has altered the face of the Earth. You will know that
your seas are heavily polluted, and marine life has been depleted by
your over fishing. This is not a criticism, merely an observation of
the result of commercial ventures that are bleeding the seas dry. On
land indiscriminate changes are brought about, and you see the
effect quite soon where it has unbalanced your environment.

One of your problems is that you can rarely find agreement amongst
yourselves as to how to protect your environment. Each group has
vested interests, and sometimes it comes down to maintaining the
livelihood of your native inhabitants. Now, after many decades of
development by your industrialized nations, there is much to remedy
to restore your Earth to its previous beauty.

The plan for Earth is its restoration to its former beauty, and you
will realize that this is a major task. However, we have not just
the technology to carry out this work, but also individual powers
that enable us to raise up energies that have become depleted. The
Earth can in part be healed exactly as you can, and it extends to re-
creating that which existed previously. The etheric pattern still
exists around Earth and matter will be re-organized to once again
fit the original patterning. Mother Earth, the great conscious
Goddess will also wield her power, and you already see some of the
changes re-shaping certain areas.

There is to be a return to the pristine condition of Earth that will
reflect all of the beauty that first existed. You as individuals are
also are going through similar changes, and you will re-claim your
place amongst the mighty Angelic Beings. The Creator is keeping a
promise to you that once your cycle of duality was completed, you
would be fully restored to your original Self. Your were then
glorious Beings of Light, and still are now even although you have
dropped down into the lower vibrations. Some are now remembering and
accepting that they are not their physical body, and that it is only
a temporary vehicle for this journey.

Life is most wonderful and interesting throughout the Universe, and
in time you shall once again be able to continue your travels. This
time you will be knowingly co-creating with God, and will carry out
his work in great service to others. It is exciting and so
fulfilling to venture into new areas of space and see the wonders of
other worlds, and the various life forms that inhabit them. We of
the Galactic Federation, are just one arm of a massive Brotherhood
of workers that travel in peace and love, tending to our fellow
souls. Creation is continually taking place, and there seems to be
no end to it along with the surprises and challenges it can produce.

You will certainly need an open mind to venture forth, and our
coming will help open you up to the vast possibilities in front of
you. Our work is a labor of love, and it is most rewarding to see
other souls in their various guises working through their chosen
path. Everything is continually moving and evolving, and there is no
sense of boredom that sometimes afflicts you on Earth. There will
no ,longer be pain or discomfort, as that cannot exist in the higher
dimensions. All is beauty and in harmony, from the tiniest creation
to the magnificent galaxies that will fire your imagination and take
your breath away.

I am Diane, and in my awareness of your present growth into the
Light, I can say that you have started your new path. The old and
new ones are still running together, but you will find that you
becoming detached from that which no longer serves you. It is as
though you look over your shoulder and see what was, and it
gradually disappears into the distance. Let it go and put your
energy into the new that is about to open up before you. The most
wonderful times are approaching, and we of the skies are so pleased
that you have achieved your return to your family from Space. We
many times whisper encouragement into your ears, and give you a
loving hug. Blessings dear Earth Ones, you are so loved.

Thank you Diane

Mike Quinsey


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