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The Absurdity of Resistance - The Celestials

The Absurdity of Resistance

We are in a different atmospheric fluidity than you are.  It is much simpler for us to "flow with the flow" than it is for you. Can you imagine an environment where the entire atmosphere is "fluidity of thought"?    No brick walls, no poisonous fumes, no men in black with helmets and guns.

Pale peach hues, a gentle perfume-like presence in the atmosphere, in the "fluidity". We can create buildings from thought if we choose; they are gracious, they blend, and are surrounded by flowers. If we wish to converse, we create tables and a board room. Our rooms are spacious, there is no crowding.

And always, we flow with the flow, whether it be to greet Lord Sananda or Lord Buddha who will discourse with us, or whether to join together to intercommunicate with this little earthling. The principal energy in our environment is love, and the principal moving force that projects that energy is thought.

When your resistance is over, this will be your environment. So do you see the ABSURDITY OF RESISTANCE?  Enter the flow.   Enter the waters.  Become ONE with us.

Let go of the importance of your job.  Let go of a relationship that has ended.  Let go of relatives, neighbors, business partners. Hang on to ..... what?   Don't hang on to anything.  Be like the fish flowing out to the sea.  It flows with the current, and when it reaches its destination, it is joined by thousands of other fish, flowing gently with the flow.   Enter the waters.  Say with us, TODAY I LET GO OF RESISTANCE.

The Celestials

Through Messenger Angela


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