Ascension - 2012


Celia Fenn ~ Channels from the 9th Dimension

Dear Starchild Readers, in the last two months the Earth has rapidly
completed her current ascension path by opening the Galactic
connections once again and activating the ninth dimension.

One of the things I realized in this transition was that the energy
waves were not only coming from the Galactic Center, but also from the
Earth itself. I experienced this a few years ago in the early morning
when I used to water my garden. Patches of the earth under my bare
feet would suddenly heat up, as though the Earth were communicating or
sending love to me. In this recent transit, many people experienced
sensations in their legs and in the base chakra, as the Earth let us
know that we were connecting.

Yes, truly, the final step of Ascension is GROUNDING.

The ninth dimension is that place where you understand that you are
the Earth, and that you can hear and feel the Earth in your own body
and being. This reminds me of a line from T.S. Eliot's beautiful poem
"The Four Quartets", where his comment on the Spiritual path was: "The
way up is the way down".

I wrote this channel after spending a day on my bed just listening. I
have been doing a great deal of that lately, just listening for the
guidance of Spirit. At this time I was "tuning in" to that profound
silence of deep peace that many of us can now feel. I realized that it
was not from Spirit, but was coming from the Earth itself. It was what
T.S. Eliot had called "Shantih" - the peace that passes understanding.

It was Easter when I wrote this, and I also journeyed from the Christ
story as an 8th dimensional archetype of endings and beginnings, to
Astarte, or Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven (Venus), whose festival lies
at a deeper and more ancient level in this archetypal layering. And
then I went even deeper, back millions of years, to the Song of the
Ancient Earth, the Grandfather Earth, that underlies all these Archetypes.

I am the ancient Earth
I have been here millions of Years

The deep, deep peace that you feel now
Is the peace of the ancient Earth.

There is no need to hurry or rush
Go slowly and take my gift of peace.

I know you well, for you are very ancient too.
Every starborn cell in your body
has been here since time began.
You are infinite and eternal
Spirit and Matter.
Every lifetime that you have walked this ancient land
I hold within my memory
I know you well
when you came I welcomed you
Beloved Friend
I remember your dreams and desires
Nothing is ever lost
I hold you and nurture you.

You know me well
I am the ancient Earth
Let me sing to you of days of peace
Milleniums when only the wind blows.

Beloved children
There is no need to rush
Experience my peace
It is the peace of the Ancient Earth


And as I watch you Starborn ones
Come and go
I see and I feel how you flow with life

And I know when I feel at peace with you....

It is when you honor the river of life from God
When you understand the spirals
That flow from the Great Celestial Mother

Then you live with honor and respect
You honor the Elders and the Wise Ones
Human or animal or plant or rock

You know your place in the Universe
and you know that you give and receive in equal measure
You understand the flow of days in the spiral of time
And you give honor to those with many days
And you guide and lead those who are young
And you honor the changes and transitions in your life
Supporting these in others

And so you honor me and all my children
if you honor yourselves
But when you forget and you rush through life
In a panic of activity
then we cannot meet
And I cannot give you my gift of perfect peace

Slow down, human children
And hear the ancient song of perfect peace.

The ancient Earth is Male:
matter is hard and unyielding.....
The Galactic center is Feminine:
Energy is light and fluid and flexible....

In their act of mating
Earth is enfolded and embraced
by the Galactic Goddess
The waves of their passion and ecstasy
are the waves of light and energy
that you feel now......

You can share in their passion
If you find your own passionate
of Sky and Earth....

Keep your feet on the Ground, beloved ones
But reach for the stars....

Be like the Great Trees.....
Rooted in earth but reaching for Light.....

© 2005-6 Celia Fenn

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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