Ascension - 2012


Sananda on stepping into our roles....

4/7/06 11:34amSananda?S: Yes love, still here with you.L: Oh good, do you have a message for me today?S: Indeed. I wish to tell you of some upcoming events in your worldtoday. It seems from various sources that things are well underway inyour physical realm. We observe so many truths emerging on manydifferent levels and now it is our intention to begin to inform thoseof the light of how the next stages in your plan will manifestaccording to the current energy. If you listen closely to the sound ofyour heart, you will all realize that the time is very near. This maymanifest almost as feelings of anxiousness and impetuous behaviors. Donot be dismayed by these energies, they are simply the remainingvestiges of your ego’s control. Your ego is perceiving all of thechanges as something to be feared when in truth, it fears losing itselfin the process of awakening. This is not the case, in fact the egowill suddenly become useful for many of you who choose to use it as atool of the mind, a great tool of reason. You all will soon be facedwith many opportunities to be of service to your world, and they willbe in the smallest and largest ways depending on your choosing. If youare one who actively participates in the process then you will mostlikely have an active part post-change as well. Similarly, if youcurrently hold a passive role in all of this then your role will likelybe a passive one. Neither is more important or worthy, as all of youare designed to reach different personality types in times of greatneed. We have spoken to many about the likelihood of turmoil in thecoming moments, we wish to reiterate that the time of upheaval as itwill be presented to you on earth is in actuality a time of greatspiritual shifting. Similar to how in moments of your own personalascension process you are often faced with your greatest fears whicharise in turmoil, only to eventually be seen for what they actuallyare…illusion. Treat this coming process the same, with detachment.You will undoubtedly encounter many challenges in the upcoming timesand those challenges should be faced with a centered and groundednature. Take to those who need you with a firm presence, assuring themall that they are safe with your awareness. Now is not the time forchivalry nor pride, it is a time to come together and unite. All ofyou who have worked so diligently for this time in your lives areheaded for the finest victory of the ages. Now you can share thisvictory with all as heaven and earth begin to merge.Note that the upcoming times warrant great personal power for each ofyou will be imparting your knowledge on many. This is why we say toyou that you will determine how this plays out. Ultimately, it will beup to each individual to decide their path, but they will have ampleopportunites, with your assistance, to choose the best path for theirsoul’s journey. Take a moment to realize the impact that a few kindwords can have on a fearful soul. Prepare in your hearts, minds andeven in your dialogue how you will present this information to thosewho call on you. Know that you may feel pressure to deliver thisinformation adequately so we recommend preparing yourselves so as to bemost effective and wide reaching. This is the moment for you to shine,to show your brothers and sisters all that you have been working sohard for in silence. This is the moment of redemption for your serviceto God. In this moment of seeming crisis, you who have truth willfinally feel peace, you will be saved from the ensuing drama and willbe delivered from evil. No more waiting in the shadows, as each of youwill step to the forefront of your communities, countries, andeventually the world. In your new roles you will be supported by theforces of light and never again shall you be shunned for your truth.You will prevail as the warriors, teacher, wayshowers and prophets ofthe new era. You will enjoy the peace and salvation of resurrection inthe light of all that is. You will be deemed respectable amongst yourpeers and society will adorn your ways of wisdom. Be certain to acceptall that is bestowed upon each of you with grace, for you will becoming to terms with your true powers and this is not something to takelightly. Your powers will be what leads your world to its finaldestination and each of you are gifted with abilites beyond yourcurrent comprehension. As you come to terms with your true talents,you will be in a position to assist as never before. Many will look toyou as examples of the new ways and you will be inspirational to many.This was decided by you before incarnation and based on your spiritualadvancement in this and many lifetimes. Now you will bring intoharmony all that you came here to be. We say to you, use your gifts andshare your wisdom for the betterment of mankind and mother earth. Takepart in the adventures of your soul and you will forever feelfulfilled. In this final act when the curtain is drawn, you will allcome forth for recognition of your hard work behind the scenes. Then,you who staged the performances of the past will become the leadingroles in the new theatrical performances of the future, a future inparadise. I Am Sananda Immanuel.


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