Ascension - 2012



Our Friends,

On behalf of the entire Universes and Cosmoses, the Divine Justice Mechanism greets your planet, which has stepped into the Second Cosmic Age.

In every Period experienced since the days in which Divine Suggestions and Evolutionary Programs came into effect until these days, in every new and advanced Order established, Humanity has always had difficulty in adapting to the Universal Program their habits in their World Consciousness.

As Cosmos knows the Human Being from close plan, in suggestions they have given, they have always given priority to Human Consciousnesses and have taken into effect the Information parallel to their views. It takes Minimum 1, Maximum 3 years for a human being to be able to adapt to the Mission medium according to that person’s level of Consciousness and Evolution. For the Information to settle in the consciousnesses however, it takes 8 years. In all the Universal Operations applied to your planet this phenomenon is always in effect as a criterion.

Terrestrial Human Being for whom the efforts have been made to have him/her reach Macro Consciousness in very short time through the application of Cosmic Currents and Reflection Programs that are given according to the 1900 Accelerated Evolution Program, has until today stepped into this Universal Path through the Currents of Encouragement. These Evolution Waves given from the Left Dimension of the Sun, are a Universal Operational Ordinance which helps you to receive Currents of Encouragement by breaking the lock of your essences.

For this reason, all the Universal Focal Points established on your Planet until today have found their Universal Path in this way. Your Planet which has gained the potential of opening its wings to more advanced horizons, leaving behind the First Cosmic Age, will be completely kept away from the influence field of these Currents of Encouragement after the World Year 2004.

In this way, the Genuine Essences of Humanity will come up to the surface in a clearer fashion. If Human Essences take into effect their Universal Responsibilities consciously and if they can unify their Triangles of Mind-Logic-Awareness with the Consciousness of Truth of the path they are following, they will have the Right to take their places of Honour within the Universal Staff of the Cosmos.

For our Friends who have been successful in entering into this Staff, the Dimensions of Tests will henceforth be closed and they will be walking on the Universal Path more consciously and more comfortably and will live their World more happily. In the World Planet you are living, uneasiness in the Essences will automatically card-index you to the Dimension of Test. For this reason, to experience his Heaven or Hell is left to the own hands of the human being who will live through his Second Cosmic Age.

The Human Being who has attained consciousness is henceforth a Human Being of Cosmos. Those who have doubts and fears are the ones who have doomed themselves to live in the Evolutionary Dimension forever. In every period the Human being will be tested by the human being. This is an unchanging rule of the Law of Evolution. However the tests coming to an end and a human being, being able to reach Inner Peace are only possible if he attains the ability to be able to laugh at the attacks coming from the opposite party.

After the year 2004, only those who are able to gain this ability will deserve the Right to be able to enter under the Roof of Cosmos as a Cosmos Friend. Otherwise the Cosmic Energies they draw will stifle them and will throw them outside the System automatically. In this Universal Program, first the human being is trained with a human being later the human being either elects himself by integrating with himself or disqualifies himself.

Cosmos is a Divine Justice Mechanism. It never puts any pressure on anyone on the path he will be walking. The System does not expect anything from humanity other than to act in the direction of the given suggestions. And this is a phenomenon related to the Universal Program to flourish in your planet.

In this Final Age, at this moment the human being’s conscience is acting both as the accused and also as the judge. We presume Humanity who will be reaching the consciousness of this will as of now watch their steps more carefully on their path. It is presented for your Information.



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