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Gaia/Mother Earth through Pepper Lewis: Star Wars Revisited (Part 2)

Hello Everyone! Herewithin from the November 2005 Issue of the
Sedonal Journal of Emergence is Part 2
of Star Wars Revisited from Gaia/Mother Earth through Pepper Lewis.
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Blessings to All, Karen

The Wars of Men in Heaven: Star Wars Revisited (Part 2)
Gaia/Mother Earth through Pepper Lewis

I recently saw the latest Star Wars movie and was amazed at the effect
it had upon me. The storyline seemed almost too real, and I am still
having dreams that seem somehow associated with it. I remember
reading something about wars in heaven and wonder, is there some
truth associated with the movie after all?

Continued from October . . .

Our story-your story-has thus far concerned itself with a small and
remote star gate that temporarily found itself to be the focus of an
entire galaxy. Like a small town that is not equipped to handle
national-rather than local-exposure, those who made their home near
the star gate wished only that things would be as they once were. Some
crave the limelight, whereas others are happiest in anonymity and
obscurity-not because they do not warrant the former, but because they
see it as less suitable where growth is concerned. But this was not to
be, and the past was already hurrying past the present on its way to a
future that no one could have imagined.


The wounded star gate continued to heal. A star gate is not like a bus
depot or a departure gate at an airport. It is an organic,
semiconscious and purposeful coordination of energy. Within its
own arrangement of particlized light, it is just as alive as you are,
the difference being that it has no individual agenda and its
evolution depends upon its environment as well as the environments
of all other star gates. If star gates were to be classified as they
are on Earth, they would belong to one of the kingdoms whose laws are
governed by nature and nature's elements.

Nothing stands still, and regardless of how time is measured, change
continues to reveal itself. The Earth (my physical body
notwithstanding) continued to evolve into the peaceful, pristine
environment that has been described in great detail elsewhere,
thus requiring few words here. My sentience was only vaguely aware of
a disturbance of great proportion elsewhere. A developing planetary
sentience has enough on its plate, so to speak, without looking
elsewhere for opportunities that involve it. Although this might seem
less than expansive, by what necessity would my sentience now involve
itself with a disturbance upon Mars, for instance, when my prime
directive is that which is of earthly concern? Still, a growing sense
of unease began to permeate the evolving kingdoms of the Earth,
leaving behind a residue that still exists today-an energetic
fingerprint as if first dipped in blood to ensure its permanence.

The Earth was even then preparing to receive life forms. So that the
ongoing debate may be temporarily abated, it would be appropriate to
note that some, but not all, life forms are and were indigenous to the
Earth. This holds true for almost every world, especially those whose
environments invite both diversity and longevity of elements, which in
turn invite variety to become form. The human form is the most mutable
of all. It is a combination of both the created and the creative in
each world-nature and nurture, as it were. Thus humankind on one
world, although immediately distinguishable as such, may be unique and
different as compared to humankind elsewhere, depending upon the
direction evolution takes.


In any case, the Earth had evolved sufficiently and had become stable
enough in its environmental structure that it was prepared to receive
adaptable life from elsewhere. Contrary to popular conjecture, the
Earth did not belong to anyone then. Explorers, scholars, pirates and
kings had certainly made their presence known, but no one had yet
dared to lay claim on and therefore take responsibility for the Earth.
It was a delicate time, universally speaking, and one that seemed
to threaten the very fabric of evolution. Those who guide the
evolution of worlds thought the Earth an ideal next place for those
weary from war but still hopeful for peace. These far-seeing Lords of
Light envisioned a paradise-like setting in which the spiritually
starved might regenerate their divine will. The Lords of Light
accelerated certain principles upon the Earth, which in turn
rebalanced and restructured its elemental nature. The effect was both
stunning and far-reaching.

This jewel-like effect quickly lost its luster as the weary and the
injured began to arrive. In those early days, the Earth was no more
than a planetary hospital for the unconscious and the shell-shocked,
many of whom had never occupied a humanlike body. Strangely enough, it
was the fragile star gate that seemed to decide who or what could be
transported to the Earth, allowing some easy access while denying
others altogether. Lest you think this a form of discrimination, a
natural star gate is incapable of such and can only match energy, like
for like, based upon the universal laws that govern such things. More
often than not, those who arrived were true refugees, and they would
have been almost unrecognizable were it not for their souls'
undeniable resilience. All were gladly received, regardless of origin,
condition or opinion. The Earth was then, as it is now, an
unconditional planet of love and healing, albeit one that is harsh
from time to time in its third-dimensional methodology. So be it, for
such have been the cocreative choices made by Earth's custodians.


The star gate, already unstable and under quarantine, began to
deteriorate even more, making it nearly impossible to traverse it
safely. A star gate, like a supernova, is both the past and the future
of something wonderful. The day the star gate finally collapsed was a
day to be remembered in cosmic history. The remnants of its presence
still dot the heavens, and although it would be inappropriate to
rename such residues as heroic, those who remember such times
recognize them as a beacon of hope. It seems that our story should be
near its end, and yet it is only beginning.

As souls began to arrive, they "fell" into different densities of
experience. Most fell into the astral plane, for their frequency
would go no further. Clouded in thought and murky in feeling, they
searched for an identity that would allow them to go elsewhere,
compounding the problem further. A soul has no real need of identity,
as its presence is more than sufficient. The need for identity comes
from the need to identify with something or someone, both of which
seem to exist outside rather than inside. The search for anything
without will eventually lead within, because to search without
is to acknowledge that something or someone greater than you exists
there, which is the acceptance of separation-just as on the journey
through a labyrinth, however beautiful or intricate its pattern, one
must return to its point of origin, thereby gaining both clarity and

The causal plane received those whose awareness and presence were
intact. We would not go so far as to say that these beings were not
deeply affected by all that had transpired, but it would be fair to
say that their eyes were turned inward in search of both guidance and
presence. In both cases, however, these beings were more dead than
alive, if indeed these metaphorical words hold meaning. These weary
travelers were little more than fragments and memories, still bearing
energetic shields and swords to protect them from nightmares and
horrors, real or imagined. Those who speak contrary to these words
were not there. If they have told you otherwise, it was to spare you
from your own memories, but with history now lapping at your heels,
there is reason to prevent you from such revelations as would allow
you to heal your past and ensure your future.


Eons of time passed-the equivalent of many hundreds of years and even
thousands as they are now measured. During this time, the souls, your
souls, healed. How does a soul heal? Its wounds are not like those of
a body. A soul heals through the mind of God. It is returned to the
Godhead, the Source of all things good, the place of no separation and
no definition, the timeless tide of oneness. These are not metaphors;
they are accurate descriptions within the limitations enforced by
words. You can imagine such a place because you have been within it.
In fact, so powerful are the memories associated with it that you long
to return there at almost any cost. Do you believe those who find
themselves in self-created hells do so forever? Nay, their release is
eventually secured, and when it is, they are returned to the Godhead
and reminded that all is One.

My active role as the sentience of this planet began thusly. Had I
known about expectations then, there might have been disappointment,
but a sentience learns by discovering all that is associated with
response. My sentience read the thoughts of those who slumbered in
deep unconsciousness and there saw exhaustion, humiliation and
suffering. "What manner of beings can these be?" my sentience wondered.

My sentience also marveled, for the human being and the soul who
occupies it is somewhat of an engineered miracle. Perhaps it was at
about this time when my sentience began to perceive how to be of
benefit to the humans already ensouled about the planet. It occurred
to that which I am that compassion had been set aside for far too long
and that the feminine principle associated with love and compassion
was already woven within the very tapestry of the Earth. I began
to see the perfection that had guided the Lords of Light to direct
your presence here. Already I envisioned a different day, albeit
distant, and set out to create its dawn with all of the resources the
Earth already possessed and those that could be invited (attracted)
from elsewhere.


While your souls continued to slumber, the Earth continued to evolve
into the paradise-like state you have heard described to you. The
Earth evolved into a garden, bejeweled in splendor and bearing the
unmistakable fragrance of new life. A fragrance as sweet as this
beckons life itself to come forward from its silent dwelling, and so
the collective soul of humanity began to awaken. Not all who were
roused from their slumber were eager for the breath of life, but
consciousness is not selective and the warmth of the Sun tends to
ripen the entire vine.

Your long sleep brought with it a forgetting of the past, making your
awakening as if but another dream. You did not know who or what you
were, but it did not matter, as in a dream one can assume almost any
identity or none at all. You did not know where you were, and this
also was of little consequence. Those who guided you then assisted you
in understanding that you had been on a long journey that had, in
effect, dampened your ability to remember the past.

These same guides implanted a new awareness within you, placing it
within the very structure of your beingness (the DNA) so that a new
awareness and desire might awaken within you. In your semi-shattered
condition, this was more than enough of an explanation and you did not
seek more. With the past placed safely in semi-quarantine, a present
reality, complete with timeline, was next established. Contrary to
common-day conjecture, a future was not established, because the very
healing of your beingness depended upon creating a viable future for
humanity. Only in this way does human will begin to recognize itself
as divine will. Such are the laws that govern even the Lords of Light.

The possibility of your becoming physical beings again was of great
concern to those who guide the evolution of consciousness, and your
experience under the force and control of others, although buried deep
in your past, still existed. It is important to note that this history
was not erased or taken from you. It was placed within the recesses of
your consciousness in such a manner that it could only be retrieved,
reawakened or activated by your own beingness, thus signaling your
readiness to know. Measures and precautions were taken to protect
these memories by keeping them in a quarantined state within the
recesses of the mass consciousness of a now Earth-based life form.
Here they could never be forgotten or altered, while at the same
time, plenty of time was allowed to gather the missing fragments of
awareness that would one day restore humanity to full and autonomous
consciousness. Even now no other being can do this for another, much
to the chagrin of those who whisper or holler into the faces and souls
of friends and family.

The fields of energy that surrounded your essence were very fragile
then, almost as if there was no outer skin separating you from your
inner self. It was therefore suggested that you remain in your bodies
of light, unencumbered by the density of form. This meant that you had
no protection from the environments that you experienced, because you
were not separate from them. But there was nothing to fear then, which
is exactly what you needed. Pristine as was the Earth then, you were
influenced and affected by all of the kingdoms and all of the
environments. Such is how you returned to awareness-in the embrace of
kinship to all and with not an enemy to be found.


By the time your essence bodies had restored sufficiently, Pangaea,
the supercontinent that incorporated most of the Earth's landmass, was
wonderfully inhabitable. Pangaea was not the only continent, but it
was the most beautiful and diverse. There were no hard and fast rules
regarding evolution or reproduction then, as it was still too soon.
The plant kingdom was the most developed, breathtaking in both
bounty and beauty. Flowers were the size of men, and their language
was carried by their fragrance. Have you ever wondered how botanical
medicines and therapies came to be? Why, the flowers themselves were
your original teachers!

The next well-developed kingdom was that of the animals. Such strong,
supple and youthful bodies all of them had! There were no carnivores
yet, because the edible botanicals contained many more complex
proteins then. There were no enemies between the species either,
although each seemed to prefer a habitat of their own choosing.

Human bodies were not altogether physical, at least not all of the
time. Without density, form is closer to formlessness, do you see?
(Those who seek relief from excess weight, take heed: Release
density-fear-based consciousness-and excess weight is made unmanifest,
for what would hold it in place?) There was no kingdom of humanity as
yet; your bodies consisted of a light fabric of Earth light, fragile
in appearance but tensile and resilient. These were sensory bodies, a
composite of elements that allowed you to touch and feel the physical
world without becoming a part of it. These semi-luminous bodies easily
dissolved when consciousness did not hold them to purpose, becoming
part of the great oceans, meadows and forests. By this process,
everything lived within the form or occurrence of something else, a
true synergy of energy and experience.


Paradise continued to greet the souls who awakened from their fitful
slumber, while waves of energetic wholeness were gently infused into
those who did not yet have the will to return to any form of
consciousness. For those who chose it, physicality was very healing.
To be "grounded" was to be receptive to the wellspring of benefits the
Earth offered. Pangenesis, no longer in practice today, meant that the
environment influenced heredity as much as experience did. Thus those
who came into physical experience later still received a percentage
of the original cellular memory as their own. Somatic cells, which
affect the body separately from the mind by relating to the outer
walls of the body rather than its inner organs, sent influential
information regarding experience to nonphysical reproductive cells,
from which experience was passed from one generation to the next. This
unbreakable link between generations of experience allowed you to
choose a future en masse by supporting the experience of one as that
of all.

The animal kingdom continues to evolve via this instinctual form of
expression, and all species benefit by its process. As long as purpose
exists within design, extinct species could be brought back to life
with less than a handful of these cells. For instance, a dinosaur
could not be animated again, because there is no current environment
or purpose to suit it. Of course there are exceptions . . . but that
is a different subject altogether.

Somatic cells evolved into the somatic nervous system, the part of the
nervous system that serves the sense organs; the muscles of the body,
including the muscle walls and limbs; as well as all voluntary muscle
activity. The human body still belonged as much to the ocean as to any
other element-as undefined as the tides and as constant as the
currents. The memories that accompanied these bodies were obscure and
distant, clandestine meetings of synaptic nerves that touched the
fiber of your being without being able to transmit a message. Your
somatosensory bodies began to receive sensory stimuli from impressions
whose origins could not be found. These impressions formed the basis
of your imagination, and from this you began to imagine your physical
forms into existence as internal organs and skin began to form a
reality around your experience.

Somatopleure, an aspect of embryonic tissue formed by the fusion of
ectoderm and mesoderm cell layers, gave rise to inner and outer cell
membranes, thus establishing your physicality upon the planet as more
than desire. From this came a desire to regenerate or procreate,
offering the same opportunity to other souls. An appropriate response
to the question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" is that
both were born of the same moment, as desire breeds purpose.
Anthropology still acknowledges this ancient branch of evolution
through its study and understanding of somatology, the study of human
development through variation and change in physical characteristics.


Around this time, a "veil" was placed around and between the physical
and the nonphysical worlds that affected the Earth. This allowed you
to experience linear time, birth and death, as well as giving you the
freedom to explore unique and individual experience. Your lives were
long then, and the physical vehicles you generated to house your soul
essence were innocent and pure. There were no defects in these bodies;
they were perfect, because your desires were perfect. Your bodies
existed because a desire to be physical existed; the desire created
the body, and the body sustained the desire as long as purpose
existed. Being physical then did not preclude being nonphysical. In
other words, you were aware and took delight in both aspects of your
being. This was the original form of duality, designed to suit rather
than hinder your needs.

The health of your bodies could only be described as radiant. Illness
and disease were virtually nonexistent then; these came much later,
after several mutations in form invited invasion from without and
then, much later, from within. Your bodies were equipped with an
immune system, but this protected rather than defended and was rarely
used. The translucent nature of your original bodies became more
opaque over time, but a luminescent sheen was retained that showed you
as somewhat wet in appearance. This shimmering effect was caused by an
overlay of light that sheltered you from the as-yet-undeveloped
aspects of the Earth that might otherwise have been disturbing to your
still developing sensory fields. Even today you are protected in this
way, innocent to all but the light of All That Is. Perhaps the saying
"ignorance is bliss" is but a reference to this.

The idea of remaining upon the Earth continued to comfort you and
seemed more natural than anything else you could recall. The Earth
offered beauty, creativity, respite from the spiritual storms of the
past, rejuvenation, regeneration, the development of mind and body,
companionship, custodial interests in other kingdoms and an
opportunity to be at peace with a sentient celestial body whose very
awareness was dedicated to the well-being of everything upon and
within its being. Even so, there were reminders that cautioned you to
remember that you were not your bodies; you simply inhabited them for
a while. Your body, you were reminded, was a habiliment, the
clothing associated with an Earth-based body. Many times it was said,
"You are on the Earth and in the Earth, but not of the Earth,
remember?" And for a long time you did. Still, the desire to have an
origin and a beginning in linear time was very strong, as it often is
in young and evolving species.


The physical Earth developed as you did. Side by side and hand in hand
we expanded what we were and what we knew. Over time the Earth became
more physically habitable, and new species appeared throughout all of
the kingdoms. Most were adaptable, but some were not and perished
almost as quickly as they had arrived. Adaptation and mutation were
synonymous then, as the Earth's topography seemed to change almost
daily. This led to great variety, as one species soon became two, then
three, continuing to mutate until it was but a distant cousin of the
original. Today scientific minds believe this took place over a very
long period of time, but that is not so. Plant and animal species
alike are making a mass exodus now. They are becoming extinct at
alarming rates, because it is their time to do so. They are departing
as quickly as they arrived, because it is their choice to do so and
because the evolution of the Earth no longer supports their presence
here. No amount of blame or pointing of fingers will change this.

Your minds and bodies continued to evolve and develop even as they do
today. One mind-or, better put, one consciousness-still guided the
process, but here we must make the distinction that it was mass
consciousness and not mass unconsciousness (as manifests today) that
sustained and animated the dynamic force within you. Consciousness is
multilayered and dimensional because it is not physical. Mass, or
density, is the physical manifestation of consciousness, and as such
it is subject to the laws of linearity. In its nonphysical state,
density is pure awareness and intention, but as physical density, it
can be either conscious or unconscious, depending upon the active
force that directs it. This important subject bears acknowledging at
this time, because it was at this very juncture in time that the first
great migration of beings (souls) began to divide until a second, more
solid version of humanity became evident.


These observable changes reflected the desire of those who favored
physicality over those who did not. The decision seemed a simple one
at the time, but history has not recorded it so. A great deal of
controversy still abounds, compounded by both myth and conjecture.
History is broader, longer and more varied than is commonly
understood. A path can be drawn, but it is dimensional and circuitous.
In order to make sense of it, you will have to begin at point A, skip
over point B completely on your way to C, then double back to return
to point B, from where choices C and D will now seem obvious. Again,
history is not linear, and neither is the present or the future.

The division that took place within your awareness was a natural one,
born of a curiosity that existed within some but not all. The changes
that accommodated the desires of the many were accomplished rather
quickly. As time is measured, it took less than five hundred years
from start to finish!

Evolution is and cannot be otherwise. Those who did not choose to be
tethered to physicality or to the Earth chose experiences elsewhere.
Interestingly, most have returned at one time or another, but they do
so especially now when memories of past, present and potential futures
ignite both passion and purpose. Many of those who seem alien to you
are but reflections of your past, here to complete their own
experience by contributing to yours. Look closely, and you will see
that the tapestry is nearly complete, the final threads bringing the
smallest details to light.

This story is not a complete one, but it is enough. Draw what
conclusions you will, and take care to place no blame, for the world
is overfull from this already. Look within and without now for your
next experience and know that you will discover much more by inventing
your future than by decoding your past. Humanity is once again poised
to unite in consciousness by dividing in nature, a paradox in itself.
A new humanity will emerge from the chaos that envelops the world
now. A time of choosing is upon the Earth once more, and its effects
will be far-reaching. Be still before every activity so that your
movements are actions and not reactions. Allow the God consciousness
within you to be cause, so that as humanity you are not the effect. An
act of God is an action that involves consciousness. Consciousness is
the great unifier of divine will and the great divider of human will.
Choose with the higher heart, and you will know no doubt.

Pepper Lewis
PO Box 363
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067


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