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The ARMADA 2006

The ARMADA: 2006 Version
Updated: 8th January 2006 PM

Joint Telepathic Communication from 4-5th January, 2006: members of TINA*

We have an urgent message. This message pertains to the benevolent arrival of many fleets of spacecraft from far and wide, from many galaxies and planets - including Pleiades, Sirius, Venus and Mars - appearing as bright lights in your skies, which will not be stars, and moving with great speed. They will cover much of Canada and U.S. and will have an impact on your world almost immediately. The signal for their arrival will be the extinguishing of lights across half of America at a time. This will be a sign that the spacecraft will be arriving WITHIN THE HOUR.
The timing of the event has yet to be determined but in all likelihood will be within the next two weeks (from 5th January). It is important that all know WE COME IN PEACE. This was one of several variations planned some years ago, the selection depending on conditions at the moment.

The timing is indicative of the many changes in your government soon to take place. This is the time we have all waited for and it is now the time to celebrate.

This is one of an increasingly obvious series of nudges to the cabal (New World Order) and to people waking up and doing what they can. We cannot wait much longer, or our work and humanity's will be much greater. Thus the display, to move awareness along.

The reactions among various groups of people were carefully considered, as well as those of the people of Earth as a whole. We think the people are ready, but there could well be consternation among the uninformed. Also, as already mentioned, the need is great.

We therefore advise that you all prepare mentally for this event by being at peace for the days upcoming and to remain in a tranquil environment. Stay centered and allow the reality of this magnificent event to penetrate each cell of your body individually. Visualize the actual event over and over in your minds eye so when it occurs it will be a familiar sight. This will prepare your energy body for the shock and the enormity of it all. We wish for all to feel at peace for this wonderful event, this is of utmost importance to us.

It is imperative for all to understand that soon your reality will change forever, and for the better. This cannot be underestimated. Note that these shuttles not only come in peace but also bring new energy to the planet. This event will precipitate a 'new world order' - but not in the dictatorial, servile fashion that the international banksters had intended. Sovereignty will be the theme.

This will be an unavoidable statement that we are here and that we truly do mean business: a final opportunity for those of the Dark to see the Light. If those in power do not heed our call then we will be forced to move forward with our plans. It will be a confirmation that stories and inferences many have been telling and making are all true and verifiable. There will be a massive blackout or dimming of the lights** over much of Canada and the US that will signal our arrival - or at least make it finally visible. This will be a preliminary to the First Contact planned in Salt Lake City. We want the public to be "favorably disposed" to our actual landing.

This event is part of the detailed scenario we drew up on 1st December in Africa. This was a meeting of minds, so to speak, and we determined how best we could proceed to end this over-extended standing down. First the ships will come; then shuttles will land in Salt Lake City (Utah) and Vancouver (Canada); and then in a few other places later on.

The massive help and collaboration that will tackle the problems that are present on Earth will then begin. The time is short for this and we must work quickly and efficiently to prevent Mother Earth - Gaia - from taking things completely into her hands. The Cosmos is moving on and a new dispensation is awaiting us all.

There will be fly-overs throughout the world at some point in the near future, however, this particular event will take place in America and Canada only. This is necessary to move the American government along for the changes that will institute world wide revolution.

Watch this space for updates on TIME AND LOCATION:

E-mail us to keep your name on file

UPDATES from Sananda:-
We have an urgent message for you from the starship. There has been an advance in the timing of events scheduled to take place in your country. Take heed, this is the moment you have been waiting for. Send a message to Milson and the others immediately, this news is coming from a reliable source. We need to make those aware that there is the coming of the announcement that will change all. Know in your hearts that the moment has arrived. Breathe deeply my children of faith, for it is your time to shine. There is going to be the announcement of some wonderful events on the evening news this week. These announcements will be the predecessors to the momentous changes to take place in your government leadership. You have all been triumphant in your journeys for a better world and the time is now to celebrate your very hard work. The faithful ones will indeed be glorious.

I wish to make it clear to all who read this that the moment of truth has arrived. There are great many people in support of these times at hand and it will ensure the ease of this magnificent event. We wish to prepare you for everything you wished for, the time of rewards is upon us. Take heed for these will be turbulent times. The people of your government are scrambling for answers that cannot be found except for in truth. This will be the result of much hard work from the great bringers of light. Tell those who hear my call that I am waiting for all of you in the light. There we will celebrate our victory for victory has been won!

You will need to digest the enormity of it all very soon. Be advised that this is what you have been waiting for.

Question: Is there something all of us can do to come to a realistic level of readiness?

Breathe deeply, the energy being emitted onto your planet will encompass many layers of healing. Use this energy through breath to keep the body calm and alert in moments of great excitement. You can benefit from using your ability to help others as a way to avert the energy of shock. Helping others will give your body the opportunity to release much. There will be healing of great magnitude from this event. Those who have held the light for so long will be free to release and this will become a monumental healing for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Those who have been keeping their truth hidden will have the release of pressure so great that it will catapult vibrations into the ethers that will literally shake the foundation of your Earth's core. Know that at this time there are many aboard who wish to be in contact with you.

Please broadcast this message urgently and as widely as possible.

* TINA: Telepathic Institute of North America

** Only street lights will go out. Car headlights will still operate, electricity will still be on in homes, hospitals, etc. Porch lights will stay on unless they are large, but may dim and flicker at first. The aim is to call attention to the sky, not cause upset and confusion.


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