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The God Event by Candace Frieze & Christ Michael

February 24, 2006

Hi everyone! We have an event that has started and will increase over the coming days, the God Event, which is the injection of Creator Source (God the Father), sometimes called Prime Creator of a special energy on the Earth. I am starting this out with a short message from Christ Michael. Then I am placing a message from Sananda through Lauren after Christ Michael's portion.

Christ Michael: Hello my beloveds, I AM Christ Michael and I am coming today to add a little further explanation of the “God Event.” This event started several days ago, and is in simplicity, the change in the Earth’s energy patterns, by the Father of all, known also to some as Prime Creator. This is basically “plan B” because of the immense trouble of getting the last of the dark energy expelled from Earth. Remember that the dark energy that invaded Nebadon, and other universes long ago, is quarantined on this planet. We have removed nearly all of the dark forces now, as you know, including the feared Animus that roamed a variety of universes in Orvonton for a very long time.

The people of Earth are not awakening yet as they should. They are in darkness, from their lack of knowledge, and from generally the low energies and confusion they feel at this time. The God Event will help this out a great deal. Prime Creator, the Father, is present on the planet personally also at this time. HE is injecting a special energy into the planet, never done before, that will change the very energy of the atom, every atom in this place. It affects also, my entire Universe of Nebadon. This has been planned for a time, and has become necessary.

It is not so much for the dark, but to awaken those still in sleep. They will begin to have a memory of their godhood. This process will continue for several more days. During that time, you may experience extreme fatigue and other related Ascension syndrome symptoms. So may those around you, who are totally unaware. This is not a fearful event, and not the Second Coming event, but yet part of it.

It will affect people on their soul level, increasing the vibration of their atoms. This energy increases the vibration of every entity upon the Earth, and also the rocks, the plants, and all the animals. It affects the air, the water, everything. Many will not truly be aware of this consciously. It is being done at this time, to help abate the negative energy that is increasing by our BBB&G’s during this last stand. In effect, we have, in a manner of speaking, a first coming to the planet of the Father.

I would like at this time to comment that what the news is portraying in Iraq is not quite the truth, not even close. Rather than civil war, what is happening is the uniting of Iraq, against the enemy. This is huge, and an improvement that should shortly usher the United States out of the place. Their people in high places have come together in a common cause. The United States should be shortly pulling out, as the military forces of this united front are far greater than the forces of the United States. The United States attacking the mosque there, was a fatal mistake. Islam has had enough. As it should be.

Now back to the God Event. If you have not discovered the website called Return of Light,, it is time to do so. This is the Fathers personal presence here. You are responsible for your education on this event, and for being a rock to those around you, who are likely to feel ill, and have no idea why. Explaining this is the Father, may not help, so use your judgment in this case.

If you have trouble with the ascension syndrome involved, drink lots of pure water, eat very lightly of fruits and vegetables, and rest and walk in the sunshine. The sun is also receiving this blast of energy, and being in the sun, when you are able during this event will be helpful. You may feel a sense of pressure, your ears may hurt and you may have nausea. Do whatever works for you to relieve these symptoms. Play the most Godly spiritual calming music you own. Do not let your young ones play rock during this time, it will be very irritating to listen to. Absolutely no pigging out on meat and refined products, this is a time to do a semi fast of quality foods, in small quantities.

This event will raise the frequencies of Earth herself into very high 4D. You are barely into low 4D now. This will accelerate your stepping into 5D, which is also predicated time wise, on your works in the healing of the planet.
I remind you, you are the future Creator Gods in training on this beauteous planet. I would like to make a comment here, regards AbundantHope. Candace recently closed the forum for a remodeling. There was a dark energy invasion. Now that the site has reopened, I am informed by others, not necessarily Candace, that the registration of those creating messianic projects is dismally low, considering the number of registered readers.

Some of you readers are very angry about the changes to the forum. Tough. You are here to fix the planet. You may or may not choose to participate in AbundantHope and are not required to. But do not complain over the changes if you have decided not to participate in the goals of this organization personally. It has its goals, and it must move on into that. I suggest you reconsider and starting writing those missions, because what on Earth otherwise are you here for? Sky God is not going to do all the work, yea are the Gods. AbundantHope is running on the volunteer activities of several people, because like everyone else, Candace awaits her funding, and the fundamental changes needed to work in the public eye.

There is little more to say on the God Event, except that you will experience it. Do not expect landings, that is not part of the event. Do not expect instant results politically, you are going to make those changes. The event will assist many at soul level to awaken. That is the point. The soul will feel the event. That is the good news. I am involved in this, you are involved in this, the Galactic Federation is involved in this. Go educate yourself further in the knowledge available on this new site also, as part of the God Event.

Now would also be a good time to meditate, and soul search, and write a messianic vision, if not yet a mission. Writing it down changes everything. The time to sit in waiting is up. The God event will provide you assistance, because the dark energy will be gone, for the most part. The cleansing will be complete, and the remaining really dark folks will have a good deal of difficulty holding it together.

Most of the “darkness” that will remain, is the darkness of lack of knowledge, and that is your job to handle in many various ways. This does speed up the process, because many will become more aware, and will feel a need to move into action mode. That should include also yourselves! I think you will find those in reticence around you, will become more open, and thus open to suggestion. They will consciously feel different, but may not know why. Direct them. Namaste, I AM Christ Michael, Master Son of Nebadon.


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