Ascension - 2012


Sananda's Idol pick...

2/22/06 11:25am

S: Hello love, we are with you.
L: Good morning Sananda, how are you today?
S: We are remarkably well. We have some good news for you to share today.
L: Wonderful, go right ahead please.
S: Ok. First I would like address the issues related to your government. We have observed some tenacious acts of nobility these past few days and we are impressed with the courage of the lightworkers on earth at this time. There has been an outpouring of love so strong that the dark cannot hold the pressure any longer. This is a snapshot view that we examine in the continuum and in this freeze frame, so to speak, there is an overwhelming amount of light. There are swirls of color mixed in with this light and the swirls are all colors of the upper realms. This is why we are delighted at your visions of light, they have a strong impact. Do you wish for me to explain this at this time?
L: Actually, yes. Many are interested in this and I thought I, too would explain how I went about using color and light to heal. You go first.
S: Very well. I would like to make known that the frequency and vibrations of color are essential to healing certain maladies in the human body and essentially, in your earth and universe since your are all composed of the same matter. When color is used in conjunction with intent there is a strong force of healing that takes place. This force can be likened to a rainbow effect or spectrum. When there is a spectrum of colors, what you came to know as ROYGBIV, there is potential for balance. This spectrum of color is perfect balance of frequency and vibration that can be used for bringing harmony to the human aura. This work will be widespread once your Galactic Brothers and sisters are given permission to land, they will assist many in learning techniques using these vibrations. The best or most advantageous way to use color is in harmony. For instance, when you pick a certain color to wear on a certain day, you are most likely picking a frequency suited to your auric needs for that day. If you pick colors that resonate with one another, you have achieved harmony and balance, whereas if you were to pick un-matching colors, this would cause an imbalance or incongruence in your field. This is actually a very important aspect of enlightenment, you will see that the more awareness you gain the more color harmony you will notice in your lives.
L: That is amazing, S!
S: Indeed. Color plays a profound role in every aspect of your life on earth. The foods you eat, the clothes you wear, the color of your environment, the color of nature, the color of art, etc. You would benefit by paying close attention to the colors that you are drawn to as well. They tell you a lot about where you are lacking balance. For instance, if you are drawn to a certain color vibration, that color will represent an auric deficiency within you. This is your body’s natural way of drawing the vibrations toward you that it needs to rebalance itself. It is quite a miraculous process, really, one that is so subtle but so powerful. We wish for you to take notice of the colors in your lives that you surround yourselves with. What does it teach you? We also wish for you to know that colors can heal your earth, as in your demonstrated success with your visual color healings. This method of healing allows the earth to absorb the most needed vibrations at a given time. We observe that the colors most helpful to Mother earth at this time are pink and green, the colors of love and healing. We also wish to note that all though white light contains all colors and therefore all vibrations, the most advantageous way to use this is in combination with specific colors. For instance, when sending colors to yourself, to others or to the earth, send them with a white beam of light attached. This purifies and entrenches the saturation of color deeply within the earths core or your auric fields. Sending with white light holds a vibration so high that colors can be absorbed with ease. These methods are proven to assist greatly and can be used as often as possible. We wish for you to tell the others of your way of using light.
L: Sure. Before channeling each day I like to visualize a 6 foot in diameter tube of white light surrounding my physical body that extends deep into the earths core and reaches through the top of the earth into the ethers. Depending on who I AM connecting with that day I can usually “see” who is waiting for me at the top of the tube…usually Sananda. Once I can see the entity (ies), I call on my spirit guides and the celestials to assist in the communication and to form a field of protection around us all. At that point Sananda , pours 2 urns (one in each hand) of fine gold dust in to my tube. The dust begins to swirl clockwise around the tube all the way down until it reaches me and when it does I breathe in the gold dust as deeply as possible filling my body with it and the remaining dust swirls down into the core of Gia. As the gold descends, it turns the tube into a solid gold pillar and then I know my protection in impervious to lower energies. At that point I form a heartlink with Sananda (I envision beams of different color lights, usually pink, green, gold and deep indigo and one at a time send the swelled-up color in my heart on a beam of white light straight to the heart of Sananda. I can see when the light hits his heart because it implodes outward from his being, and at that point he returns each light to my heart, one at a time. As each color reaches my heart center, I visualize a chalice in my heart which fills up with this liquid light. (it is easier for me to visualize it as fluid) Once the chalice is full I can see it overflow into my body filling my feet first and flooding me throughout. Once it reaches my crown it bursts through like a fountain and runs down my tube into mother earth filling her core. Once the liquid light floods the earth completely I visualize it seeping into space and floating, without gravity, throughout the entire universe saturating all the starships, planets and star systems in Nebadon. (This sounds like a lengthy process, but it only takes me about 5-10 minutes to complete using 2 or 3 colors. Otherwise I couldn’t do it, I have a very short attention span) Is that good, Sananda?
S: Very well stated, my child. I couldn’t have explained it that well.
L: Somehow I don’t think your telling me the truth.
S: Truth is relative, is it not?
L: Hey! I thought you said there is only one truth in truth.
S: There is only one way of truth and that way is of the light. But truth for many is what is true for them is relative to their particular level of awareness ,you understand?
L: I think so…
S: Truth is a relative concept contingent upon many factors in a souls development. For instance, if one were to believe that there is only evil in the world than that would be true for them based on the laws of energy.
L: Ok, I get it. That we create our truth, or realities, right? That we make our own truth.
S: Precisely.
L: you know the number one question coming others ask me seems to be…”how do I know my truth?” How would you answer this question if you were me?
S: I would say unto those who request guidance that it is up to their soul and their heart center to help them determine what is true for them. They only need look within for answers.
L: Good, that is pretty close to what I say. What if they ask me…”how do I look within?” which is a valid question in this external society. What would you say?
S: I would say “to thine own self be true.”
L: Oh Sananda, with all due respect when I was struggling to find my way and you kept saying to me “to thine own self be true” I wanted to scream at you! In fact I think I may have a couple of times. Eventually, I got it…but the interim was excruciating. Is there a more practical way to assist someone or is that part of the process, interpreting it for themselves?
S: I would say yes there is a more practical way of assisting but not necessarily a more advantageous way. You see, when you are left to your own devices you prevail with a sense of worth and integrity knowing you found it on your own. This happened for you, did it not?
L: yeah, but it sucked.
S: Granted, it may have sucked, but the end result is one you wouldn’t want to change, would you?
L: no, I guess not.
S: SO then tell others to be true to themselves always and they will find the way. Is that not true for you?
L: Yes, it is true. Life is more harmonic when you are doing only what you want to do, or changing your perspective to like the things you have to do.
S: Precisely, child. This is why I say unto you…”the truth shall set you free”
L: Another catch phrase that I resented until now, thank you very much.
S: You have always had the knowing, you just resented the unknowing.
L: Undoubtedly so!
S: You are coming along fine for a mere mortal.
L: Hey! Whats that say about you, then? You spend an awful lot of time with this mere mortal!
S: Undoubtedly so! You must be a special circumstance, do you agree?
L: I have my doubts at times.
S: Whats this? Only a mortal could doubt. You, my child, are anything but merely mortal. Know this to be true.
L: Thanks S! I’m hungry. What did you think about the girls competition on Idol last night?
S: I believe that the one most firmly grounded in their truth shall win.
L: Do you think that Americans have enough awareness to determine the winner based on that truth?
S: Undoubtedly so, it has happened every year.
L: Oh yeah? Americans unconsciously pick the winner based on that?
S: Concious or not, that’s the way it happens. Truth comes from the heart and Americans see to the heart of each contestant.
L: I can see that, we are much more evolved than I thought! That is hopeful my Lord.
S: There is always much to be hopeful for, this is certain. Go in peace.
L: Ciao!


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