Ascension - 2012


Time is Speeding Up - AAMichael through Celia Fenn

Ascension Message Notes 4 - Time's not what is used to be!

One of the things that everyone has noticed with the Ascension
transitions, is the way in which time has increasingly seemed to
up and just get faster and faster. Never has time seemed to move so

According to Archangel Michael, working with "time" will be one of
challenges of our transitional multi-dimensional reality. In the 9th
Dimensional realm of the Magical and Miraculous, time does not exist
as a concept. Beings exist in the ever-present "NOW" moment, and
create according to their needs in that moment. The past and the
future are not indicators of what can and will be created. But, in
5th dimensional reality, with its still strong connection to the 3rd
dimensional grids, the passage of time is still a "fixed" reality,
with month-end bills to be paid and other time-bound realities to be

Archangel Michael explained it to me as follows. In the 3rd
with its focus on the linear movement through time and spave,
experience was "fixed" and pegged to certain expectations about time.
These were most often related to age. As you moved down your own
personal "timeline", you expected certain things to happen in your
life - school, marriage, family, retirement, grandchildren
imparted a certain structure and security to life, but left very
little room for any other kind of experience.

As Archangel Michael noted, humans "locked" themselves into a very
rigid way of life and thinking about life, and assumed that this was
"how things were". It is a very "mechanical" view of human life, that
works closely with the concepts of "cause and effect" - "if I do this
then that will happen".

Now imagine, if you can, that this way of being is only one potential
out of many. Imagine that reality is not "fixed" to any partuclar
of experiential timeline, and that you are free to create what and
where you feel so inclined. Imagine, that instead of being "fixed",
reality is in fact very flexible and permeable. It can be moulded and
changed depending on the desires and intentions of the person who is
creating that reality.

Imagine that "reality" is nothing more than the flow of ideas and
intentions that birth on the level of consciousness and then appear
manifestation! Nothing is "fixed", nothing has to be, and everything
can be changed if there is enough intention and focus on the Higher
levels of Consciousness.

And then imagine that manifestation is not "linear", but is more
random and magical and happens when it happens. And so, there are no
expectations in this reality, just "miracles" of manifestation and

And, imagine, finally, that in this miraculous and magical reality,
age has nothing to do with any of your experiences and reality. That
your body would stay healthy and strong for as long as you chose to
use it as a vehicle for experience on the material plane.

Well, this kind of reality is possible! Even science recognizes the
"Quantum reality", where the nature of energy, light and intention or
thought are the creators of experience. And, with the Blue Star field
anchoring a high frequency of positive and creative energy on the
planet, such a playful reality will become the norm.

Well, the question would seem to be, why do so few people experience
this alternate reality? The answer, according to Archangel Michael,
that people are so "fixed" in their 3rd Dimensional experiences with
their expectations and securities, that even in the 5th Dimension
have difficulty "letting go" and exploring the probabilities of a
Quantum reality. A self-created and magical reality based on trust,
acceptance and gratitude.

But, many are afraid to let go of "cause and effect" thinking along a
linear timeline, in favor of magical manifestation in an ongoing
"spiral" of existence. If you choose to consider life as a spiral of
energy, then experience can manifest anywhere on that spiral. This
be one of the reasons why walking a labyrinth is such an effective
of releasing blocked energies. The spiral motions of the labyrinth
be providing a close equivalent of the spirals of energy that
constitute the experiences in a person's life, beyond the "illusion"
of linear reality. After all, the spiral or vortex is the most
consistent energy form that we know, from the spiralling arms of the
great Galaxies to the tight spirals of the DNA within our cells.

Whatever way you choose to deal with the new levels of reality and
consciousness, you will certainly come to realize that time is not
what it used to be!

To be Continued....Work in Progress!

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