Ascension - 2012


Lauren & Sananda on world peace...

2/13/06 11:11am

Sananda, are you still with me?
S:Yes, my child, I AM still with you. Do you wish for a message today?
L: Yes, I do. DO you have one for me?
S: But of course. Where shall we begin? How about if we begin with world events?
L: Sounds good to me, go right ahead please.
S: Very well. First we would like to addres the issue of world peace. This is a topic that is so often touched upon but rarely with practical application for those who desire its outcome. Today we wish to give some practical tips to those of you who wish for peace. You all have the knowledge that soon there is a time coming where peace will be inevitable but many wonder how this will come to be. We wish for those to know that it is only up to you to decide. This is an opportunity for the most creative applications of your power to manifest the new world as you see fit. This is what it means to be a co-creator with God, that ultimately you, collectively decide the fate of your reality. We wish for you to know that you can influence these outcomes by your ability to visualize it. If you take part in active visualizations you can bring about the exact results that you desire. This can be accomplished with intensity in groups. Where groups gather the energy is quadrupled and manifestation is more rapid.
How can we form these groups you ask? Simply by sharing your visions with one another. In this way you stimulate visualizations for the collective consciousness. Those with the highest antennas can reach the highest thought forms and can assist others to tap into the same stream of energy. This is a powerful tool and we recommend using it to assist in your new reality. If you gather your community in thought you will prevail. We suggest taking this idea to the highest level of creative imagination possible. Add color and depth, touch and taste, smell and sound. Make this virtual reality a common one and watch your world change for the better. You all have a part to play and there is no longer any time for procrastination. Time and again we have emphasized the importance of using these tools to create change, we cannot overestimate the importance of it all. Pass these visions along through art and song, dance and love, the highest forms of expression. Collectively in your community of light share these visions by using your individual talents of expression, your soul essence. These bits of expression are the purest forms of Christ consciousness and are meant to be shared with one another. Use them to build each other up and help each other to see the power and the glory in their connectivity. Now is the time to let go of preconceived notions of failure and shame, and allow the truth in all of you to have an outlet. When shared with one another you will truly be creating your new lives, individually and collectively.
L: Thanks Sananda, I like where you are going with this…this is a very exciting approach to change. There are so many lightworkers with unbelievable talents and gifts to share. Is there anything else you would like to say?
S: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts with those of like-mind. This is truly a gift for us.
L: You are so welcome. It is always my pleasure to share your beautiful thoughts with others. You have a great way of uplifting, we all benefit from knowing you.
S: We benefit from sharing with you too. Thank you for being of service, my child. We are delighted to speak with you today.


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