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Candace/Sananda -- Feb 8th Update

Feb 8th Update

Hi all, I did this yesterday, and then forgot to correct and post it.
Sananda added a couple more brief comments today.

Good morning my friends, Earth looks lovely from my view today aboard
the Capricorn. I am giving you a brief update this morning on the
progress being made. If you are watching CNN and ABC in particular,
you will find that the media are becoming more cooperative in their
reporting of problems with the Government. From this we do see an
increase in awareness now of the American peoples. Not as much as we
would like, but an improvement nevertheless. CBS and NBC have been
less cooperative, so thusly their viewers have experienced their point
of view.

It is always wise to view a variety of stations on your tell a vision
sets. As is usual on the Earth plane, people are taught to take some
sort of side. From this you have people who believe also, that there
is only one correct TV station. The limitations in the idea of
exploration are slowly fading at this time. People are opening up to
looking at something different, and the star folks incarnate are
working in greater energy now, within a variety of efforts.

The energy America puts into the etheric realms is increasing, and we
should have fewer difficulties when people are made aware. I remind
you however, that America is generally still quite superficial in the
knowledge of subterfuge that is in their government. It will be
painful for many when the truth of 911 is exposed. There will be many
who will deny it, and then go into intense efforts to believe it is
not so, and pressure those around them to also be in denial. If you
find yourself at work or at home, being pressured that it can't be
true, you must stand in your knowledge and firmly but gently assure
them it is.

Many parents of your youngsters killed in Iraq will either be in
denial, or extreme anger. Help them deal in either condition. Our
studies show that around 60% of Americans are now open to the idea of
the governments involvement in some form in 911. Most of these
however, believe that they knew, but did nothing. Which is true to a
degree, nothing was done to stop it.

Those that can deal with the full reality of 911 will do one of two
things, scream at those around them for being idiots, or help those
around them comfortably into knowledge. So many are angry who do know,
with their circles that ignore them, and will be tempted to lash out
in an angry, I told you so manner. In general this is not the way to
go, but one must look at the situation, because some of you, who have
been following these works, and have been rejected by certain in your
circle viciously, may need to firmly lash back, and there is nothing
wrong with this, if you know the person well, and if you were treated
with disdain. You do not need to treat them in "disdain," but a
healthy firm "I told you so and you would not listen" may indeed be

Why am I going into this subject in this manner? Because most of you
have not been bold enough (Candace included with members of her
family) in the past, with your circles, because New Age has been
taught to maintain the peace at all costs, and thus, you can maintain
the peace all the way to the concentration camps awaiting you, without
our help and interference.

It is right and your obligation that you stand firmly in your shoes,
and stop trying to keep the peace. This attitude is the teaching of
beast, while the beast laughs away as you buy it, lock, stock and
barrel. The point of being a sovereign being, is to be sovereign. I do
realize your difficulty. Myself and Christ Michael faced huge
opposition in the Phoenix Journal project. This project did not end by
the way. It is simply elsewhere at this time. There are newer journals
in existence, since that time in 1998 when we were legally driven from
the United States.

You are to stand in your shoes in the coming months, and on through
the new elections. Do not allow yourself to be screamed down. This
will be a time of chaos. There is an old saying, and it is true, that
you can lead a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink. There
will be many that will not drink. But you are to attempt to make them
thirsty. If they throw the Bible at you as the only word of God (or
Quran or any other "holy book"), you must tell them it is not the work
of God. It is not the word of God either. The Word of the Living God,
folks, is you, and I and every other Christ Conscious and Christed
Being. The Word of the Living God, can't be written in a book.

The Living Word of God, is life lived, and explored on your journey's.
With having fused with the Thought Adjuster, one becomes one with the
Father, that is what the word fusion means. You have fused, joined
with for eternity, the Father Fragment. You are then a Father
Fragment. This is truly awesome teaching, which will continue to be
put forth from a variety of sources, and by the Masters returning.
Christianity looks skyward and praises the awesome God. "God, you are
so awesome" is in many of the new age songs to sky god. People, you
are the ones that are awesome, that choose to take the eternal journey.

All of you, except those that have come to interfere in this forum by
intent, are either fused with your Adjusters, or will shortly be doing
that during your night work. With fusion you become an Ascended
Master. Those of you that recently fused, are now Ascended Masters.
Many of you are Ascended Masters from long ago, who agreed to come to
this planet to further your education, so that you might go on to
raise up God in those future universes.

Nebadon will probably see more Ascending Sons holding positions
previously held by Descending Sons, such as I will be doing, as
Planetary Prince. And as I have said, at some point in the future when
you are all grown up, I will vacate this job, so that another may have
the experience, and you will elect that one. This is part of the new
experience manifesting in Orvonton. There will be more Ascending Sons
in the lower positions in these universes, to gain experience. When I
vacate my position as Planetary Prince, I may will decide on the job
of a System Sovereign down the line. Probably I will be in an
assisting position first, before taking on the full job.

Back to the update, I digressed a bit. Our friends from Mars have had
to very good measure of success, within the Pentagon, and with special
visits to Congress. There are many still in Congress who did sign
NESARA. They have been energized into moving forward. In the new
hearings before Congress right now, regards Bush's claim he has a
right to listen in on you, we are seeing Congress standing up and
getting a good deal more confrontative with such as the Attorney General.

More and more folks within both Congress, and the Pentagon are coming
into the sharing of what NESARA is, and are energizing one another.
This is very important post announcement activities, to have people in
accord by choice. We did have to shove it down some throats first, in
a manner of your use of language, particularly the Pentagon folks. It
took the officers from Mars to get this done, and the resistance has
greatly decreased. It is not gone, but more are stepping over the line
now, by choice, as they see the picture and benefits. The American
Martians have made the point very clear, that Earth is changing, and
that their methods of population control and handling of the planet
are not going to work, or be further supported.

I have had a personal meeting with several in Congress who are in
great support to help them along, and share the upcoming visions. If
you have genuine support in your leadership for the changes, this will
carry over into the public domain. We see that some are still posting
in the forum, that they do not understand, basically why we can't just
fall of the sky. That has never worked, anywhere, without preparation
of people before hand. Also, I remind you, that you came to work the
planet from within. Many star people did become intimidated by the
powers here, and shut up, especially back in the 70's. Rather than
make big noise, many simply went into business to offer new products
instead, and have caused some delay themselves by doing this. Kinda,
of an "if you can't beat them, you might as well join them attitude."

This has been moderately helpful, because at least you have places
where you can purchase better foods, and you have safer cars and what
not.But had the energies of the 70's kept up in rebellion, such as
that created by Martin Luther King, you would have had a changed
government long ago, and much less commercialism and materialism. Many
came to show a way from materialism, in the "hippy" movement, and
instead, moved into it.

So where are we today, Tuesday Feb 7th. We tested the cable lines over
the weekend and they are secure, and will be kept secure, continuously
guarded until those on Earth move to remove the government. This is
moving closer each day, and I do have in mind a day it might happen,
we have this goal, but I know that Candace will tell me no-no, so I
won't give any clues. She knows her readers by now.

That said, continue to dream and press on, and please start working
more with those around you in suggesting that this government needs
removal. Go ahead and tell them a long drawn out impeachment is
useless, the office was stolen. Suggest the military may need to honor
their pledges to serve the people, and that there is the possibility
of arrests coming, because the resident of the White house and his
cohorts have created great treason. Then when it actually happens on
TV, go to work in a very serious manner, about re education.

We believe we have moved past the time of a rolling blackout as
proposed as a last ditch effort to cause attention. We may still due
the rolling blackout, announced beforehand to the public, as a huge
show and tell event within the USA and Canada. There are plans back
upon the table for a world wide show a bit after that, as the news
spreads about what happened in America and Canada. This world wide
show, will finish the vestiges of uncompleted cleansing of the astral
realms, and otherwise be the spectacular event previously planned.

The rest of the world at that time should be quite comfortable with
the presence of the star folks. This will be a "rolling"event also,
simply because the Earth turns, and it will be an evening event that
the Earth turns into. Darkness is necessary for effects. Should we do
this, and we probably will, if people have become satisfactorily
comfortable, there will be lots of shuttle landings, and folks may get
to meet each other. We would not do this in some places if they were
not fully ready for it.

At this time, the game plan in America is first the change of
government, and then over a short time begin distributing the new
Rainbow money. Banks will be buying gold for their needs, and the US
Treasury will have greater gold and other precious metal stores. We
have recovered gold stored away since World War II in other regions of
the world that rightfully belonged to the US Treasury long ago, and
were stolen by cartel. Star people have been providing their
assistance in moving the heavy tonnage back into the United States.

Although it has not hit your news, China has continued to drop their
massive paper money into the market as covered before, greatly
weakening the Federal Reserve. Speaking of the Federal Reserve, you
know that it is not a United States Treasury organization. You should
be telling your friends and family this, and be asking them, just why
would Bush be needed to appoint a replacement for Alan Greenspan? They
should be told there is something fishy in that.

Candace has been working here and there on a paper, describing the
changes that have had to be overcome, and as she has mentioned before,
the missing 13th amendment. This will be an informational piece, not a
channeling, and something that you might want to print out and
distribute after the replacement of the regime of the USA.

The Federal Reserve shall be leaving shortly also. This is being done
in steps to easier acclimate the people, plus there is a lot of detail
and time involved. There will still be the forgiveness of debt that is
in NESARA. Also, the economy will be restructured to 1/10 current
market. And there will be the release in the United States of the
program of refunding excess and illegal taxation, and interest rates
since 1913. Of course, that will occur a year or so down the road, as
suggested before. Not only must certain funds be reclaimed that were
stolen to help fund this, but Americans must be made spiritually ready
for this. All the program of NESARA will be there, it will not just
happen on the same day.

Thus we can give instruction to prepare people for coming changes. The
other precepts of NESARA are being put in place gradually world wide,
and this will continue. Once the United States government is removed,
and this news spreads world wide, other countries will begin a
teaching process also. We told last spring that there are 25,000 star
folks on the ground around the world and this remains so. They are
meeting with influential people on the ground, and helping to bring
forth changes. All is in reasonable order.

I remind those of you who are angry and confused, that for the
learning, work must be done within by the planetary peoples. Otherwise
there is no learning. All of you know that you can read a book about
fixing the car, but that does not do the same as actually working on
the car.

For simple proof of the above point, I recently decided to
upgrade my computer a bit. I read the instructions that came with my
computer, that were in HP's software. The only direction that worked
was taking off the cover. The rest did not apply. I was left to my
reasoning. I also received the wrong outdated instructions with my
cellphone, and so far, because I haven't owned a cell before, I am in
the dark about how to use portions of the phone. There is an office
nearby and I will go and request updated instructions. We have to
learn to problem solve, how else would one become like God, do the
will of the Father?

I just was informed Candace did not post this yesterday, she
suffered sleep loss, and totally spaced it apparently. Actually we got
disturbed by the neighbor boy pounding on her door, and I think this
is more the cause. I had not finished quite myself. We have continued
to move on today, and I am pleased, we draw closer again, and I think
for real this time.

In the past the ground crew was just a motley mess and there was such
great interference, lies, and game playing. Folks are coming around
genuinely now, and the pressure by the Martian military has been
highly successful in the Pentagon in particular. Rumsfeld is still
uncooperative, and I suspect he will not come around, can't move
beyond his programming. The Bush clone is a total lost cause, no
reason whatsoever, of this very programmed clone. The folks on the
ground are still working out whether the public will see arrests, or
if the resignation thing should be done, or a combination. Do not be
upset by this, this is them making decisions and having to think and
consider. They are talking well now, about the problem solving.

My above comments on the cable lines, refers to the connections from
the Capricorn through the USA cable TV lines. There is still going to
be assisted announcement from the Capricorn, to prevent interference
and to make sure our plans are done as we wish. The main announcement
crew will still be brought to ship for the event, of announcing the
removal of Bush and chronies, and introducing some other topics, such
as our presence. We plan to hold the line connections for several
days, but there will be intervals of regular programming after initial
activities. The control will remain from the Capricorn during this
entire process. WE will not have interference saying we are attacking
the Earth.

So, I move on, cheer up, because we are cheered up!

Sananda Immanuel

Seeking Visionaries,who can and will create the many messianic
missions needed to heal Earth and her peoples, and bring balance.
Seeking those who Know their truth, and will strive earnestly to stand
in that truth 100% of the time, making every moment of everyday, a


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