Ascension - 2012


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 02/07/2006

2 Ben, 16 Yax, 1 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come yet again to inform you about many things! As
we move inexorably toward the revelation that is first contact, we
intend to turn our attention briefly toward your inner neighbors.
Inner Earth is a concept that has inspired numerous myths, legends,
and fantastic stories. The first point to be made is that inner
Earth does indeed exist! Your geological science has long claimed
that Mother Earth is a solid spheroid, composed solely of a dense
middle section called the "mantle" and a highly electromagnetic
central core. You live on the Earth's exterior "crust" that
surrounds the mantle. Today, we come to tell you that Mother Earth's
configuration is quite different. Like all celestial objects such as
planets or stars, the Earth is hollow. This fact is suppressed by
those who secretly rule you, because the truth of this has a knock-
on affect that can upset other core misperceptions used to
manipulate you. Truth is a powerful "open sesame." When wisely used,
it can reveal vast new vistas of knowledge and encourage you to
apply your inner wisdom to your current circumstances.

Inner Earth consists of two main features: The first is Mother
Earth's inner crust, which is a continuation of the external surface
crust. The two Polar Regions each have a large entrance or hole,
somewhat like a cored apple, and the crust wraps itself down and
around the mantle into the hollow interior. The outer and inner
crusts have very similar topography: Both comprise oceans,
continents, mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers. It is merely that
the inner crust faces the Earth's core. This core glows and is
surrounded by a cloudy veil. The light given off is more diffuse
that the light of the Sun, so the daylight in inner Earth is softer
and gentler than on the Earth's external surface. The second main
feature of inner Earth is the so-called cavern worlds. These are
immense hollows within the mantle, some of which are natural
features created by Mother Earth, while others were made using the
advanced technology of inner Earth's major society, the land of
Aghartha. This land is the last living remnant of Earth's second
Galactic Federation colony, Lemuria.

Lemuria, in her original form, was a surface society with a
subterranean component. The primary capital city was situated on the
large island that sank beneath the waves of the Pacific some 25,000
years ago. A secondary capital city was located in inner Earth. It
was to this city that the government of Lemuria moved after the
cataclysm. The new ruler of the surface, the Empire of Atlantis,
ordered the major tunnel entrances to be sealed. It was only during
the final days of Atlantis that the Lemurians broke these seals and
thus saved many surface dwellers from certain death. These people
formed a society that subsequently returned for a time to the
surface and became the Rama Empire situated in Southern Asia. Then
the Great Flood of 8,000 BC ended this attempt to save humanity from
the dark ways of the Anunnaki. Despite this setback, Lemuria
persisted in her role of protecting the surface world from these
havoc-wreaking rapscallions. It was her galactic emissaries that
maintained membership for this solar system in the Galactic

After the Great Flood and the demise of the Rama Empire, the
Lemurians regrouped and named their newly combined society Aghartha.
The capital Shamballah was relocated to a cavern located far beneath
the city of Lhasa in modern Tibet. Many tunnels connect Shamballah
to the surface in the Himalayas. These were used by holy men who
came to spread their great energy and divine wisdom to the outside
world. In this area, an extraordinary place was kept for special
occasions, where holy men and their chosen disciples met in order to
maintain Mother Earth's sacred energy grids. This work, together
with numerous rituals performed daily throughout inner Earth, is
largely responsible for keeping alive the divine energy that is
Lemuria's main legacy to the surface peoples of Mother Earth.
Lemuria, and later on Aghartha, have continuously held the Light for
your transformation back into fully conscious Beings of Light.

Aghartha is a world much like yours. Inner Earth contains a
thriving ecosystem in which can be found creatures no longer
existing on the surface. This exotic menagerie is carefully
supervised. Close to the various cities of inner Earth are special
areas where Agharthans care for and, when necessary, heal the many
creatures of this varied ecology. Agharthans reside in a network of
crystal cities spread throughout inner Earth. These vary in size
from roughly 10,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants, although most range
from around 100,000 to 200,000 people. These cities more closely
resemble mini-settlements that together form the whole society. The
underlying unit is the "podlet." Podlets sharing a similar life
purpose group together to form "clans." Clans are the primary
building blocks of galactic society.

Over time, fully conscious humans developed a format for
harmonious living called galactic society, of which Aghartha is a
prime example. In her case, a system of 12 clans forms the core of
this society's operation, and these are organized according to task,
e.g. administration, engineering, healing sciences, etc. Each clan
breaks down into podlets that contain a maximum of 64 individuals.
It is common for podlets from one clan to associate freely with
those from the other 11 clans. These larger groupings form mini-
communities that each possesses the resources for creatively solving
any problem that arises. These mini-communities, in turn, blend to
form the neighborhoods of a city. Thus, each city is a beehive of
individuals who come together to share and contribute to their
neighborhood, their city, and their world.

The ruling council of Aghartha is composed of the 12 clan
heads elected to this post for their past meritorious service to
clan and society. From this council is chosen an individual
considered to be the wisest and most deserving of the titular honor
of King or Queen of Aghartha. This person is in charge of the vast
army of emissaries and liaisons sent to the surface world and to the
appropriate councils of the Galactic Federation. Their
responsibility is to see that your transformation back into physical
Angels goes according to the divine plan. Their work on your behalf
helped us to refocus this first contact mission and indirectly
resulted in "Decra Zau," or Operation Spirit. Moreover, the King and
his council have set the agenda for the amazing period that is to
follow the actual mass landings on your world.

Advanced technology, which allows each person to create his or
her daily food and clothing, makes each crystal city self-
sufficient. The farming, building, and manufacturing industries of
the surface world are rendered obsolete by this Light technology.
For example, each individual can change the appearance and interior
design of her residence on a whim. This technology also transports a
person from one point to another almost instantaneously. This means
that the world becomes a community as accessible to you as your
immediate neighborhood. Thus, Agharthans' thinking is not
constrained by the limiting conditions that their surface neighbors
live under. The freedom conferred by this Light technology has
released wonderfully creative talents that are put to full use by
their society. Happily, the Agharthans are now using these skills to
reunite Aghartha with their surface brethren.

Today, we touched on the enticing world that lies far beneath
your feet. This land of inner Earth is quite similar to the one you
live in and just as dearly loved. The people of this land, the
Agharthans, salute you and look forward to the day when these two
worlds of Mother Earth can once again become one! We now take our
leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the
perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours!
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed
in Love and Joy!)


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