Ascension - 2012


Lauren & Sananda - O Happy Days!

Time to visualize!

2/16/06 9:41am

S: Yes, Love, we are with you.
L: I thought I saw your light in the mirror, do you need me?
S: We wish to inform you of the latest. We are now in a position of control over the dark. The light has won this battle and we need for our fellow lightworkers to join in this light parade. In this celebration we wish for you all to visualize yourselves walking down the Golden corridors of abundance. We wish for you to visualize all of your dreams behind closed doors and one at a time unlock and open these doors to your freedom. We now hold the universal key to all your dreams and we wish to hand the key over to all of you who worked so diligently to perform your selfless acts of kindness for humanity. My dear wariors, you have all that you could ever dream of behind these doors, we say to you run and open them now. As you open each door visualize your hearts desire lighting up before you. Vissualize your every dream becoming a reality in front of your eyes. These doors hold your fantasies and have unlimited potentia. Do not compromise or limit yourself. Only your imagination can bring these manifestations to you now. We have arrived and the time is now to set yourselves free. BE one with the light and the light will adorn you and all that you do. In this corridor there are many, many doors. As you open each one, really see what is inside, visualize the detail as if it were already yours, pay attention to your heart center and really feel your dreams. This time of wonder is like no other in the history of earth, we say claim your prizes for ultimately you created them. It is your time to shine and to lead this world to its new destination. Be prudent and wise for all others will be following in your footsteps and wishing for your reverence. We are so proud of your work, each and every one of you has provided a piece of the canvas for which you paint upon. Make this new world the greatest work of art yet. We support you in your endeavors and look forward to communing with you in a moments time. Blessings upon all you, my children of light. We are finally Victorious. Stay centered in the light and be sure of its results. We have arrived yet again at a critical point, lets make this one the last. Be of service to one another and be glorious of this priveledge, you are all the truth bearers. You will be adorned by others the way we adore you now. GO in peace to bring about your dreams. I AM Sananda Immanuel.

L: Does someone wish to address me?
“Hello Friend!”
L: Atmos, is that you?
A: It is I, thank you for hearing our call. We are delighted to be with you again, especially on this glorious day. You are aware that there is much to be excited about, are you not?
L: Sananda is filling me in, yes, this is very exciting!
A: Yes. It seems that our efforts have finally paid off and we wish to reconnect with you and the others to be sure to stay aligned in light. It is ever so important that each of you stay in touch with the truth for the next moments in your time. We can not over emphazise this. Your light adds such forward movement to the momentum of change that it is paramount that each of you contribute to this event to be sure of its manifestation. We have said this many times before, but each time we do you awaken a bit more to the truth and that means that eventually we will win. Make that time now by creating your visions of abundance. All that you desire awaits you now, claim it. Be steadfast and you will find yourself in a very different reality, one that we will meet you in. It is our wish that each of you claim back your rights to freedom and sovereignty. Your government has no control over you now, so take the reins. Use these reins to guide you to the promised land and you will want no longer. We assure you that your dreams will seem dull in comparison to what will actually be. Carry your light forward and join in the celebration, for we are all one and together we are Victorious. Soon we will be in your skies and delight in sharing your joy! We must now take our leave, farewell friend.
L: Bye Atmos, nice to chat with you again!
A: The pleasure is ours, be with you soon.

2/15/06 4:41pm

Sananda? Are you trying to contact me?
S: Yes love, thank you for making yourself available for a message. We wish to alert you of some happenings around your government at this time. It seems as though your government officials have made a decision to step down from their positions of leadership of your country. We believe that this information will be available for the public soon and we wish for you to alert the community of this news. We are observing that the tide of affairs will occur in a sequence of events. This sequence will allow for the proper unfolding and give a time frame by which officials and citizens alike may prepare. We wish for all to know that it is our utmost desire to see this come to fruition and we have stated many times the effect that all of your conscious awareness has on said events. Please use your lights at this time to visualize the surrendering of your government leaders. Visualize a band of light surrounding the white house, the capital, the state, the country and the entire earth. This will help aid the forces to manifesting our desired outcome. You all play such an important role, now is the time to use your powers. Prove to yourselves that you all can make this happen once and for all. This is not to say that you should be discouraged if the outcome is not as you perceive, we say to you visualize the end result with no attachment to how it occurs. Use your unwavering faith to see the results before you without wondering how it will come to be. This is not up to you, you merely need to expect the desired outcome and leave the rest to the universe. You are all fully supported and All is in divine perfect order. Now is a moment in your time to add your special part to this monumental plan of change. We encourage you all to see the light as you have never seen before. Visualize its brilliance and the way things ought to be once again and together you shall be Victorious! I AM Sananda Immanuel.


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