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Question: "Oh, OK, I know this is pretty na?ve for most of you, but I don't really understand the difference, or maybe the benefit of Ascending, to simply moving on to Nirvana."

Ashtar: "Well my dear lady, we were discussing those who give up their human bodies, as moving along to the places that you have such lovely names for, such as Nirvana and Heaven. They are those who do not want to go through the Ascension process. They are without any kind of a physical body. And this is their choice.

"And they have missions, and they will, all of them, at some time, well really there's no time that we're speaking of, but what we're talking about is making these transitions, and leaving those human bodies behind them, because they do not care to go through the Ascension process.

"Now those are the souls that are leaving the bodies, and they're going to the places you call Heaven and Nirvana and so on. Those who choose to keep their bodies with them, even though they are going to undergo splendifferous changes, are those who will be participants in what we call the Ascension. And that is quite different, because you see the bodies will go with them, in different forms. You will be literally ascending into Light body status.

"Why do that? Well to assist the entire planet in the process of moving up into higher dimensions of being. You see, nothing can exist in those higher dimensions except Love, and that is the purpose of ascension, it is to return to Love. It is to return to a state of being that is blissful and connected, where the wisdom is apparent to all, where the knowledge is awakened within each one, where there are new experiences to enjoy. Some will say the world has become a kind and compassionate place, where everyone is valued, where everyone is Light, where there is harmony and joy. And there are some fun times, too; like you will be instantly able to manifest whatever it is that you choose to manifest, whether it's an apple, or a little time on the sandy beaches, or whatever it is that you desire to do, and you're taking your Light body with you!

"Now there are other technical explanations of this, but it is simply that everyone has the choice, and there are a great number who are choosing not to experience the process, but simply just going back to their spirit selves, where they can immediately embark upon another earth mission where they can undergo Ascension. Some are going to do so, and they will continue in the mission that they are currently on, which is to facilitate Ascension for the entire planet, and to then teach, and heal, and perform service as the planet goes through this process."

Excerpt from Ashtar Teleconference 1-24-2006

© Susan Leland 2006. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.


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