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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is an ability of learning and understanding ones own spiritual nature and that of the spiritual plains around us. In spiritual healing we practise techniques of working with angels, and our healing guides, and also our higher selves. But first we must learn how to make contact with our spiritual heart. Our spiritual heart centre is located bewteen the heart chakra and throat chakra and is known as the thymus chakra or soul seat, it is here that we hold our true love for ones self and others.
Loving ones self is very inportant with spiritual healing, it is here that we also find the love of the first source creator of all universal life or as it is known God. The thymus chakra is alway where the energies of the soul star and earth star meet bringing balance to ones self this is also known as Yin and Yang a perfect balance between both Spiritual energy and earth energy hence forth the symbol
This symbolises the balance of energy while the white dot symbolises the soul star and the lower point the black dot symbolise the earth star. One way the get a better understanding of this is to try spining the thymus chakra. This chakra looks like a 12 pointed star if you visualize it another way to open this chakra is to place a herkimer diamond over the thymus chakra and meditate. While meditating focus your attension on the thymus chakra and breathe into it, once you feel the energy of the thymus try spining it counter clock wise and see what happens if it feels right work with it if not try spining it clockwise and see what happens, you will know when it feels right to you. It is the belief in reiki practices that taping the tip of your index finger over the thymus chakra lightly will keep you looking younger. I've found in the time that i have been doing this that each time i do it energy is released from the thymus chakra it is important that you tap the thymus chakra 21 times a day to feel the full affect of this energy. Another thing you can do is repeat the mantra I AM, I AM as you tap the thymus chakra doing this will bring you in time to a better understanding of the I AM presence within yourself and gods love stored within your spiritual heart. Remember always that loving ones self is the greatest love there is and with that may light and love be with you always.
Spiritual healing is the art of healing with ones hands this is also know as the laying of hands and the practice of the laying of hands has been around for thousands of years we as healers work as a channel by which and higher energies of the universe and the source are moved from the higher plain of exsitence down through the crown chakra and into the hands. But first we need to ready ourselves for healing, this is done by focusing on the thymus chakra, now feel the love then focus on a beautiful white light just above you and see that beautiful white light flowing over you like a beautiful white waterfall of light and love.

Working with the higher self, angels and healing guides
We all have a guardian angel and a healing giude and there are angels for every possible situation that you could think of, all you need to do is ask. The higher self is just that a higher part of you that exists on a higher plain of existance once you have made your self ready simply call upon your higher self. this is done by saying, I Call Upon My Higher Self. When working with angels you can call of colours as well, all the archangels have ther own colour that they work with to call on archangel Micheal invoke blue, to call on archangel Gabriel invoke green, to call upon Uriel invoke yellow, and for Raphael invoke the colour red, when im working with healing i always invoke the colours of the rainbow I find it works best for me.
Once you have invoked the colour just say I Call Upon My guardian Angel, or Archangel _________, And most importantly call up your highest healing guide This is a simple process of I Call Upon My Highest Healing Guide.
You may also wish to use the nature spirits and the meridian as well this is done by calling on the elemental energies of the earth and the nature spirits.

There are many forms of healing we can call upon from laying of hands to distant healing.

Distant Healing is the ability of sending healing to a loved one, family or friend that may not live close by. This is done the same way as laying of hands all you need to do is think of the person and call upon your higher self. Then ask your higher self to send the healing through to the there higher self of the other person if they are ready then there higher self will pass the healing on to them if they are not ready then there higher self will hold the healing to such time that they are ready. always remember to send your love with the healing.

Healing ones self is a process of healing ones self with the light and love. Once you have prepared yourself for healing call upon your highest healing guide and call upon any other help you may need. They will know what to do and where to work. Just ask them to perform a healing on you. once the healing is finished thank your healing guide and any other help you have call upon and be thankful for their gift. Remember service through gratitude is best.

Healing others when starting out with healing others in your healing sessions have the person sit down in a chair and stand behind them and perpare yourself for healing and in your own time call upon your highest healing guide and any other help you may wish to use. When you are ready place one hand on either side of the head and begin the healing. Your guides will guide you to where the healing work needs to be done and when the healing is done place your hands on their feet and ground them back into the earth. Always ask if it's ok to touch their feet before you start the healing. Then thank your highest healing guide and other help for their help, Then hand the person back their power. This is done by saying I Honour Your Creation.

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