Ascension - 2012


You Are Good Enough

Dear One,
Who can replace the wonder that you are? Look in the mirror - you are
unique. You have come here with all your talents to express them in
your own very unique way.

Who can compete with you when there is only one you? There is no
competition. It is a grand illusion. Since there is only one person
exactly like you and that is you, how can there be competition? If
you apply for a job, you are not in competition with anyone else. Of
course, there is the question of whether or not you are the one for
the position, that is another thing altogether.

Did you ever enter a race with no one? Run around the track, sweating
like a horse, being out of breathe and thinking you would double over
and die . . . only to discover you were running alone? And if so,
did you win or lose?

If you are the only one to enter the race, who wins? Who loses?
Who's racing?

No one can compete with you because there is only one you.

This means you bring your being to every situation with your
understanding, your experience, your attention and your
intentionality. How you think, feel, speak, and act is for you alone
to decide. There is no one else who can be you.

You are unique, just like everyone else.

And this brings us to another idea since we are speaking about your
being unique. Many of you try to please others and in doing so, you
lose your uniqueness or authenticity. One of the most common
situations in which you lose yourself is in close personal
relationships. In order to please the other person, you think, do,
and say things that do not correspond to your real self.

When you try to please someone and when you are not being yourself,
you lose and so does the other person. Here's why: you lose because
you lose yourself - your center - your unique way of being. Who is
that person who says "yes" when s/he means "no"? Who is that person
who says to another person that's s/he doesn't mind when the other
person watches TV. for hours, smokes, drinks, hides behind the
computer? And if you are in a relationship, why do you not tell your
partner when something isn't okay with you?

It comes down to wanting to be loved and being afraid to lose the love
of another person. The problem is when you compromise yourself and
your true feelings and expressions, who does the other person love?
You lose both ways. You lose when you aren't your real self because
you try to be someone you aren't - so you've lost yourself, your
authentic, unique, glorious, loving, fabulous being that you are! AND
you lose in the sense that you know when you aren't being authentic,
and so you know that the person you are with loves the person you aren't.

When you aren't authentic, your partner loves the person you aren't -
the one you are pretending to be!

We shall explain further by using an example. Let us suppose that
your partner withdraws every night to her office to work. You aren't
happy, yet you smile and tell her to go ahead and work, that you will
even do the dishes. Now, then, while you are washing up you feel
really angry, but you tell yourself that you aren't being a spiritual
being and you smile and bring her a cup of tea (knocking before
entering of course).

Think for a moment. You have just done something you didn't want to
do, pretending that it is okay, and you even did it all while smiling.
Yet what you would have preferred was to spend at least part of the
evening with your partner. You didn't ask if it were possible. You
didn't express what you wanted to do. Maybe your partner goes to her
office every evening because she thinks you'd rather watch TV than
speak to her. Who knows?

So by not being authentic, you presented another "person" to your
partner. Now, you have to stop and think - your partner stays with
you because s/he is in love with that "other person" who doesn't
exist. Therefore, you fear that if you presented the "real person"
that you are your partner wouldn't love you. So you lose and s/he
loses because you haven't given your partner the possibility to love
you, the real you. The situation is lose - lose.

Now then, let's look at another situation. Suppose you meet someone
for the first time and he loves to drink coffee. You hate the stuff
and tell him so. He's shocked, but gets over it. You win, he wins.
You win because you remain true to yourself. He wins because he likes
you as you are.

Another example: Suppose you meet a woman who smokes and you don't
and can't stand it. She lights up at the most impossible moments like
first thing in the morning while you are still in bed. You have told
her you can't stand the smell, yet she continues. Okay, she's being
her authentic self and now you can decide if you want to live with
Smoky the Bear or not. She wins because she is being herself. You
win because you have been given the opportunity to love her as she is.

Or turn the situation around. You love hunting wild game and it's
very important that your partner likes to cook up some good red meat
around a campfire with you in the wilderness. You want him with you
when you get ready to bite into the bloody steak - you want to share
an important Kodak moment. So you tell him to eat up. He turns a bit
green and tells you he's a vegetarian and he thought you hunted wild
flowers when he agreed to go on the expedition. He informs you he's
leaving in the morning on the next helicopter. You are sad, yet you
win. No use wasting you time with someone who doesn't like a good
piece of red meat now and then.

Well, you get the idea. We are using absurd examples just to drive
home the point. Whatever it is you are hiding, don't. It's the
problem with so many couples - people tend to hide things that they
believe will displease the other person in order to be loved. When
you love yourself enough to be yourself, you won't find it necessary
to hide who you really are. Then you are open to be loved by another

When you find someone who has the right vibrations, you will know it
and then nothing else will matter. Crystal clear communication allows
the bells to ring in a relationship. All habits can be changed. If
you know the person is for you, you can change superficial habits
without compromising yourself. Yet, if you compromise regularly you
will lose yourself. It's a paradox. Be yourself. It's enough.

If you love to work, find another workaholic to share your life with.
If you have to skydive and can't live with someone who doesn't, look
around when you are jumping out of the plane. Wee, there s/he is
falling through the air with you. If you just have to meet someone
who speaks your language, for instance L?tzebuergesch, better stay in
Luxemburg or Belgium where you have a better chance. Well, you get
the idea.

The person you are seeking is seeking you.

You will notice we often say one thing and then apparently reverse it
later on . . .our teachings are not necessarily consistent because we
are here to help you move beyond your understanding. Those of you who
wish to understand, won't. Those of you who don't understand, will.

Some of you were disturbed by the last message: "You Have No Time to
Lose Time." We say, "Good. It proves you were listening!" Actually,
the most disturbing thing about the message was the idea that you
create your own reality by your wishes and desires. Some of you said
that that wasn't being "spiritual" - it's better to wait for Holy
Spirit to send you the right person, job, house, etc. We say, "Okay,
go ahead and wait!"

Who creates? You do - along with the Universal Force, call it by
whatever name you wish.

When do you create? All the time - from the moment you were born
until the moment you die.

What do you create? Everything you focus your energy upon - positive
or negative. "I want" or "I don't want" brings the same results - you
get what you want AND what you don't want.

Some of you felt it wasn't "spiritual" to designate what you wanted.
When we asked you to be clear, we didn't mean you had to imagine
everything down to the last detail - although that isn't a bad idea.
Some of you wanted to leave room for "Spirit" to act and direct you.
When does "Spirit" or the Universe not direct you? Can you say -
okay, now I shall create this without the help of the Universe? Go
ahead and try it. We assure you that you will not get very far
because there is nothing that can be created outside of the universe.

What we meant was to use common sense. If you have five children,
don't look for a house with two rooms. If you spend 90% of your time
doing research in the desert, don't choose someone who is allergic to
the sun to be your partner. If you have $400,000 to spend on a house,
don't look at those for $2 million. In other words, give the Universe
some idea of what you want and need.

Some of you were appalled that we said if you don't like children and
don't want to be with them, it's better to move on if you meet someone
with those adorable creatures. We stand firm on that. The last thing
children need is to be with someone who doesn't want to be with them
because you are in love with their father or mother. People with
children come as a package - love them or leave them . . .alone. Give
the children a chance to be loved by another adult. If you are 70
years old and you meet a man who is 40 with five children, think again
. . .you may wish to spend your time doing something else. Having
said this, there are ways to work out everything if two people are
authentic and communicate. The weekend he has the kids, you have the
museums and your art class. Well, you get the point.

Which brings us to the concept of creation. It's a two-step waltz.
Step number one, choose your partner - or decide what you want, with
whom you want to dance. Step number two, dance - or take action. If
you want a job, go out and look for one. If you want to take a
vacation, go to a travel agent. Remember even the greatest guru still
has to buy an airplane ticket until s/he learns to bi-locate
spontaneously at will!

And please, don't worry if you choose something and it or s/he isn't
for you. There's always room for Divine Intervention. If something
isn't for you, you won't get it. Get it?? A good way to manifest is
to focus on what you do want, adding always the idea that you want
what you desire or something/someone more desirable under Divine
selection. Sometimes, you don't think big enough - let the Universal
Force help you out there.

So, be yourself - who else can you be anyway?
Dance the two-step - Desire (focus) plus action always equals results
Enjoy. You don't have time to waste time.

We are with you because we can't not be.

(Message taken by Phoebe Lauren)


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