Ascension - 2012


Gaia’s Great Galactic Wave Arrives

The Galactic Heart connects again in all her fullness of Light with Gaia’s Cosmic Heart. This harmonic wave connection, penetrates deep within the DNA memory of Truth. Our hearts ignite and expand and so does Gaia’s. Deep into her hollow earth where her Divine Blueprint is held. The Ancient Ones before time have been holding within her secret heart this hollow earth sacred and pure for eons of ages. She now opens within her to release and bring and connect her energies again within and within the galactic connection to be restored to all her brilliance again.
Oneness again connects with all dimensions. Two hearts beating as ONE. Divine marriage, (Unity) connects again, never to be forgotten . You each are the sons and daughters of the only begotten of the Source Creator. The return of the prodigal returns and there is a celebration and feast to attend. The wisdom of the Ages is once again activated within all life. This Galactic Wave of Light (the higher frequency), is receiving in mass multiple waves within waves of Light frequencies, color and sound incoming rapidly and in pouring light into the very core (heart) of Gaia. The vibrations of the crystalline grids and water, and bodies will be experiencing these Wave Events all over Gaia.
The teaming multi-life is gathered in Union as all connects into the reemergence as The Divine Cosmos awakens to the call of Spring. This spring equox heralding in the Shift of the Ages. We unite and begin as One Unified Field Merger of LIGHT!!!!! Gaia is sealed and imprinted and activated to her new Galactic Day!
All is set in Quantum forward movement. The future arrives into the now time of the 3D physical and implosions of Light collide and activate all cells of life.
This activates the stellar encoding within your 3D bodies and more. The Wisdom Movement is manifested in and thru each of you as a “Mighty United Collective” here in Service to the Truth of the Law of One. This Law is established thru each of you now as the healing and restoration plan unfolds as all your new gifts and your planting of your heart felt seeds of love into being here now. This Great Wave marks the very beginning of the Awakening!! All dimensions merge. The veil is lifted for all of Gaia. You (WE) are the SHIFT! Ye are here to be this SHIFT and to Live this WISDOM here and NOW! We have arrived to join with you . We are riding upon the Great Galactic Waves which contains your original stellar lineage and codes. The recorder cells have the ability to de-code for you your new lineage. The Heart codes are within you and are activating within this Great Wave connection. there is a new language. It is Light. The lineage of Light!! You are de-coders of this Light. You are and hold the codes and keys of the Co-creation of Paradise returned here and NOW on Gaia. The Planet of Light. Gaia is birthed as a Star! You each are Stars from many origins of Star civilizations. You came here to be a part of birthing Gaia into a Star!! The Time is Now. You have done this before many times. You are expert Transition Team Members of Galactic Origins! We join in Forces of Light as We all Unite. We are One and we delight in this most awaited event as we Shift into The Now Age of Light upon Gaia as her new reality to be manifested collectively. You each contain and hold the Visions of her Pristine Blueprint to be restored. Hold only to this truth within you and stand and build the frequency of Light. Welcome Home!
The Pleiadian Council Of Light ( Alcyone)
Received by: Kara Kincannon


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