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ABRAHAM LINCOLN - A Time of Renewal

8th March 2006

through Jess Anthony

Jess, this is Abraham. This commentary you seek is one I can give you from my perspective of President and official leader of this great country. The heinous misdeeds and shenanigans that have gone on for too long have come to an end. This is time for those with vested interests in democracy and the republic form of government to come to the fore and sweep the dirt from the White House and the Capitol. This is time for wholesale removal of those in control of your destiny. You are in control of your own lives and you make the decisions how you will proceed to live.

The tide is turning against those who seek to delay progress. The teachers of a new version of truth and universal law are ready to begin their service in helping you move into your higher level of spiritual awareness. This should happen momentarily. Only the reluctant decisions of a few are preventing this from happening. The orders have been given and they have to face their final choices. Some are still clinging to their positions of former power and wealth. They cannot accept the truth as it presents itself to them.

The timetable is drawn up, and it is dependent on only a few loose ends that can be easily tied up with a little more effort. The President and the Vice President have officially resigned, but the announcement is not ready to be made publicly because the means of transition are not all solidified. This trauma on the beliefs of the American public will still be injurious, despite the overwhelming opinion of disbelief and distrust. The magnitude of the complicity of the ruling faction is beyond most people's comprehension. This will be revealed in a series of revelations that, in total, will be overwhelming if they are not carefully uncovered.

The schedule of events is still flexible, although the end result is not. Christ Michael is determined to allow as many to come to his Light as possible. The legal maneuvering is predicated on airtight facts and procedures. This change will be carried out totally within legal and Constitutional means, now that the true Constitution has been verified and given its true stature. Congress has not been a valid instrument for creating legislation since before the Civil War. I declared martial law only because I had to maintain control of my portion of the divided country. I never intended it to remain in effect as it has.

I send you my blessings and my courage to face the uncertainty that lies ahead for you. This will be a time of renewal and revitalization based on the true precepts of God and the Universe. The time is now for regeneration and a restoration of faith in yourself and your neighbors. Everyone is equal under God, the Creator's laws. Respect each other and work to solving the problems you will encounter. I will return often to give you guidance and help.

This is my word for the evening. Good bye, Jess, until later.


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