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Update by Admiral Emmanuel Jhonka of Ashtar Command through Candace

6th March 2006

Hello one and all, Admiral Jhonka here to give a brief update today.

First, I would like to tell you a bit more about myself. I mentioned in the previous message that I was also an American citizen, and so I AM. I am a 5 star General, in the US Army, and my rank is well beyond that of other 5 Star Generals. I have a very high security clearance. I am the major person that returned with Christ Michael from his visit to Mars, to assist getting this done. I am known as General Radetski in this incarnation. I am indeed Admiral Jhonka of Ashtar Command also, Jhonka, being my "real" name. Actually I am Emmanuel Jhonka, yes more than one use that name, Emmanuel. I am actually an angelic, having an important incarnation for the light at this time. I AM a Light Warrior by my creation. I am also from another Universe, not Nebadon, but came to assist the removal of the dark from Nebadon. In this life, I am 60 years old. I have been the head officer on Mars for 20 years now.

Christ Michael and I "cooked up" the current game plan when he was here in late December, and early January. Our message, which I presented on February 19th, was written by Christ Michael and myself. We chose to have the camouflage of my using my Galactic identification for that message.

The message was successful. Not only did many it specifically targeted choose rehabilitation, but it spread pretty well in various high places, not only in the United States but in other countries. It was taken seriously by many, who in fear decided on a different journey, returning to the light. So we had many committing to the concepts of NESARA and the Second Coming, that were not mentioned in the message. We saw that it also got to specific religious leaders who have been the enemy and some of them decided that to come around was better than the risk of uncreation or the void planet.

Many will start their rehabilitation while they remain in body on the earth plane and will not probably have to go to the void planet. Many as they finish this incarnation will have the opportunity of going to the new planet, as their karma will not allow them to stay on the Ascending Earth. But at that place, many will go without their karma, starting again as new. So, who of important politically and militarily came over that were mentioned in that. Hillary did not. Her overtures right now publicly are to keep her support base and for no other reason. The other two mentioned did make a significant change. The two media owners did not, and you continue to see their influence for a time. They have been served their arrest papers, and are trying desperately the lawyer route, which will not be successful for them. As to the President's round table, as we like to call his chosen folks, some did, some did not, and we choose not to name them at this time. I will not also, tell which military came across and which did not, nor will I tell which of others mentioned made the best choices.

I am the highest ranking Military person in the United States, and I do control who gets fired, and who will serve in the higher ranks of all the military branches in the United States. I was given this position recently. Now where are we going? With the additional folks now choosing to serve, we have granted them some privileges in the planning. By Christ Michael's continuing orders, this will be done from the inside, so as to not be seen as an invasion by folks from other worlds. It is not an invasion, it is a salvation. By continuing to work within, in this manner, with the support of those in front of the people, the Illuminati are not able to claim an invasion. If this is tried anywhere, it will fail. We are continuing to find ways to prevent this tactic, and certain arrests have been made, and important people detained so that this does not occur. There have been many detentions of people who will cause harm if they have their way.

We have formed many important agreements now, as to how the activities will proceed. As suggested in the last message, you will see either the resignation of the real Mr. Bush, or the Federal Reserve falling, it is not determined which will be first. We are highly pushing right now, the media to cover the Bourse first, prior to the fall of the Federal Reserve and explain it to the American people. That explanation is being worked out, as most people have very little understanding of economics, the control of the dollar in the oil business world wide.

A film is being prepared for this explanation and will be finished quite soon. Now the President Tempore' remains Al Gore and the negotiations of who will be who in the temporary government are now settled, and this includes also numerous legal details, that Mr. Gore will complete early in his temporary term to allow further manifestation of all that NESARA promised.

There will still be official NESARA announcements given not too long after the Federal Reserve falls, and Mr. Gore is installed. We have redone the package that was originally worked on, as details of how it will be done did change, especially with the knowledge of the 13th amendment to the original constitution being proven to have been ratified, and the knowledge that Mr. Clinton did not sign NESARA.

There have been other details also to work out legally, such as the fact that the Southern states, as they have long claimed did not come back into the union, and have been since the beginning of the civil war, another country. This involved some legal work to figure out this situation, and there is something planned, which can't be stated openly just yet, around this situation. In many ways, this was a blessing in disguise actually. Also, other states were rather forced into the United States, especially Hawaii, and so we have done some work in this area also.

Some of you have been distressed I have been told by many with this what seems like a long wait. But in fact, the wait has been totally beneficial, in that all this new information and understandings have created a much more solid plan. There would have been great disruption to have had NESARA done as it had been planned before. There was an attempt to announce it, as your Dove described it 2 years ago, but it was doomed from the start. Military were sent to guard the banks and new currency, but without truly adequate protection. There was a dark plan, as they always do have another plan, to cause such huge disruption, that the country would have fallen totally apart. Believe me please, when I say that the wait has saved time in the long run.

I have been involved with Christ Michael and the Second Coming activities for some time, often coordinating activities between Earth military, and the Ashtar command. I think today, it is time to come out of the disguise, as I will continue to be useful in this venture of the Second Coming for some time. I will be a public figure before much longer in my military ranking. Namaste, I AM Admiral Emmanuel Jhonka of Ashtar Command, and also General Radetski, Highest ranking officer in the American military.


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