Ascension - 2012


Sananda on the times ahead

L: Happy Easter Lord.
S: Indeed. Today is celebrated among many Christians as the day of the Risen Christ. This day, symbolic for so many is also heralded by the legions of heaven for it is the time of great uplifting for the masses.
Today is symbolic for the resurrection of consciousness among all. We celebrate this day with joy as it represents much more than ever before in the history of this planet. Never before has there been an uplifting of this magnitude and it is due to you, workers of Light, that we are able to feel joyous on this momentous occasion.
Today is a day of great celebration of love for all humanity. Today is the waning of dark control over the power of the people and the resurrection of the Christ Light within. Today is a day to remember for all eternity for it marks the beginning of the end of duality. Today you rise, tomorrow you shine, and for all eternity you bring peace to your field of presence.
Make no mistake that, as you enter the new domain of Christ-consciousness, you enable the Light to emanate from your being in unprecedented ways. You will begin to see the world as it is in truth, not through the eyes of illusory pretence. In this awakening phase of reality you will then begin to understand on very deep levels the effect that you truly have and the influence that you emanate through the ethers. You are the risen ones, the way showers and the teachers of the new world. Your promise to yourself was one of great undertaking and you have prevailed. Now you shall truly inherit the earth. As you begin to come forth in all your glory, you will be beckoned by many who reside in your soul families. Take to these who call to you and guide them with your illuminating Light. As you shine forth others will come and you shall begin to create the new world. We ask of you only to be joyous for your achievements at this time.
You who work so diligently for the Light against all odds shall know freedom now. This freedom that you have earned shall unchain the grips of the dark upon this Earth and allow our great mother to be free at last. This is an honor that shall be bestowed upon those who exemplify the grace of the Christed heart. The Christed heart is indeed the gift from Creator for a job well done and will enable you to know yourself in truth. With this gift you will be able to embellish upon that which brings you joy with great intensity. You will be given the freedoms that will enable you to create your realities and you will finally express who you came here to be.
My children, take not lightly the gifts that you have redeemed for they are well deserved. Delight in what you have created and the energy that you have grounded upon thy Earth. For it was your commitment that has seen this day arrive and it will be your valour that will prevail in the times ahead. The last vestiges of the dark barely remain and you of the Light have won this battle. Stay yet focused upon your goal and never waver for this coming entrance will be not for the faint-hearted but for the warrior of faith. Those of you who have roots in the Atlantis will feel the energies of familiar upheaval. We ask of you to hold steadfast in the Light and know the reality of what?€™s to come. You who are in the grips of fear shall release many old wounds of your past and be free for this time you are saved. You need not understand the fear, only to acknowledge its past presence and allow for it to resolve itself. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just is. Allow it to be, and you shall be free. For those of you who have roots in Lemurian times, you too shall be lifting the fears of many. We say to you, allow these fears to pass and regard them as your saving grace, for the grace of God is with you.
Now on to the times ahead. As we perceive all that is before you we claim to know the outcome of your present intent. This laid before you, would astound you and you would be grateful for your times of woe. We wish to impart some pertinent information that will be beneficial for your upcoming days. At this time there is scheduled a great uprising of the American people. This energy is so large now that nothing but an act of God could curtail it. We say this to you with encouragement for this is the time you have beckoned. You know truth will set the world free, therefore it is up to you to take matters into your own hands now and trust that we are behind you. As the gravitational pull toward Earth ascends, you are all readying for a grand experience that has never before played out in your realm. This grand experience is one that will undoubtedly shake your country to the core. Once again you will be free and once again you will regain consciousness. Toward the end of past civilizations you who were prophets and seers knew of the impending cataclysmic changes that were upon you. Now in the rising of the enlightened age, you who are prophets and seers know an impending upheaval once again is upon you, yet this time we assure you that you shall prevail. (L: I am being shown a scene of riots and anger and the release of very deep grief. I am being shown that many will choose to leave the earth at this time and that it is planned this way) In the times ahead you who take part in this uprising will have a planned role to undertake. Each of you knows your part on a deep level and each of you will emerge victorious. As this planned undertaking manifests, go within to find peace the way the ocean remains calm under the waves. Know your role is a necessary one and that your path is leading to sovereignty. We unite now and reclaim the earth as we did ages ago and on this day we shall remember ?€?the day the end began.?€™
We call to you to rise up, we call to you to take back what is rightfully yours. As we approach these days of uprising, know that your reality will be very different indeed. It is difficult to explain with words how this will take form, but we say to you that you will indeed be joyous. Know that as we descend to your beloved planet, you too shall rise up to meet us. In this merging of Light we will allow for many unforeseeable opportunities to arise and in them we will take a firm hold on the forces of evil. You have already prevailed and we are here to confirm that your day of lifting is before you now. The Light of Creator is upon you all as we celebrate this very special advent. We are especially proud to be part of something so gracious and we celebrate with all of you on this very special Sunday. Go in peace to prepare for your new roles on this very new earth. You have fared well and you, my children, are the Christed ones. I Am Sananda Immanuel.


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