Ascension - 2012



The Second Level of Creation
John Hall

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Genesis 1:1.

Now, in the second level of creation, God and humans, both of the Earth and beyond, are actively engaged in taking creation where it has never gone before. It has already started and there is no end to it.

The design table and the laboratory for the beginning process is our planet Earth. You are part of the design team. You are part of the creation team. Have you forgotten that you are a god, that you are a son or daughter of the original Creator? From all viewpoints that makes you a god. Now is the time to remember who you really are. Now is the time to be fully conscious on all levels, here and now, in 2006 and beyond.

In the first level of creation, many things were allowed. Great experimentation took place. Some ideas were good and some not so good. Much has come and gone since the first day of creation. God always knew that there would be a second level of creation but He was patient. He watched his many ideas and species to see how they would turn out. Energy was given great freedom to move, develop and coalesce in many different ways. As energy waves moved through space a variety of species and societies developed. Some developed longevity while others did not have the staying power to survive the every changing vibrations of eternal space.

Humans developed on some planets and intelligent species of different types developed on other planets. Different dimensions also influenced the creations developed and maintained there. Creator God watched all of these with great interest. It seemed that humans were developing in an extraordinary way. A small planet on the edge of one of the universes was created to really give human a chance to "test their mettle."

This planet was called Earth. Many sons and daughters of God who greatly loved their Creator Father-Mother volunteer for this project and agreed to stay until the intended goals had been achieved. They did not know how long that would be but they each had enough love for the complete trip.

Through many, many lifetimes, through pain and joy, the volunteers did this and that and mass consciousness grew and expanded. Civilizations grew strong and later disappeared, to be replaced with other civilizations that added their experience to the whole. At times the experimental laboratory of Earth got a little hot as some of God's children allowed their attention and goals to lean toward personal power and control over others. Through enforcing their ideas and power over others great strife and separation came to Earth. The children of Light experienced many hardships and at times the entire Earth came close to ending its existence. That danger has existed in our lifetime. Through it all, the children of Light held to their loving relationship with their Father-Mother God and developed much personal inner strength. They did not know it then, but they were graduating from the schoolhouse of Earth with the highest honors. They did not know then how much the beings of this and other universes were watching and admiring their increased light and creational abilities.

Now is the time of graduation from the schoolhouse of Earth. Earth is no longer a schoolhouse but a temple of possibilities. Creator God has been sending great waves of divine energy to Earth in recent months and years and most of us have been aware of this. These great waves of energy now bathing the Earth is Creator God's graduation present to us. God is saying "go and do likewise. Go and create, create grandly, in ways that creation has never experienced before. I am now joining heaven and earth together. Creation is now unlimited. It is up to you. What can you do?"

Eternal life will soon be the way of life here on Earth. You don't have to go elsewhere to live in Heaven. Heaven and Earth are joining together. Creator God is coming to live here. You have felt God coming nearer and nearer to Earth. The New Earth will become the physical body of God and each of us will be cells in that grand body. This process doesn't happen in a day or year but is a developing process that we are involved in now. You can be aware of it, join in and share the eternal joy, love and life that is your divine inheritance. You can say as one did 2,000 years ago, "I must be about my Father's business."

God's business has always been creating and experiencing the joy of it all. Now it is time for you to become active in the family business. You are unique in all the many universes. You can contribute many things to creation that no one else can. What are your passions? Maybe they are God's passions also. You have a right to bring your passions and goals into spiritual/physical reality. If your passions come from your heart then they are entitled to manifest.

Believe in possibilities now. New divine energies are here, changes are in the air without number, changes are coming in many ways. Believe and expect them and you are helping to create them. NESARA will bring major changes to the United States and other governments, resulting in much freedom for all. As part of the process, financial abundance is planned for the people of the United States and the world. Believe and expect this and you are being a creator. A creator directs energy into forms and then intensifies this energy to give forms greater substance. As greater freedom and financial abundance comes to you, then creating your passions become a definite possibility and reality on the physical level. Remember, we are creating in both the spiritual and physical realities at the same time since they are now merged. Our creations can now last as long as we desire them to last. Go to the next level, live and be the second level of creation.

Soon, many of our space friends will be here as mentors to us in our creations but remember, we are the new creators of Earth for the next 1,000 years and then beyond that we become mentors to untold numbers of planetary societies in many, many universes. That is the second round of creation. First we become proven experts here at home on the New Earth and then we go out and share with others what we have learnt from the beginning of this Earth project. Remember how we created this planet in the beginning, the great plans we had then and still have within us now? Yes, now is the time to remember and be the creators we promised to be, and then as gods always do, share this with all who desire to know, do and be.

John Hall –


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