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Rising Command And The Soul by Myrrhiel

Greetings, loves. I am Myrrhiel from the Rising Command. I have come to address you today because it has been far too long since I have addressed you as my full being, yet I have always been with you and have connected to you from different aspects of my full self, using different names and vibrations.

We, at the Rising Command and Community, have refrained from addressing you officially before now because the timing was not right. You are now ready to be gently re-acquainted with our full selves, with our concepts, with our vibrations and our `level' of truth we are calling Unity Consciousness. We wish never to force our concepts and truth upon anyone. Please use your own discernment upon
reading this, and if nothing in this message resonates with you, then that is divinely perfect.

This message is programmed to awaken dormant knowledge within all who read it. Upon reading it, it will unlock areas of consciousness that will allow you to progress further along your journey no matter where you are on that journey. So it is of no consequence if you do not resonate with this, because we are all at different places and vibrations. We all have different life blueprints and different missions, and we honor each individual path and are gifting you a small key in this message, to help you on your path.

I will not overload you with details in this initial message about the Rising Command and Community. More details will come in the future, but for now it is enough to know that the Rising Command and Community are a group of beings who are dedicated to the Polarity Integration of the Universe and the Return to Oneness of All That Is. But we do feel that it is important for you hear about the Original
Rays of Consciousness in this message, the foundation of Creation.

This `story' of Creation has been told many times, in many different ways, from many ancient earthly cultures to other-worldly beings, who relay it to you today, and I will do my best to make it as simple as possible for you.

In terms of the language you use, we prefer using the term `Creator Spirit' to mean: the energy source from which all life comes and to which all life shall return, making All One. We have heard some people call this `God', others refer to `The Great Spirit', `All That Is', `The Universe', `Source', but we shall use `Creator Spirit' in this explanation.

Again, without getting into any unnecessary details that over complicate and do not serve the purpose of this message, I will proceed to explain:

Acting on Creator Spirit's directive to manifest duality, Father Mother God Goddess, who originally were united, split in two, male and female, Alpha and Omega. This was the first fall in vibration, the first differentiated frequencies, the first polarity, the first TWO individuated rays of consciousness of Creation, the first TWIN RAYS. We call them Father and Mother God Goddess because they were
now to very separate entities or beings of consciousness.

Then, the 12 original rays of consciousness were birthed to male-female duality (12 united, 24 split into twin rays) through Father and Mother God Goddess. So in a very real sense we had our very first `family' of creation. The Father and Mother and the 24 twin ray children. The terms `angels' or `god.desses' would be the best way to
describe these original beings of creation for most of you to comprehend. All tones and colors of creation are facets of these original rays / beings of consciousness. All angelic orders proceed from these original beings. As these beings grew and evolved each created new aspects to themselves. It can be compared to looking at
a `family tree' that your children create in schools, with their origins at the top, and then branching out further and further as you go down through the generations.

Here is a link to a graphic of the first 'family tree'. Family Tree and Star of Christophon

Names on the graphic are the names of each individual twin ray / being of consciousness as we go by them presently. Our names, not unlike us as beings, have evolved over the eons of linear time. At this time, I'd like to remind you that since the dawn of creation there have been an incomprehensible number of beings who have birthed from the original rays. There are many beings using the same names.
There is much confusion about names of different cosmic beings and angels among the people of earth. There are many angelic orders, realms, galactic and universal entities, even different universes. But for now, we wanted to make the point that not all beings called by the same name are necessarily the same being and that you may know the same being by many different names.

The original 13-26 twin rays are the creators of origin of all archetypal patterns of reality created in love and fear, the primary polarity. So all beings originally came forth from one of these original rays. Out of the myriad of beings or soul aspects that came forth from the original rays, countless numbers of them have separated from their entity of origin and become sovereign beings, each becoming their own distinct soul to grow and create new soul aspects as they evolve.

All popular cosmic beings such as Thoth and Isis, beings known as Ascended Masters such as St. Germaine, Sananda, and El Morya, and many popular angels come from one of the original rays of consciousness. Some have chosen to become their own overeign being and some are still energetically merged or linked to their Monad.

What is a Monad? Let me explain with the help of some simple figurations. Every person reading this message has their own Monad. This is the soul aspect that is the first soul created in their Oversoul.

Figure 1

entity Full A



In this simple illustration soul aspect A is the soul / being that was first created or birthed. A then went on to create B, C, and D soul aspects, then more aspects (E through M) were created as this soul / being / entity evolved. There are 13 separate soul aspects to this entire entity here, but A is the Monad, the first, the `head'.

Currently most `lightworkers' have merged or are merging all soul aspects (i.e., A through M) into their current embodiment. That means that energetically all of these soul aspects will be merged as one, so the person incarnated here on earth has access to all the talents, power, and gifts of all the soul aspects but are also responsible for all their karma as well. When merged, all soul aspects, including
your Monad, are ONE. They are you and you are `They'. You are all One.

Now let's reference the same illustration again. Let us say that, at some point during its evolution, soul aspect D, from entity A above, chose to separate and become his / her own sovereign being. D now decides to leave and be completely separate. D will now be his / her own soul, Oversoul, and the Monad as he / she evolves and creates new soul aspects to his / her entire being. See below.

Figure 2

entity Full D



You all have a Monad. As you all move along on your journeys you will connect with different soul aspects of your own entire being, eventually connecting to and being self aware of your Monad. You will also naturally resonate to other soul aspects of other beings along the way in the same sort of manner.

Let us reference the figures above once more. Let us say that you, as a lightworker, incarnated here to earth as entity Full `D', in figure 2. All of the aspects D through Y are merged into one embodiment and soul aspect D is your Monad. You are traveling along your path, clearing your karma for all your soul aspects, drawing on the talents and gifts of all of your soul aspects. You become more self aware as
you go along and perhaps in the early stages you are aware of yourself as soul aspect Y, but then, as you grow and heal and clear and work with soul psychology, you become more self aware, you come to know yourself and resonate at a higher level of your entire being, soul aspect N or O or P, and then eventually you connect with your Monad, soul aspect D, and resonate at that level. It is not always as
clear and concise as this, as you could also experience soul aspect R or V or any other of your Monad's expressions (and often at the same time, so it can be confusing), but this is an example to illustrate the experience of uprising your human self's soul.

As you go along and grow and move along your journey, you will not only become more self aware and resonate at different levels of your own being, but also resonate with different levels of other beings. For example, if you are the being in Figure 2, Full `D', you may relate to another being (the being in Figure 1, for example) at
different levels as you go along. Early on in your journey you may connect with soul aspect F, out of figure 1. As you grow and move ahead on your journey you may connect with soul aspect B or C, even though soul aspect A is the Monad of that entire being. It all depends on where you are on your journey and what each soul aspect has to offer your soul's growth. You all have different energy signatures that are like different grooves unique to different keys. Your energy signature fits and unlocks different pieces and different beings of the Universe that will help you move to the next stage on your journey.

Many of you identify and resonate with galactic beings, others resonate more with angels, and others still with cosmic beings or beings you call Ascended Masters. You are all at different places on your journeys, dearest ones. Right now, each one of you is drawing into your lives the exact aspect of each Monad that is serving your soul's best interest. It matters not what aspect you resonate with. We honor your path.

Since the original 13-26 twin rays are the creators of origin of all archetypal patterns of reality created as you know it, each original twin ray has all chosen to gather all of their soul aspects together into one embodiment, clear their karmic paths, and integrate all dark and light aspects of themselves. This is the best way we know how to complete the Polarity Integration of the Universe and Complete the
Return to Oneness.

You see, for far too long we have been denying our dark sides, the soul aspects with `negative' experiences. We have been pushing away our fears and focusing purely on the light. The light aspects of ourselves ascended higher and higher, as the dark aspects of ourselves, the unknown or denied shadows that are often considered `negative' or `not spiritual' and can be painful, grew darker and darker, and eventually this extreme lack of balance and extreme polarity exploded to ruin many plans of peace in the Universe. Mawuvia is an example of this, and Atlantis is a more recent example well known by most of you on earth. The surest way to heal is to no longer cast out the dark and fear and pain, but to face it, embrace, and integrate it.

Right now we have different dimensions in this Universe. The higher the dimension, the less polarity there is. Polarity is love and fear, duality, or non-oneness. We are striving to integrate all polarity in the Universe and Return to Oneness for All That Is through the frequency of love, not denying fear but keeping it in its rightful place as a caution. The longer we deny the dark, the longer we perpetuate polarity. We need to embrace it and integrate the dark and light and meet in the middle. We implore you, dearest ones, to heal yourselves. This is the best and surest way to help the earth ascend, to help the Polarity Integration of the Universe and the Return to Oneness.

Look at your dark sides and denials, look at your fears and your pain and heal and integrate them. Look to others as your mirrors. Quite often what you see and judge in others is an aspect of yourself that you are denying and cannot see. This integration is the truest way for you to find peace and also bring peace to the universe.

There are those beings in the universe who are more polarized to the light, and those who are more polarized to the dark. We hope to encourage you to have a peaceful balance of both. Is this not logic? Can you not see that in order to Return to Oneness and end this cycle of polarity we need to meet in the middle, that being too polarized one way or the other will simply not get us there? Yes, it is Love we seek to live, not fear, and to acknowledge our denied self with Love so it fears no more. To masterfully express so-called negative emotions is when we are integrated and balanced.

There are those among the lightworker community on earth that are more polarized to the light and are encouraging others along their path. We are not chastising these ones, for they truly desire peace and unity and well-being for all as well and we praise their efforts, but we mean to only gently make observations, in hopes to awaken that piece of Creator Spirit within that knows how to surely achieve this balance and integration.

To these lightworkers who resonate more towards the light it may seem logical or even natural to want to release and deny dark aspects of themselves or others around them. Those on earth who are at Unity Consciousness (a term we use to indicate a state of consciousness that knows that integration of both light and dark aspects of themselves and others is the surest way to Oneness and Universal Polarity Integration) may even seem more dark or Un-light, or lower vibrational, to others more polarized to the light. And this is quite true in a sense, because those at Unity consciousness have chosen to access and process ALL aspects of themselves, not just the lighter ones.

We ask that you try to not pass judgments and to honor others' paths and energy resonances. This message is not to try and force Unity Consciousness upon anyone, just to help you recognize what it is and where it comes from. Many eons of programming have created a long-standing belief that `lighter' equals `better'. We are simply making the observation that this belief and these patterns have not worked in the past, but only further perpetuated dysfunction, suffering, separation, and non-Oneness. We ask you to not judge your fears and dark emotions. Do not deny them and cast them away, for they are a precious part of you and a part of all creation. We ask you to embrace them, accept them, integrate them, and heal them. Find the balance of the light and dark dear ones, for it is only the balance
of them both that will create harmony. Find the equilibrium within and you shall the world around you transform.

I am Myrrhiel of the Rising Command, reminding you that true ascension is through the heart.


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