Ascension - 2012


What is Love?


What is Love? Channelled message from Antari

You all have heard about the many facets of Love throughout your lives.
But truly, do you really grasp and hold on to Love's true meaning? Do
you live by the words and deeds of Love? Or do you just give Love "lip
service"? Only you as an individual can answer those questions.

Now, as you already are aware, the definitions of Love is as vast as the
Universe itself. It is the only emotion here on planet Earth that has it's
own Holiday (St. Valentine's day); and it is the only emotion that has
inspired more songs, poems, plays and movies than anyone could ever
possibly count or remember.

Love can be found anywhere & everywhere. And best of all ... when
you least at expect it!

There are different levels of love, such as love for your spouse, your
boyfriend/girlfriend; the love you have for your parents and your
assorted relatives & siblings; the love for a child, a pet or a dear close
friend. And while each of these levels go from one degree to another,
they all have one vital thing in common ... it exists in your lives.

But what is Love? Really? Do you, as an individual, really comprehend
and fully understand the true definition of Love?

Breaking it down, Love is energy in it's purest and most concentrated
form. It is the most powerful energy in the entire Universe. In fact, it
is Love that created the Universe itself; and it is Love that binds the
Universe and all it's inhabitants together.

Love is ever flowing and constantly moving. Love cannot be forced.Love
cannot be contained or held captive. As pure energy, Love demands space
to move about freely, otherwise it becomes dormant and lifeless.

Love, true and genuine Love, is FREEDOM. Freedom to just BE.

Contrary to some beliefs, Love is not blind! In fact, Love sees all,
knows all, and Understands Everything.

Where there is Love there is always freedom to just Be. To be yourself
and to allow others to be themselves.

Love does not need outside influences to make and keep it happy and
content. Love does not cling or hold on to another. Love does not need
anything to feel complete and whole. Love does not fear being alone.
Love is the state in which you are continuously truly happy whether you
are with the one you love or not.

And for those who are of the belief that they need someone outside
themselves to feel Love and to be Loved they are missing out on the
greatest Love of all . the Love that comes from within. For how can
one possibly hope To find Love & To Be Loved if they do Not
Themselves Love?

Love never becomes prideful or haughty. Love does not seek to criticize.
Love is constantly building and uplifting. It never seeks out to destroy or
tear down anyone or anything. Love fills us up and sustains us every
second of every moment of every day.

Love is a creating force.ever moving, ever flowing, ever present.

Love is always with us all. It never abandons us or leaves us alone. Even
when you think and/or believe you have no Love in your lives . it is
always present in some form, in some way. Love is always there with us!
And in order to really see Love, feel Love, Experience Love in its genuine
form, you need only to be open and accepting of Love's true ways.

Love is a great and powerful magnet that attracts and draws more Love in
unto itself. If you Love yourself, then that Love magnetizes and brings
more Love to you.

It is just what is. And it is how Love . true and genuine Love . works.
Please always keep in mind that Not for just today . but every day .
You are Loved! You are Love Itself!

Julia K. Cole aka The Empress is a psychic reader and medium who
works closely with her spirit companion, Master Guide & Teacher Antari
in bringing forth reminders from "Home". The above channelling is an
excerpt from their current work entitled "Interview With a Spirit Guide".
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