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Lauren & Sananda - One nation, under God...

3/25/06 9:34am
Hi All, I hope you got to see Showbiz tonght on Headline News, yesterday. WOW! What an amazing and courageous feat for CNN and Charlie, I am completely impressed with the warrior in our dear Charlie. Here is a link to more uplifting headline news that was just sent to me by a friend and below is the latest from Sananda.

I also wanted to add that as I was receiving this information the words to the Pledge of Allegiance were running through my mind and the song "My country Tis of thee..." kept presenting itself to me over and over...very interesting.


Sananda? R U available?
S: Yes, my child, I am available for you.
L: Good morning, do you have a message for me?
S: Indeed. There is much to talk about if you so desire. First I would like to address the issues of your nation, as they are the most pressing. There is upon you a time of dramatic change, one that will ensure the freedom of the people once and for all. This time at hand is one that will shake the countrymen and women to their core for they will be in search of truth. Truth as you have known it up until now has been nothing but the gain of your leaders power. Now, truth shall prevail. Come one , come all and join in the parade for truth. The time for a revolution is now and all are needed to claim back their rights and sovereignty. It is up to you to find the truth, for the truth shall set you all free. Take what is rightfully yours, gather your sources and strength in numbers and you shall prevail. You all have the opportunity and responsibility to take control of your destiny in the coming moments, use this opportunity to ensure that you never fall short of your country’s potential again. Be righteous in choosing government leaders that will support your freedom, freedom for all. We encourage you all to see the bright future before you and desire for you all to know that in your heart lies the secrets to peace. When you are all united through the heart of mankind you will prevail victoriously in all of your ventures. When each deed is done with the thought of your fellow man in mind, you will have transcended the lower realms of physicality. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. This has never been truer for the people of earth. You all are beginning to see the interconnectivity to life and realizing that each action has an equal and opposite reaction. That what you think, you become. That what you long for, you gain. All of these truths are more apparent to you now and this gives you the advantage to create the best of what you desire. Ultimately it is up to all of you to pull together and create this world as a community of like minds. When all realize that you are united under one God, the Creator of All that is, then peace will prevail. No longer is it necessary to segregate and divide nations for you all will soon hold a common purpose, that of restoring your precious earth. This is no small feat and will require the participation of all, worldwide. But together and with the help of your galactic brethren, miracles will happen. We stand before you now ready to lift the veil of deceit, prepare yourselves for the moment of transcendence for it will be a thrust of great magnitude that will catapult you to a new reality, the reality in truth. We say to you, be at peace and know that all you have waited for is here and now. Buckle up, for it will be a bumpy ride but be assured that we are guiding your every move. All is in Divine order and the battle has been won. I Am Sananda Immanuel.


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