Ascension - 2012


Sheldan Nidle Update 3 28 06

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Ik, 5 Mac, 1 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We once again take up our discussion with you on
more topics of interest. One of the more interesting is consciousness
and your physical body. Many on your world believe that consciousness
is anchored in the brain. While your mind is truly prodigious in its
abilities, the primary source of your genius, in truth, lies first in
your genes, and then your heart. But the pivot to comprehending this
is your eternal source-your Soul. This special, infinite collection of
Spirit is gifted by the Creator with unique wisdoms. Among them is the
ability to discern the real nature of the Universe and the means to
manifest the decrees of the divine plan. This potential is invested in
the eternal Light and Love that is the real you. This is realized in
your genes (the body's greatest Light receptor) and in your heart
(your body's greatest accumulator of Love). These divine energies then
interact with your spiritual and physical essences to create who you
truly are in each of your many lifetimes. From this base and with the
help of your physical and emotional essences, you daily encounter and
assess your world.

This assessment is often colored by the fundamental beliefs
acculturated in you by your family and friends. As you grow in
consciousness, due to the ascension process, you begin to question
these fundamental assumptions and search for viable alternatives. This
journey leads you down a path toward a new reality and is often aided
by new spurts of Light and Love energy. As your genes activate and
become more accustomed to this energy, you become more willing to
accept the Love energies accompanying this increasing influx of Light.
Frequently, the wisdom growing within you is severely challenged by
your peer groups and various familial support groups. This can often
lead to conflict and, on occasion, to physical health crises. This is
why your pathway to enlightenment is littered with key incidents that
have shaped your journey. Nevertheless, the new energies,
characterized by strengthening intuition, allowed you to move forward
and accept what Spirit has given you. This acceptance encourages your
voyage of learning the lessons of divine Light.

As you develop your divine potential, you discover how to
meld the wisdom gleaned from the philosophies of the East with the
spiritual teachings of the West. This dichotomy blends into a special
brew that anchors your journey into the multitudinous worlds of
consciousness. In this exploration, you are not alone: strange new
data is emerging from the frontiers of subatomic physics and
cosmology, and the cutting edge of scientific research is engaging a
majority of your fellows either openly or secretly. In these studies,
consciousness is surfacing as a factor beyond its accepted role in the
physical self. We who are already fully conscious can vouch for this.
Your sorties in pursuit of the strange and unknown is to be applauded.
This movement has compelled your science to acknowledge the role of
Spirit and so begin a new area of scientific endeavor. Remember, true
science mirrors the realm of the divine. Science and its core
philosophy need to discard the primacy of matter and recognize that
matter is the child of Spirit. Thus, the many anomalies in your
current beliefs can be satisfactorily corrected.

Consciousness is deeply rooted in Spirit and wonderfully
nourished by the deeds of her physical counterparts. This
give-and-take is the divine cycle. When you move into a full awareness
of this, the joy of enlightenment soon follows. As Buddha, Jeshua, and
others achieved enlightenment, they discovered how this process
functions, and the eternal joy they felt soon permeated their
spiritual and physical essences. What you are doing is leading to this
same moment of sacred awareness. This time in your life is the
precursor to this divine moment. As you permit these special energies
to augment your own, your reality likewise transforms. This amalgam of
energies is altering the RNA/DNA in your genes which, in turn, is
opening and lightening your heart! You are becoming more aware of how
to transform this world and of the power you possess to forge a new
reality. It is this new reality that can sustain you as you mutate
back into your fully conscious selves.

The reality of a fully conscious society is quite different
from the one you now inhabit. Yet, these differences merely express
the potential inherent in your current realm; when positive intent
reaches a particular threshold, magic can appear in your world,
capable of literally moving mountains! You are at this point right
now. Your positive desires are enveloping your globe and affecting how
your realm operates. Because of this growing intent, much is happening
on a micro level that is leading to a macro-level event of immense
proportions. It is often hard for you to see how applied consciousness
can operate to effect change. The global anti-war movement of the
1960s and 1970s is a prime example of this. A similar event is now
taking place. The dark old guard of your world is being limited by the
growth of conscious intent. This intent is permitting much to change
for the better.

As this consciousness grows, the cover-up of our existence
becomes increasingly tedious to maintain. Ultimately, this growth in
consciousness combined with the fact of our existence is to become the
twin pillars of your success. Hence, the event of an open first
contact on a massive scale is the final throw weight that cinches your
victory. This connection is strengthening with each passing day. We
want to ensure that we arrive openly in your skies at the right divine
moment. We can tell you that this moment daily draws closer. Those in
the dark cabal are worried about the way you are growing beyond their
control. Yet, their arrogance is still openly apparent to all. Added
to this is the great apocalypse that these denizens of the dark
intensely desire to bring about. This, we can promise you, is being
thwarted on every conceivable front.

The implications of first contact for your future are quite
clear to us. In the past, we secretly nurtured your growth toward the
Light. This phase is now being superseded by the present requirement
for first contact. This need to act as the primary guardians of your
consciousness development is taken very seriously by us. We deftly
comprehend how sinister are the subtle actions of the dark. These
secret rulers of your world maintain layers of global networks
designed to restrict you to your darkest emotions and keep you in
ignorance of the positive energies that engulf you. We are meeting
this challenge with your continued assistance. Consciousness is a
process that, once begun, is nearly impossible to divert. And hence,
the many tools of the dark are crumbling. This is most encouraging and
is yet another sign of your inevitable victory!

This relationship between consciousness and first contact is
one of the mainstays of our operations. Normally, your current level
of consciousness argued against beginning this mission at this time.
But your importance in the scheme of things impelled us to alter our
procedures. This mission is dedicated to your success. Innumerable
things have been done to move you along in the past few years.
Presently, our task is to assess your levels of growing consciousness
and provide plans for our fleet to support this growth. So, we set up
teams to monitor you medically and support units to ensure success to
those working to oust your darkest rulers from power. This latter
operation is close to happening. The focus of this message is to
further your understanding of consciousness and to tell you of our
resolve to give you the victory you deserve as swiftly as possible.

Today, we continued our discussion of consciousness,
specifically its natural relationship to first contact. Remember that
we are a team, operating within your reality to help you achieve your
coming success. First contact is destined to be the watershed moment
in your history when your road back to full consciousness is
unquestionably secured! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones!
Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite
Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat
Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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