Ascension - 2012


Sananda: May the word of truth be spread far and wide...

4/18/06 11:32am

Sananda, r u calling me?
S: Yes beloved, I am awaiting your attention.
L: Sorry to keep you waiting, my environment is more suitable now.
S: Blessed be. I come this day with news from the highest realms. I come with a note of encouragement and an answer to your prayers. I come with legions of light beings to assist in the completion of this process on earth, the process of duality. All who beckon the light shall receive accolades and adornment for their righteous ventures on earth. Those of you who long to come home shall be praised for your determination and commitment to stay and complete your roles, for you have willingly chosen these great roles and for good cause. Today we infiltrate your skies and determine when we shall finish this old business. We are set up now and prepared for proper divine intervention in every aspect of your world affairs. We come from far and wide to support you on this mission of peace and we are obligated with joy to answer your many requests for sovereignty. Take hold for ye shall not pervade untruths any longer and as decreed by Creator you shall be saved. It is time now for a great promise to be fulfilled, a promise that you have waited in earnest for. Today we say, buckle up for the ride will be bumpy, but to meet the requirements of galactic intervention we must wash away all that is depleting your well being with great force. We affirm that this is the month of great change and as decreed by heaven this must be so.
L: Lord, may I interrupt for a second?
S: As you wish.
L: Thank you. I wish to ask if the time frame you affirm here is one to be counted on? Not so much that I doubt you, but more for the hope of depleted lightworkers who are very tired and weary.
S: My child, this statement of interjection is one of valid concern and I see that you are not alone in this thinking. However, to be sure of ones commitment one has to be peeled for the right doings of others. In this scope of understanding it is imperative that each of you see the interplanetary and intergalactic scope of such massive proportion. We say that this is the timing that we have allotted and it shall be so, however, due to unexpected and unprecedented interruptions in the past this has not always been possible as it is you who ultimately determines the outcome. As it has been decreed by the Father we shall proceed with this timetable with no expected delays and shall bring forth the new world as promised. To those who waver, we say hold steadfast to your goal. The determining factor of change is found within and the effects of this change will appear without. This is a basic law of energy that what you think you actualize. You have been thinking of these changes for many years and now you have begun to actualize your thoughts. Be at peace within, regardless of without, for you shall need these tools to get you through the next phase of your reality. This tool is the most valuable.
L: Thank you Sananda, I apologize for the interruption. Please proceed.
S: Very well. It is of considerable interest to many that we inform you of the next steps in your proposed plan of action. These steps are ones that are integral parts of the whole and therefore are imperative to be brought forth with certainty. In a few short moments in your time, there will be a massive uprising country wide. This uprising will be the result of some truths that will be spread via mass media and telecommunications. Know that in this uprising of the people, many will not understand what is actually happening and therefore it will be up to you who know truth to help in keeping the waters calm. This is a great task but one that you are prepared for and in this doing you shall be rewarded with the grace of God so as to ensure the calming force of your words. Those who take to the streets will be positioning themselves against tyranny and will be marching for the freedom of all. We ask of you to be in a position of peace for this great undertaking. It will be provoked by some truth and it will result in full truth, but the process can take on many forms. Use your lighted ways to encourage peaceful protests. Use your hearts to calm those in despair and know deeply that you are assisting others merely by your presence of peace. In these coming days you will be witness to the greatest undertaking ever to have been recorded in the history of this planet and we assure you that you will be safe. You who know truth, know your mission is to serve those around you and you are protected from harm. For what other purpose would you know truth but to help others? We ask that you take to your roles with no pretense for now is a time of great need. A joining of hands and hearts as you march toward your freedom. A front line of warriors who will accept nothing other than full truth for all. A rising of families and friends and even enemies as you blur the lines of segregation and inequality. My brothers and sisters, now is the time of awakening and now is the moment of truth. We called to you and you have risen. We beckoned you and you have come. Now call to your neighbors and gather in numbers to form the united nation that you truly are. We are preparing for victory. I Am Sananda Immanuel.
L: Thank you Sananda…do you wish for me to publish this?
S: Indeed. May the word of truth be spread far and wide.
L: As you wish.


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