Ascension - 2012


Earth Changes by Drunvalo

This is one of the most amazing times to be alive ever! We are so
lucky to be here to experience these rapid evolutionary changes that
are all around us - in the solar system, on our planet, and even
within our bodies.

Most people here on Earth don't see that anything unusual is taking
place, simply because outward appearances remain normal and everyday.

But what is occurring is definitely not normal. For millions of years,
mankind has evolved at a slow, methodical pace, even up to the turn of
the twentieth century. In 1900, we were riding around on horses - not
that horses are a shabby means of travel - and a simple letter could
takes weeks or months to reach remote areas of the planet. The idea
that mankind might step onto the moon was considered fantasy. In fact,
anyone born in, say, 1890 would never have believed that moonwalking
could happen at all, much less in their lifetime. But only 78 years
later, it did.

What has happened? How has our evolutionary speed increased so
rapidly? What is really going on in the evolution of mankind?

Why now?

There are so many questions.

The Gathering of Knowledge

It is enlightening to look at the equation of the gathering of human
knowledge in these times. The Encylopedia Britannica states that by
the turn of the twentieth century, mankind had acquired a certain
number of "bits" - in modern terms - of information. These bits of
information had accumulated from the beginning of civilization in
Sumeria, 6000 years ago, to 1900 AD.

And from 1900 to about 1950 AD, mankind proceeded to accumulate the
same number of bits of information as it had formerly accumulated
since the beginning of civilization. In other words, we gained as much
information in only 50 years as we formerly had gained in 6000 years.

That definitely is not normal.

And it hasn't stopped. It hasn't even maintained. The increase in
information continues at an exponential rate. It doubled from about
1950 to 1970. Now, it's moving so fast that for several years not even
NASA could keep up with it. At one point, I am told, NASA was eight
and a half years behind in even getting the new data into their computers.

But it's not just knowledge that's changing. There also are changes
taking place on every level of human experience, with phenomena
arising that have never been seen before.

Earth Changes

In the Earth Changes department, the geomagnetic field of the Earth is
undergoing so much change in such a short period of time that no one
would have believed it could even happen, much less been able to
predict it.

We know that the magnetic field has been becoming weaker for about
2000 years. And we also know that it dropped dramatically around 500
years ago. But it caught us by surprise, about 30 years ago, when the
magnetic lines actually began to shift. They shifted so much that by
the 1990s the aeronautical maps used to land commercial airplanes had
to be altered all over the world.

The whales are beaching themselves for the same reason. Their
migrations follow these magnetic lines. It has been disastrous for the
whales for these lines to suddenly and unexpectedly turn and go inland.

The migration of birds also is linked to the magnetic field of the
Earth. And the plight of the birds is about the same as that of the
whales. These innocent creatures encounter enormous problems when they
end up in areas of the Earth where they are not expected.

Human Response to Earth Changes

Could these changes be a problem for humans? Yes, they could be, and
they are. Recently, as Gregg Braden reports, scientific journals,
including Nature magazine, have admitted that the Earth's magnetic
field appears to be in such flux that the North and South Poles may
actually be preparing to reverse themselves.

If this were to happen (and of course it's speculation, but we do know
that it happened 13,000 years ago), there could be immense problems
ahead for us. And in the reversal period between one polar orientation
and the next, it is possible that the magnetic field could cancel
itself out and go, effectively, to zero.

No one knows what a pole reversal would mean for humankind. But we do
know what would happen if the magnetic fields were to go to zero for
longer than two weeks. The Russian space program has shown us this.
They discovered that when a cosmonaut was put into space - where there
is little or no magnetic field - for more than two weeks, he or she
literally goes incurably crazy. It seems that this magnetic field
somehow is necessary to keep our minds in balance (to keep this from
happening, the Russian cosmonauts were given special devices to wear
around their bodies that approximated the Earth's magnetic field;
America followed suit).

In the same vein, there are so many changes occurring on the Earth
that no one knows what they really mean. The fact is that our dear
Mother Earth has experienced, in the last 30 years, an increase of
"natural" catastrophes on the order of more than 500 percent above
normal. There are more tornadoes (over 400 in less than one month in
the States), more and faster hurricanes (some over 300 mph), more
unusual weather, more earthquakes, more land and mud slides - more of
everything than ever before.

There even is a new atmosphere growing around the Earth that no one
has ever seen before.

And what about the Sun? Never before have we ever seen the likes of
what is happening on our Sun today. The intensity of energy coming off
the Sun is unparalleled in the history of our scientific observations.

And what happens on the Sun directly affects what happens on Earth.

The Consciousness Grids

The consciousness grids (originally found by the Russians) are aspects
of the Earth Changes that are perhaps of most importance. How these
grids change, and what happens to them, affects all of us.

The new grid, sometimes referred to as the Christ Grid or the Unity
Consciousness Grid, is literally "what we will become." The Secret
Government has tried everything it knows to destroy this grid, but
Mother Earth continues to defend it and allow it to grow.

A discussion of the Earth Changes would not be complete without this
understanding of the grids (see The Christ Grid and Earth Meridians
and the Coming Changes).

This Issue

So humankind is obviously in the midst of an incredible change in its
environment, and we feel that this will translate into an incredible
change in its consciousness. We - you and I - will see the results,
because these changes are happening now, in our lifetime.

In this issue, we are bring together a sampling of important
researchers and writers who have been studying these and other energy
changes on Earth. Our goal is to help you experience what all this
means, and find a way to interact with these changes in order to
create harmony for yourself and your loved ones.

With understanding and knowledge comes wisdom to live our lives in
ways that are in balance with Nature. Chaos may seem to be appearing
everywhere, but - as Roger Nelson and Vladislav Lugovenko's work shows
- the human spirit can bring chaos into order through our intimate
connection with God.

Personally, I feel that these outer changes may be a catalyst for
necessary changes within our hearts. For it is only within our hearts,
I believe, that we will find the solution and the reason for our

In love and service,



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