Ascension - 2012


Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle 4-3-06 12:50 am

"Stay the Course", that is what we wish to tell you this night. I am
K-tel. I am a Councillor on the Tanzore 3. I wish you all to know
that there is much work for you all to do now and after Open Contact.
You will gravitate towards those endeavors that appeal to you, not
necessarily that for which you are prepared. I mean that your talents
will be utilized in ways that will be a surprise to you.

It is imperative that the New Earth will have those in leadership
(guidance) positions who are aware and impeccable, who have compassion
for all and passion for their respective endeavors and for their
fellow Beings of Every order.

We say to you, "release fear, release everything that has held you
back from your joy and from your mission. Release the little you and
remember that you are Grand! You are the Future on the New Earth

Stay in your Center when you are hearing confusing messages on the
airwaves. It is just the last and dying gasps of the old and is
making way for the New World of your treasured dreams. Detach from
the emotion as you can and know that you are an actor on this Grand
Stage before the Final Curtain Call of the Story of the Ages. It is
time to take bows. It is a job well done! Blessings of Light upon
all of you, our faithful sisters and brothers.


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