Ascension - 2012


Sananda on truly "Letting Go"...

S: Good morning to you from the Capricorn.
L: Good morning to you from earth.
S: I see through all the turbulence you haven’t lost your sense of humor.
L: Thank you, thank you. Do you have a message for me today?
S: Indeed. We are anticipating some very good news for you this day. News that will back up and support our claims. We are ready now to embark upon this journey with all of you and hope that together we can help the great mother to cleanse and ascend. She is not in good shape as you know, and it will take legions of light beings to restore her to her original condition, that of Paradise. The earth was originally designed to be the template for other societies to learn from. We have lost touch with the original imprint over time due to layers upon layers of destructive thought patterns and negativity. The fall of man was once described as the beginning of the end. Now we say that the enlightenment of earth’s inhabitants shall be the beginning of the end, the end times that is. These end times are in line with many prophecies in various religious organizations and cultures of spirituality. Knowing that these times are in fact upon you is especially noteworthy for that entails a broad and open mind of awareness. If you are one of those who comprehends truth, then you are well on your way to co-creatorship with the One. You have all endured various journeys in search of the light, the light which until now was undefinable for most. As you pursue your life’s calling, you will undoubtedly be connected to the light of all that is, for this light is the same light that illumines your sense of purpose and well being, balance and peace. When you encounter all that has been bestowed upon you in truth, you will reside in a place of pure joy, the joy of being. This is why we say to you that to be at peace with the world as it is, you must find peace within yourself as you are. This is no simple feat, for finding peace within your turbulent sea of uncontrollable and influenced thought systems can be futile. At this time we are asking you to take notice of all thoughts that are not aligned with your being and release them to the light for transmutation. To be successful in the upcoming times you will all benefit from being free of unworthy thoughts. These thoughts can actually derail you and send you reeling with the intensity of energy that is surrounding your planet at this time. As mother earth finds her way to the higher realms, so too will you be in a space of true creation if you so choose. This space of creation holds great responsibility for you will ultimately be in control of your destinies. We cannot overemphasize this point, that to be a co-creator means taking responsibility for every thought, good or bad as you perceive presently in polarity. As you recognize and transmute these lower thought forms you will find yourselves more and more at peace. Ultimately the only thing that holds you back from true peace are your perceptions which are precipitated by these negative thought filters. So we say to you, release these thoughts now for they no longer serve you. Thoughts of fear and inadequacy are the most damaging to you and your environment. Lose the addiction to fear and you will lose the repercussions to it, which are vast. Fear will not serve you well in the coming times for you will be feeling much more intensity of emotion. This means that you will know love on much deeper levels, but you will also know pain on deeper levels if your fears are not lifted. Be diligent in these next moments of your time-based reality to let go of ALL that does not serve you now. This release is imperative to walk into the dawn of a new age. Though this is new to all of you in your state of limited reality, the process of awakening to truth is one you have undergone many times. Be not afraid, let go in faith, and trust that the support of heaven is with you always. We are guiding you to your personal and collective awareness of who you truly are. Blessed be, I AM Sananda Immanuel.


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