Ascension - 2012


Instructions for the Beginner Telepath

From Melchizedek through Lily Ann

11th February, 2006

Sit quietly in the silence and hear the sounds of your body. Begin to breathe long, slow, deep breaths ..... inhale through the nose slowly, deliberately. Exhale through the mouth slowly, with force, with the lips shaped like you are blowing through a straw. Continue this breathing until you are settled in the silence.

Surround yourself in a great golden bubble or sphere of light. Feel this light extend from the center of your body up through the top of your head to the Source and extending from the center of your body all the way down into the center of Mother Earth. Now expand the light shaft in the heart chakra (in the center of the chest) to completely fill the chest.

Call upon Lord Michael the Archangel to stand in front of you facing towards you within the sheath of the bubble, with his mighty sword pointed upward to the Source. Call upon Melchizedek to stand in front of Lord Michael with his back to Lord Michael's back. Call upon Sananda Immanuel to stand to your right facing outward. Call upon Mother Mary to stand to your left side facing outward. Call upon White Buffalo Calf Woman to stand behind you facing outward.

Call in your masters, teachers, guides, and guardian angels to be with you. Call upon the Great White Brotherhoods, the ascended Masters, Father-Mother God, Holy Spirit and Great Spirit to be present. These come willingly to hold the energy and the love for you.

See in your mind's eye a shaft of white light enter from the back of your head (the occipital area) at a 45 degree angle through the brain with the point of the shaft coming out between the eyebrows (the third eye) and reaching to infinity.

This shaft of white light will separate the two hemispheres of the brain and will prevent the spheres from communicating with each other during a meditation or telepathy. (Helps you to not think)

Now start the chakras spinning clockwise (from your left to your right). Beginning with the crown chakra, see the color white, and see the chakra spinning, next the third eye, the point between the eyebrows, see the color indigo and see the chakra spinning, then the throat chakra of electric blue, next the thymus chakra, (a new chakra) of aquamarine, located between the throat and the heart, next the heart chakra which is now red, then the solar plexus chakra, located below the stomach area, which is now yellow-orange, next the naval chakra (which is now emerald green) and finally the base chakra, which is now sapphire blue.

Pause now and 'see' the great sphere of light around you, Lord Michael and Melchizedek, Sananda Immanuel, Mother Mary, and White Buffalo Calf Woman, 'see' the chakras all spinning clockwise. Feel the heart chakra expanding with the light now and feel the love filling the heart chakra.

Now as your heart chakra is expanding with love, state clearly: "Relay, Relay, Relay". This states your intention to communicate with whomever you are calling upon to speak with you. Sit quietly in the silence and maintain your focus in the heart chakra. The communication will come through the heart chakra.

Notes from Lily:

When you first begin to receive, it is a good idea to either type or write the information, so that you will remember it.

This instruction is to assist you in receiving telepathic messages. The goal is to develop your skills, through practice, so that you will begin to recognize and receive messages instantly.

Be certain to always thank all of those beings whom you have called upon to assist you and those with whom you have communicated.

T.I.N.A. - Telepathy Institute of North America


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