Ascension - 2012


How to manifest (create) what you want...

Our lives are what we make them out to be. We create them with our thoughts, words and deeds. Our lives can be a drama, comedy, love story, tragedy, horror story, adventure, wars, crime and corruption, or any, or all of the above.

As stated in the last section, most people let life happen to them without realizing they are creating it themselves. It could be by listening to what other people say or think, instead of listening to their inner knowing.

How we manifest or create what we really want, instead of what happens to us, is knowing how to do it in the most creative, positive way. It can't be done as a want, wish, or with a negative attitude or phrasing.

When we wake up every morning, do we wake up with a smile, or a frown? Do we look forward to the day…or dread it? Do we look at life as a struggle and obligation, or with happiness, joy, and love for ourselves, our families, for the birds, animals, the environment, our fellow humankind, all of creation?

People keep looking for a savior. Someone who is going to show up and make it all better. Make all of our problems suddenly all go away. This would interfere with our free will choice and our own power as co-creators. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We must save ourselves by changing the way we see ourselves and the world we live in. By changing our thinking, and how we see the world, our world will change through our own powers of creation. We draw to us what we think about, talk about. It’s a Universal Law that can’t be voted in, voted out, or ignored. It just is. Good, bad or indifferent, it just is.

Everything that has been happening to us has been to help us remember Who We Are, and Who We Are Not, and Who We Want to Be. Who We Are Not is in reality just a self-created illusion. Some people are so locked into the illusion that they can’t see beyond it. They do not realize they even have creative powers or abilities, so they allow life to just happen to them, and then complain because it didn’t happen the way they wanted it. But it is happening, because they are drawing all this negativity to them themselves by the negative way they are thinking about their own lives.

A lot of what we create is in the phrasing of the thought or the spoken word. Our minds know if we have a thing or not, and it will readily accept that we do not yet have the thing we desire to have. because we have told ourselves there exists a lack in our life. Doubt exists that we will ever acquire what we want when in fact, we already have everything we can possibly imagine available to us through God for the asking. First, one must develop an attitude of gratitude. Thank God for already having fulfilled your desires, so it won't be expressed as a want, but as something that you have already joyously received into your life with an attitude of gratitude and believe it, know it to be true.

Example. "I want a lot of money." That will forever remain a want.

"I thank God for the abundance of money and prosperity You bring into my life every day."

But it goes into more than this, which will be covered below.

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