Ascension - 2012


The shift is now completed, Celia Fenn

Daily Star Light 25th February 2006

We are here today to speak with you about the energies that have grounded since the shift at Harmonic Concordance. That shift is now completed, and you humans will be living with this new energy on a permanent basis. For many this will seem like absolute chaos. But we want you to understand that in this apparent chaos lies the opportunities for you to express your creativity and co-create a new reality of your own choosing.

Yes, it is time for you to choose what reality you would like to see on this planet. And you can choose to create a reality of peaceful co-creation.

But most people do not understand this on the conscious level. On the d! eeper level, the level of the higher group consciousness, you have all chosen to create this reality together. But, because many people are still asleep and are yet to wake up to their higher realities, they are filled with fear and anxiety when they perceive this new reality.

All the old certainties and structures have gone. The Indigo and Crystal children have brought in a new vibration at a much higher level, and they are helping you all to move to the new level of Christ or "Christed" consciousness.

At this time many people will be looking for answers and explanations. There will be much fear and anxiety arising, as many will have to encounter the deep fears in their own psyches, and will begin to project these outwards into the world.

We want you to understand this process so that you do not fall into fear, but allow the fear to pass through you and be released. As you clear the old energies of this and many lifetimes, you will have to encounter! your deepest fears before you can reach into your most wonderful dreams. But be careful to own your fears and work through them. Do not seek to project them onto others, and see others as "evil" or "manipulative". Remember, as you work towards integration of your being, that all is within you, and when you hold the light and dark sides of your being in balance, then you realise that what you see in the outer world is no more than a reflection of what you hold in your inner world. And that there is nothing to fear. And that anything that you do not want or like can be changed.

Those of you who have been through your transition and have awakened, can now help those who are still in this process. You will need to be grounded. Many people find it very difficult to keep their feet on the earth and be here, that is, to be fully in the physical body. But you will find that as your consciousness moves to higher levels and you integrate the energies, you become more aware of yo! ur body than before, and begin to enjoy physicality even more. You have chosen to be here in the Earth illusion. It is to be enjoyed and managed with your creative powers.

At this time too, it is time to allow your light to shine as openly as possible. Those who are looking for answers will be drawn to you. It is up to you as lightworkers to show them how to survive in this new energy. And not only to survive, but to flourish - to play and create and enjoy the earth journey that they have chosen.

By Celia Fenn
Starchild Ascension

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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