Ascension - 2012


Spirit's latest message

Hello again everyone, the recent news of 'death and destruction' in many parts of the world has prompted me to again ask Spirit for a message for all of us at this time.

Although the following may not be the only possible message, we hope it is of some interest and value to you.

The question asked was;

"What message does Spirit have for the peoples of the world at this time?"

"Well, just this, and it's something positive because with all of the negativity that's being seen on the 'news' at this time, perhaps this is the ideal time for something uplifting and hopeful.

And this is what our message is today.

You see, what goes on behind the scenes, like in most other things in your society, is what really matters, not what's 'up front', not what the news is showing, not the 'facade' you might say.

The 'actors' are at the front of the stage, doing their 'thing', while 'backstage' the 'real' activity is going on, the real stuff, the stuff that really matters eventually in everyone's lives.

And what's really going on in the 'backstage' at this time is victory.

Victory for truth, victory for justice, victory for fair play and honesty and the rights of the individual on this planet to be respected for what they really are.

A Divine expression of the One Creator, you see.

That's what everybody wants, that's what everybody deserves, but it seems like, on the surface, there are many forces and powers that are trying to destroy these concepts, these ideals, these truths.

But that's only a facade, it's a 'smoke screen' to hide what's really going on, and what's really going on, as we said, is a restoration of the rights of the individual to express themselves as the Gods and Goddesses that they truly are.

So that's our message for this period.

It's not designed to give false hope or false design, only to later reveal that these things aren't true after all.

We're saying this in truth, in reality, things that are really happening, and very soon now, the noisy, negative, violent, unlawful, degrading, debilitating, discouraging, 'play-acting' facade that you think you see in the world around you today will disappear as if just another 'bad dream'."

All the best to all. Lyle.


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