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The Energies for March 2006 Cosmic Crystals in a Field of Love Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Dearest Lightworkers, what a wonderful time to be on the Planet Earth! The
changes and shifts that you are experiencing are awakening many to the truth
of who they are. And we would say to you, beloved souls, that you are Cosmic
Crystals radiating light in a Field of Love! Is this not a wonderful metaphor
to describe the radiance and beauty of who you are!
For, since the activation of the Galactic Lightbody, the Human body is rapidly
assuming its original template form and design - exquisite crystalline
geometries designed to vibrate in a field of pure love and to express that
love in many dimensions!

The Field of Love
Your planet is, at this time, experiencing two significant Waves of Energy
that are working together to raise the Collective Frequency or Vibration of
the Planet. The first is the Sirian Blue Star energy, that is being directed
to the planet through the Sun, with the purpose of activating the Galactic
Lightbody geometries. The second is what we will call a Quantum event, a wave
of Galactic energy that is creating what we will term a "sub-atomic anomaly
field" on your Planet.

These waves of Galactic Light constitute a Field of Pure Love on a new Octave
of experience for Planet Earth. Your Galactic Lightbodies were activated now,
as a Collective, so that you might experience and receive the transmission of
this wave of light energy from the Great Central Sun or Galactic Center.

This Field is powerful, be aware of that dearest Lightworkers. It is changing
the very structure of your reality on a Quantum level. But in miraculous and
wonderful ways. Did we not say last month that everything is changing! Indeed
- we mean it literally! The waves of love are transforming the planet,
creating a Field of Possibility that supports the Highest Expressions of Love
of the Planetary Collective. Now, beloved souls, you will begin to see real
changes on the Earth. Love will show the way. The Field of Love will begin to
guide people to express only their Highest and Best potential.

You might say, dearest ones, if you choose that terminology, that the Light
has won! We would prefer to say that, at last, the Light has been grounded by
a population of Ascended Humans with sufficiently awakened consciousness to
make this Light available to the entire planet. You are the Cosmic crystals
that ground the Crystal light from the Galactic Source.

Soon, dearest souls, you will see such an awakening on your planet. The Light
will shine everywhere, and what was hidden will be revealed for all to see.
Many so called "negative" things will come to light to be healed and cleared,
but most wonderfully, humans will discover deep wells of love within
themselves. They will see that they can solve anything if they draw on the
love that is there within their hearts.

The Emergence of the Crystalline Body
The significance of these energies for the Planet is immense and wonderful.
They will ground and bring peace to a turbulent world as they transmute and
transform. But, on the individual level, there will also be miraculous

The Galactic Lightbody, with its specific geometry of the Icosa-Dodecahedron,
and the Quantum "Field of Love", with its specific crystalline geometries,
will produce, by sympathetic vibration or resonance, a crystalline state in
the Human body. This will be through the Water matrix of the body. Your body
is 70 to 80 percent water, and this water will begin to vibrate in crystalline
forms. Once this happens, the physical body will receive and transmit more and
more light. You will indeed become radiant and luminous.

"Becoming Light" in this way means that the body becomes less dense and is
able to be thought of as light. It can be transformed, healed, rejuvenated, at
the speed of thought! This is the "highest potential" that is encoded in your
DNA in the Paradise template, and that is being activated now by the Sirian
Blue Star geometries and the Galactic Field of Love. But this will be a
gradual process, dearest ones, there is no rush. Allow your bodies the time
they need to make the changes. Some may need lots of rest and quiet times to
allow the transformation, others may not. You are individuals and each of you
will begin to work with these transformative energies in your own individual

And, dearest ones, you will have much work to do to assist those who are still
awakening to understand the energies of change, for they will affect everyone.
The entire Planet is in the Fifth Dimension, although most people still
identify with a Third Dimensional Reality Frame. But when these deep changes
start to become evident, there will be much education and support work to be
done as people learn the truth of their Angelic nature and how to express
their highest potential on Earth.

The Planetary Energies in March
These major shifts will be assisted by the Planetary energies in March,
especially the energies of the Sun, the Moon and the Equinox.
On the 14th March, at Full Moon, there will be a Lunar Eclipse in
Virgo/Pisces. Pisces is the house of deep energies in the psyche, and Virgo is
traditionally the house of healing. At this time, on a personal and planetary
level, expect to see deep levels of healing and transformation.

The Equinox on 20th March will be a time of very special energy this year. At
this time in the Earth's planetary cycles the day and the night are of exact
equal length and the planet is poised in perfect balance, the Moon will join
Pluto as it transits across the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun. What a
powerful moment! Remember that the Field of Love emanates from the Galactic
Center, and it will be amplified on the Planet by the transformative effects
of the Moon/Pluto transit. As we have said - what was hidden will be revealed
after this passage of energies.

And then, on the 29th March at New Moon, there will be a total Solar Eclipse
in Aries. Aries energy represents both the Child and the Warrior. At this time
you are seeing the Archetypal energy of Horus arising, the Egyptian Divine
Child who became the warrior of light. But also, the energy of the Christ
Child who showed humans the path of the Spiritual Warrior. And finally, we see
the blessed and beautiful energy of the New Children who are indeed the
"Warriors of Light" on your Planet.

It is a time of Rebirth! What wonders you will see! The New Human - Homo
Christos - is birthed!

Celebrate the Field of Light and Love!

© 2005-6 Celia Fenn

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