Ascension - 2012


Update on the "God Event" starting this Sunday


We had a large cosmic event occur on the planet yesterday,
and from what I'm hearing as to how it's affected some people I
need to tell you about it to help you understand what's going on.
Ordinarily I don't send out these types of updates but this one
seems necessary due to the chaos so many people are suddenly

At about 1PM or 1:30 PM Pacific yesterday afternoon
(Thursday), a huge cosmic wave hit the planet, sent by Prime
Creator. Just prior to that was a smaller wave that arrived on Sat.
11th. I don't think this smaller wave had much of an effect on
humans, though it did on the upper dimensions. As well as these
two waves, this Sunday 26th Creator will be arriving in his full
power and blasting himself into the physical. This is something
I've been waiting for for 500 million years - the length of time
that I (and many of you) have been in this dark sector. It will be
a huge event and one that you all need to be prepared to experience.

The wave that arrived yesterday had been coming over the last
few weeks and many people were reporting feeling the effects of
it. From what I'm told, extreme tiredness was one complaint, and
people's issues seemed to be up en masse. Deep issues, not just
the everyday stuff. But when the wave actually hit, two of my
clients reported severe disturbances within themselves. With one
client I was alarmed by his totally disoriented, confusing email,
and another client reported nausea and severe dizziness, while
someone else reported exhaustion and feeling energy running
through her body. These symptoms began when the wave hit

Creator has sent several waves over the months, and with
most of them they produce such a high energy that the higher
beings fall asleep. Literally. In the past this has been a problem
because our God and Light Warriors also fell asleep, leaving
us unprotected, but this time the Warriors, or most of them,
remained alert. However, if you have tried to contact any light
being since yesterday, other than a Warrior, you will not have
made contact because s/he will have been asleep. As I write this
they still are, other than a few who were prepared for this event
and made preparations to stay awake.

This wave has several purposes, most of which I am not currently
at liberty to discuss. I can say that it is bringing a quick end to
the remaining dark on the planet, and has brought some new
beings whose purpose is to restore the fabric of creation here.
These beings are called the Sharonanns (Sharon-anns). They
are now everywhere! For those of you who can see, look
around your house, in your yard, over the planet, and you will
see it covered with these beings. They are not protectors, but
transformers or purifiers, however, they also can protect you if
need be.

Another thing about this wave is its tremendously high energy.
There are people whose bodies cannot tolerate such light as it
can literally burn them like a sunburn. As with a sunburn it can
make a person dizzy and light-headed, and just feel off. Be
aware of these symptoms.

The occasion of Creator arriving this Sunday, we're calling the
God Event for lack of a better description. He will be literally
blasting into the atoms of this density, and if you've read the
Return of Light, or the updates, you know that our physical
reality exists within the densest portion of this dimension and
with the most distorted atomic structure. For this reason it has
been very difficult for Creator to affect changes on this level -
therefore the rather extreme measure of blasting right into the
atoms of this dimension.

What to expect: He told me this: "For those who are ready there
will be a feeling of joy, a sense that something positive and good
is happening. They will feel God within themselves and it will be
a spiritual experience. For others, there will be much emotional
upheaval. People will feel disoriented and confused, as if reality
is shifting and unstable, as if the ground beneath them is shifting.
That is when they need to feel into their hearts and hold onto my
presence within them. There may be upheaval and disruption in
people's physical bodies. As for the dark and fallen, they may
find this to be one of the most difficult times in their entire

When Creator arrives in this Even, probably on what will feel
like a massive wave of light and energy, accept it. Do not shrink
from it, but allow it to flow through you. Do not put yourself
into fear or some form of resistance.

When these waves hit I am not allowed to work on the inner,
plus the beings I work with are often asleep. Consequentially
I finished all my session by Thursday morning (yesterday
morning) and do not know exactly when I'll be doing more. The
God Event comes Sunday so hopefully I'll be able to work again
Tuesday, but right now I'm not sure because I don't know what
condition the inner beings that I work with will be in.

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