Ascension - 2012


Lauren - Sananda on feeling yucky...

3/2/06 12:12pm

S: Hello love.
L: Hi Sananda. Do you have a message for me today?
S: Indeed. We have a message for you to post if you wish.
L: Sure, go right ahead pleaseā€¦
S: Very well. It seems as if those on earth at this time are experiencing quite a stir from the energy being pushed into your realm. There are many who are experiencing fatigue and feelings of nausea at this pivotal time. We wish to reassure those who hear our messages that this is a temporary happening. The feelings of unease are related to the transformation of the cellular makeup of the human body. The God Event is one that will change all matter on earth and will be aiding in the resurrection of humanity. This is something that is necessary to employ the beginning of the end times.

We wish to alert you of some happenings in your government as well. There seems to be an issue of importance that is gathering the momentum of light in your country. This issue that we speak of pertains to the dark forces attempt to bring down the nations capitol in favor of a more detached regime for the purposes of control. We are aware that there are some unresolved issues to be dealt with and it is our hope that these issues come to the forefront for transmutation. Those of like-mind will have a part to play in said events since light in this area of the country is needed to employ and expedite the changes in your governing body. Know that this time of opportunity will pass by with out the help of those on earth. It is a joint effort of great magnitude, one that is imperative for the entrance of the New Age. Please use your light and visualization skills to aid and assist in these endeavors. The dark is outnumbered and they only need to turn to us to be lifted. It is our duty and pleasure to assist all on earth at this time, but your cooperation is imperative. Please allow for this opportunity by being righteous in your pursuits and open to only positive outcomes. We understand that there are many who have disparaging thoughts in regard to upcoming times and we wish to say that those who harbor negative thoughts will face their own self destruction if not remedied. The energy upon earth is so strong now that manifestation of these lower thought forms will bring rapid demise to those who have darkness in their hearts. This will be a time of great unease for those who refuse our call. We are employing great efforts to heal these souls and aid them in remembering there true God selves. It will be up to them, however, to take the steps necessary to peace. The Us Government is one of great tenacity and strong will. We suspect that with the energy being pumped into earth at this time, there will be little time left of this current cabal. The uprising of people will be an inevitable outcome as truths start to seep into the common household. The truth is something that will be unavoidable by all.
L: Does it look as though we will we see anything on the news this weekend?
S: There is always the indication that the time is now according to our perception of things, however, it takes the perception of many to realize this happening. That is why we say to visualize it as already happened and it will come to be so. When each of you can fantasize with intensity that you are living in this new age already it will manifest in an instant.
L: Very good. Is there anything else at this time?
S: Only that we are in great anticipation of said events. We are confident that the changes put forth by the God Event will give Mother Earth and her inhabitants the extra push necessary to enter Grand Era.
L: Thank you Sananda.


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