Ascension - 2012


Lauren - Sananda says "take heed"...

3/30/06 12:15pm

Sananda? Are u available?
S: Hello child, I am with you.
L: Hi S…happy new moon.
S: Indeed it is. We have observed great activity associated with the new moon cycle and especially the spring equinox. Can you not feel it in the air?
L: Yes, the sun has great intensity this past week.
S: The sun is radiating new frequency waves which are penetrating your earth as we speak. These energy waves are responsible for much of the changes in consciousness on your planet at this time. We are in great admiration of the ways in which you are all affected by the new energies and as we monitor your progress we can see the success at which you awaken to truth.
L: I am aware of more, and excited at whats to come…do you have a message or update for me today?
S: Of course, my child. There is always something to share. I imagine we should first address the issues of your government since they are the most pressing at this time. I would like to start off by saying that we are anticipating great things to happen this week. There is a lot of information that is being circulated in your media and has been prompted by forces of light. This explosion in media awareness will bring truth to the masses, truth through portals of respected reputations and trust. This is imperative, that we gain the respect of those willing to listen to truth by using the mouthpieces of respected and trusted individuals in your nation. We are using many modalities to ensure the success of this mission and it is almost complete. We have observed that many are now willing to listen, that the state of affairs of man has become so dire that people will listen to any sound of hope. This puts us in an advantageous position as you might imagine since so many will be new to the information that will penetrate the masses shortly. We are guiding you to a winning solution and all the waiting and anticipating has served its purpose now. We are delighted in those who remain in constant communication with us because it gives us an opportunity to be heard. Your mission as previously stated, is an important one to spreading truth. Many rely upon the words that you and other telepaths put out to the world and your voices as well as ours are being heard. Because of this, change is happening. Are you beginning to understand the magnitude of your service to mankind?
L: I do, sananda, and I am honored and delighted to share your inspiring words with so many willing to listen.
S: Yes, those who choose to listen have great benefits over those who choose to remain in the dark. It will take the strong of you to live by example so as to inspire others to make the same choices you have. We are in great admiration of all who swim upstream in these tumultuous times and we encourage all of you to stay on course so others have these special examples to follow. You who choose to stay on course are headed for great rewards and we will foster those in our care.

With respect to your currency we anticipate that the truth of the federal reserve will be in full view by the weekend. We are strongly urging government leaders and constituents of truth to come forward at this time. We are in need of the courageous who have positions of influence and incriminating evidence to support the coming changes. We say to you, stand tall and proud and have firm resolve for only the truth shall set you free. Now is the time, dear ones, to be honest with yourselves and each other and to take back the governing of the people. Without your support, there is no government. Without your firm resolve, there is no sovereignty. Take back what is rightfully yours and claim your freedoms once and for all. Allow no other to control your destiny for each of you are co creators with God. We are supporting all of you on this journey to freedom and we applaud each effort that you make toward truth. Pull up your boot straps and dig deep for the will to change all that has kept you down. Rise up to the challenge and stay committed to your quest and you shall prevail. This is a Clarion call to justice, an opportunity to emerge out of darkness. Let not this opportunity pass you by for there are few more of this magnitude designed to take you all the way home. The energy that is calling you is backed by legions of fellow beings of light here to assist you back to your inherent sovereignty. Use the assistance wisely and be prudent in your applications for they will only serve you in the light of forward movement. We are here to assist you but you must assist each other in your willingness to not stand down. You cannot succumb to the fear tactics of your corrupt leaders in their attempts to dissuade you. You cannot be submissive to those who try to dominate your will. You must use your strength and resources now and gather the collective power in numbers to walk straight into the line of fire. You are capable of monumental changes when you gather together in the name of God. You outnumber those who rule over you and with this knowledge you can stand up against tyrrany with great force. Call unto others to support the cause of truth and to finally right what’s wrong. Countless numbers of supporters are behind those of you who are willing to talk about the truth. Show these brave souls your support so that they may take the steps necessary to free this nation founded on equality. As they step forth one by one, call out their names, send them your love, show them the rewards of courage and when they prevail be astute in who you choose to run your country. We have said to you time and again that this country is your responsibility to manage. Be not complacent in this opportunity to rise up against untruth. Take matters into your own hands now and forever more and when you succeed in removing all that does not align in Gods country, you shall truly be free. This is your time to shine, your nation depends on it. Be vigilant and wise of corruption and turn not a blind eye or deaf ear. Change happens when you happen to make change. Step forward now my warriors children of light and remember who you came here to be. We are counting on you. I Am Sananda Immanuel and I ask you now to take heed.


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