Ascension - 2012


Sananda on opening the gates to heaven...

2/28/06 10:30am

Sananda? R U calling me?
S: Good morning love, we are with you waiting.
L: I am sorry to keep you waiting, do you have a message for me?
S: Indeed. Today we have news for you to share with the group. It is imperative that you release this information in a timely manner for it seems that there will be some news for others to share. We wish to advise of some further reparations in your government body that will lead to the unfolding of planned events to take place. There is a scheduled meeting of officials to take place shortly. The purpose of this meeting is to prepare the country for the changes of government and the ramifications it will have on its people. We are delighted to announce that the plan of action is due to take place this week, on schedule. The notification to leaders to surrender to the forces of light was heard and implementation is now in effect. We anticipate that the American people will be hearing about said events momentarily. Know that this is an opportunity to assist with full anticipation of said events. You are all now in a position to fully utilize your powers of manifestation through visualization and we expect that you will take joy in adding your services to aid in the desired outcome. Know that this is a time of great joy for many but will be a time of great confusion for more. You have all been equipt to handle the task at hand, you all have the vibration necessary to employ a peaceful transition. Use these powers that have been bestowed upon you to aid humanity in this upcoming perceived upheaval. Your light will be needed to rest the beating hearts of many. We are confident of your abilities to succeed here.

Many of you wish to know about the plan of action that will precede the government fall. We wish to say that it is up to the forces of light to employ such tasks to their inevitable victory. Do not be put off by how, instead focus your sights on the outcome. Know that all is in divine perfect order and can be instituted with technology beyond your level of comprehension at this time. We are in full support of the beings who aid you and assist in your transition, know that victory is yours.

There will be a short period of disruption to your society when the gates of heaven have been opened. know that this will be abated shortly after the fears are calmed and understanding is evident to all. We expect that you will endure a period of confusion while adjustments are made, but know that all that is dismantled shall be rebuilt in divine ways. You are all a part of this exemplary time upon earth and for good reason. Your chosen roles will appear to you as your places in society open up for you. Many of you are awaiting life missions and your roles will become clear to you upon these coming changes. Fret not over the coming of your destiny, it is a well made plan. Those of you who have awareness of your missions here shall proceed with firm resolve. We are supporting all of you to effortlessly move forward to your assigned tasks on earth and know that there are legions of lightbeings at your disposal. You are outnumbered in this way so as to ensure ample help for all. Be at peace with your journey, for it may be an unexpected turn that will take you to your destination in the New World of Peace. We assure you that whatever path your are guided to will be one that brings you infinite joy.

These times that we have been discussing with you for so long have prepared you for what’s to come. The delays, though they caused much strife, have actually enabled more awareness which shall benefit the transition greatly. We wish to thank you all for your unwavering faith during these end times and assure you that the road ahead, though a tumultuous one, will bring you the heaven on earth that you have so longed for. This is the beginning of the end for most but a journey of unparalleled devotion for a special few. For that, you are all to be commended. We are in great admiration of your dedication to Source and we will walk the way with you now until the infinite abundance of heaven is in your hands. Blessings my children of faith and warriors of light. We shall greet you with open arms and devoted hearts for we are truly one. Go in peace to employ your missions. I AM Sananda Immanuel.


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