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The Shift - Comander Ur Speaks to all Lightworkers through Kara Kincannon

TXII Data Report March 31st, 2006

EPN HeartFlash!
3-31-2006 TX-II Data Report Commander Ur speaks to all L/workers

QUOTE : Lighten Up. Remember how to Trust the Source and the unknown. KK.


Cmdr. Ur here. Gravitational compression is being moved into a larger spectrum of LIGHT. Your crews, especially in the mental body, are being modulated as we assist every L/worker on Gaia to now adapt to this new higher frequency of in-comong LIGHT.

The linking and the alignment of your over-soul self (your spirit-body ) is being spun into a new orientation between spins that is quickly breaking down the old magnetic fields of density. Your structure's physical bodies and Gaia (earth) are changing from carbon based to crystalline based structures for the new bodies -(Gaia's and your physical 3D bodies). All your ground crews, (mental, physical, emotional, etheric ) are transmuting at a most rapid spin. This is called the transfiguration. This is also the beginning of your over soul connection and link-up, which is also the merging of your group over soul connection. This is, and has been, our mission work since Nov. 6th 2002. This mission is called: " Unified Field Merger Project". The soil was prepared by us and by each of you L/workers. By June your and Gaia's inner electro-magnetic fields will harmonize into ONE. We are assisting you now to modulate your and Gaia's field to lessen the severity of Light. We do not wish for you or Gaia to shatter like glass. That is why this is, and has been, a process called Evolution.

Gaia's time warp areas are being activated, thus creating now in and upon Gaia the "new frequency time zones". Our Mash teams have been sent in as of March 30th to work with all L/workers! Implants, abductions, and entities are being removed from you and Gaia for eternity. Ask us: TX-II Transition Team Mash Units to assist you and you will have it done. Poof! That simple.

The crystalline grid structure within Gaia is the core structure which is lining up with this new frequency and being established as the control mechanism of the entire crystalline fields of your frequency location all over Gaia.

This is changing the electro-magnetic flow "THE SHIFT" into a much expanded spectrum of LIGHT EXPANSION and re-mapping and re-structuring a new pattern to be set. This is the New Paradigm which by June will be set, ready and go. You are in the arrival before departure phase, the completion process of the old 4Th world era of time. This completion process of 26,000 years plus, as being a planet to evolve thru your karmic souls' experiences. Many lifetimes you have come here. We are now entering into your future selves here and now. We are entering into new levels of creation. Gaia will no longer be serving in karmic repeats. That will take place in other places for those souls who remain in fear to evolve. The Source of all that is has that loving plan, for all are loved the same.

The number 13 is the coded energy of the Divine Feminine which has been missing and hidden from this old world. This is about the balancing of the male/female in you and in Gaia. This Divine Feminine has been hidden from the masses and has been deeply hidden within the crystal seeds (RNA & DNA) cells of you and Gaia - not lost - just hidden until this Divine Timing you are experiencing now. This is activating within your old cellular DNA pattern. You came into Gaia with your star lineage. It has always been within you. You are the forerunners here.

This star lineage is the memory of real truth and power and your real authentic identity - your origins and lineage from the stars. We are all Star Family. The real Power is Love which is the LIGHT. This language of Light is the new frequency. You are IT! You are the collective Christ Logos return of this LOVE. Frequency location is Gaia (earth star). We are all joined again in One collective of Oneness. There are no ego hidden agendas in this new frequency. That is not possible. You are not here to change the old world at all. Those arenas are quarantined now. Just observe these happenings and the crumbling of the old structures without fear. To partake of these old patterns is the waiting game lie of the old matrix (fear ). That is the lie. That is serving fear and duality and illusions. It is very small story and demands that you shrink - not possible for you forerunners here on Gaia at this now time. The time is now. Phase II is the re-connections in alignment now. The, you/we Unify our collective fields. Following your hearts and spirits. Your identity, self worth and self love are intact, minus self-importance (ego - the small self ) .

You remember and you know who you are, why you are here and what your purpose is. Serving the Source (I AM) within you. From this you spring forth, a new and brilliantly shining star being, here in service to the Source of all that is. This is your employer. You are Source Employed! Never will you be hidden again in secrecy or serving any fear or shame realities. Let the lies go! True Freedom has arrived for your acceptance - allowing and choosing this truth of you. True Freedom reigns forever as the Source Creator has planned. This is a far bigger story than the conflicting "family of light or family of dark" agendas or plans. The Source creator of all that is has the Divine Plan. Follow your spirits into the unknown and delight in The Great Mystery being revealed to you in each now moment. Talking heads
(mental bodies fixed in duality) are full of confusion and will not participate in this new frequency alignment.

This new frequency is total harmony. As within/without. As above/as below. Heaven, Paradise returns. The qualifiers are set - the ground rules are Cosmic Universal Laws of Oneness .

I salute each of you bold and brave L/workers here in service to Gaia's return to Paradise Matrix.

I Am Commander Ur TX-II Star Ship

Tele-communicated by: Kara Kincannon SourceofLightPortal. com

Attention: The EPN April Issue will be out in a few days, with many new assignments we have been given to be of service . Phase II takes off. Kara Kincannon

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