Ascension - 2012


Update by Sheldan Nidle 4 18 06

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic

7 Akbal, 6 Kank'in, 1 Caban

Greetings! We arrive with more to tell you. Your world continues
to progress despite the negative efforts of your last dark cabal.
Right now, you are at a point where our Earth allies have moved ahead
with their plans to oust this cabal from power. If you look closely at
developments around your planet, you can discern just how much their
grip on your reality has eroded. Many things are in place for this
coup while others are just starting to take shape. The purpose of all
this action is to give America and your world a vastly different
"look." By this we mean that the secret agreements for redirecting
your reality are quite close to manifesting. On the surface, much
still appears the same; subtly enforced no-go areas do wonders in
limiting what the mainstream media allows into the public domain.
However, if you look "under the hood," you clearly see the widening
crevices and hear the cracking of this dark cabal's once-solid
foundation. As this foundation splits apart, the opportunities for a
new reality to push through the cracks grow exponentially.

The Galactic Federation is dedicated to pursuing this
massive transformation. The last steps involve an actual first contact
operation. This procedure puts us in the unique position of being a
guarantor of your consciousness revolution. This post confers a great
responsibility to do this in a divine and accredited way. To this end,
we are guided by the sacred decrees of Lord Surea. This garnered us
enormous authority throughout Heaven, whose assistance has tempered
our intervention. This has given us the time to learn the "lay of the
land." With this knowledge and the directives of the Creator, we
devised a plan to achieve our goals. It is essential that those
persons in positions to alter the global political shambles be given
the means to do their job. Revolution and reform take time to jell and
then flower. This time is underway. We are now passing through "the
quiet before the storm" and approaching the moment for action. The
final rails are being solidly laid in place for the juggernaut of
change to begin its rollout.

On other fronts, you are progressing remarkably well toward
full consciousness. It is this growth in awareness that is rapidly
becoming a substantial stumbling block to the dark cabal's agenda.
Your work to realign the subtle grids of this reality and your
committed intentions have permitted many to awaken faster than was
expected. Moreover, your inner work has thwarted much of what the dark
hoped to realize. Despite their incredible financial and economic
resources, they have been prevented by our joint efforts from
derailing your ever-growing rise in consciousness. As this inner
network of positive intentions grows, the work that we are doing
becomes easier to accomplish. Terrorism sponsored by the powerful is
designed to spread fear and increase chaos. Your work has limited this
fear and thus prevented the chaos from reaching critical mass. This
grid of rising consciousness is to be one of the mainstays that assure
first contact. Accordingly, we sincerely thank you for your help and
ask that this continue unabated.

Where logistical aspects of this work were concerned, there
was some degree of dissatisfaction. Operating within the corridors of
the powerful and profane is not easy. Your world is filled with good
intentions gone wrong. Indeed, one of the sports of the power elite is
to cast wide nets of misinformation and other whimsical devises to
snare the innocent and lead them down a path to political oblivion or
even death. We watched as many were thus toyed with. Such is their
hubris they tried this game on us! As a result, we have firsthand
experience of the guile and underhand nature of the powerful. We used
this wisdom to "separate the wheat from the chaff," namely, to
discover who is genuine and hence to know what can truly be done. Much
initial learning forced us down pathways new to us. Nevertheless, we
were able to devise strategies equal to their cunning and capable to
boot of achieving our objectives. These are currently underway.

Our fleet has taken on a most fluid operational construct.
First contact includes tasks that change with each day and that adapt
enormously with each year. A vital predicating factor is your rate of
inner growth, which greatly impacts this degree of fluidity. As more
of you expand your state of consciousness, the nature and make-up of
our medical teams adjust to match your changes; and likewise, the
number of teams that each of you requires increases. Hence, our
personnel expand daily. Teaching and supervising these teams has
become a major responsibility for our command board. Motherships in
our inner ring have now devoted their full time and energy to this
endeavor. The science mission has likewise taken on expanded duties as
Mother Earth follows this same path. This acceleration of our duties
signals to us that first contact does indeed draw close.

The assignment of our diplomatic and liaison teams, as you
can see, is a difficult one. Aware of the challenges of our
environment, we must yet progress at a faster pace. Many on your world
labor under a false sense of unworthiness instilled during birth and
childhood. This emotional pain causes much in your society to operate
in a deceitful manner. To resolve this dilemma, we have decided to use
special "consciousness gifts" to overcome these difficulties. It is
easy for a society founded on Truth to work together cooperatively and
respectfully; societies based on lies and disrespect are much harder
to redirect. Pervasive anxiety and mistrust are deeply imbued in you,
and we plan to overcome this condition with Love and respect wherever
we go. Happily, this procedure has begun to put us in your good graces
and this augers well for our mutual victory!

First contact with you is complex; you have forged a truly
unique situation for yourselves. The negativity of your press and your
innate suspicions prevent a swift and comprehensive landing on Mother
Earth. And yet, your society mirrors conditions that quite frankly
hardly any longer exist. Realities in the grips of rapid change often
succumb to this sort of craziness, and yours is no exception. What we
have done is adjust our plan to your ongoing agenda. This means that
we need to push you in the right directions while watching for the
optimum moment to arrive en mass. This strategy gives us some leeway
while allowing us to expedite direct contact with you. This first
contact operation is determined to move you beyond your present qualms
and simultaneously to provide the means to support the workings of our
Earth allies.

The quiet revolution currently underway has taken millennia
to get to this point. The goal is to return you to full consciousness
and end the incessant harassment of the dark. This time around, the
departure of the Anunnaki opened doorways of opportunity not available
before. Some 10,000 years ago, a great global flood stopped a
consciousness rebellion dead in its tracks. This dire act of
retribution was a sign to the human survivors that any sort of
surliness to the rule of the "sky gods" was not to be tolerated. This
horrendous act put your distant ancestors and even yourselves at their
dark mercy. Today, this option has been eliminated. Furthermore, we
are here to provide the means for your success. Our divine act gives
you the setting to carry out this rebellion and gives you back your
primary, God-given, unalienable right: full consciousness!

Today, we reviewed the present situation on your world. This
was done to reassure you that the promised ousting of the dark cabal
is indeed close to happening. Further, we want you to know that the
quiet revolution toward a new reality is still in effect and destined
to succeed in the near future. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear
Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and
infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat
Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


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