Ascension - 2012


Sananda - ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’

4/19/06 3:31am

Sananda, is that you?
S: Yes beloved, it is I.
L: Do you have a message?
S: Indeed. We can talk of much. Lets first reiterate what’s to come. We have told you that there is an uprising in your nation that is on the cusp of explosion. We have told you that there is coming a time of great upheaval. We have told you that there is before you now the opportunity for great change. What we have not told you is when or how it will play out. This is because it is up to you. We say this again to encourage you to keep moving forward and to not sit back in complacency. We have issued a warning to your leaders that they are on the brink of destruction and that they will be a part of a world wide revolution, however, they will be taken out legally and with your consent. This is an uprising of the people, for the people. This means that you will take this victory with your own hands and hearts and will be greater for it. Many of you wonder how this will be possible and we say to you, what is possible is only limited by your thoughts. Soon you will realize that what you think is possible is really just the tip of the iceberg. Today the sun is shining upon the white house but in short time there will be looming veils of darkness that will overtake the administration. Be prepared for many to deliver you from evil, even in the face of destruction. The tearing down of one reality can only make way for the new and what is necessary to procure the intended outcome shall prevail. We are making declarative statements that you are the victors of this battle, no matter what is seen on the surface. As you know by now the surface story is only the personification of what your government wants you to see, not actual truth. To change this deceptive act, you need not stand down but to repudiate the acts of violence against you. Your courage is needed and your armor will be truth. In the illumination of truth all darkness shall cease to exist and you shall accept no less. Your power is something you gave away under false pretenses. Now you must rise up and take your power back, for without this power you have no future to uphold. We make claims that now is the time to act and we strongly urge you to make some noise. You have a phrase that ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’. To rattle the cages of the sleeping tigers, you must make noise. Your solemnity has no purpose here, this is the time to shout from the mountains and wake your brothers and sisters. Do you not see that you must impede? How else can you be heard when your voices are stifled, your truth is distorted, and you are made to look like fools, extremists, lobbyists and activists. This is their way of keeping you down, to discredit your wisdom and intuition and bargain with your rights. You decide the fate of your future, you decide the extent of your freedom, you decide the impending doom that is upon you, for how could it be any other way when you outnumber the empire? For each of you who know truth there is at least one person who you share your thoughts with who in turn shares their thoughts with one more and so on and so on. This means that your backing has grown exponentially in record breaking time. Those of you with the courage to speak out against your leaders have made a considerable impact upon your people by asking the right questions. This is the way to truth. Do not only claim to know the truth, ask others to find it. This is the way to stimulate the awakening of thy neighbor. When each of you has asked enough of the right questions you will be in a position to seek truth, that which will arise within. YOu can guide and elude to it but ultimately it must come from within. Therefore, we say to you, formulate the right questions and start asking others for the answers. See if they too do not begin to seek answers. This is the beginning of a movement, and this is the way to truth. Stand tall and stand proud but do not stand down. Most importantly, stand up now. –Sananda Immanuel


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