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Lauren - From The Pleiadian High Council...

Hi All! It feels good to be back on the circuit! I have another beautiful message on the coming times from the Pleiadians...I hope you enjoy the energy that is emitted from this wonderful transmission as much as I enjoyed receiving it!

In the light,

6/30/06 9:37am

L Is there any one who wishes to speak with me at this time?
“We are with you beloved”
L: Who please?
“We are the Pleidian High Council”
L: Hello! Good morning!
P: Today is the final day in your calendar month of June. Months marks the end of a lunar cycle and the beginning of a new. This is especially evident in your cyclical events that occur and reoccur in 3d. What we would like to address here today is the marking of a new month and in fact a new era. July is known to many as the month of change. It is the beginning of a new Galactic year and cosmic cycle. How this pertains to you on earth is now becoming more and more obvious. We are in the throes of a great and mighty prophetic realization of the coming age. This realization is one that marks the beginning of an era of consciousness. To many, this era is one in which familiarity will commence. For others, this will be an era of growth and expansion into the multi-dimensional awareness that humans are finally capable of. With each passing hour we note the changes in your atmosphere and this is due to the rising pressure from feelings of helplessness among the masses. This feeling is what will force a quantum leap of change when the new energies of earth collide with the human race. It will take the mighty and the strong to realize that all that is coming forth for a new world is in fact pre-ordained and for the highest good of all. On the surface, it may appear to be chaotic and unruly, however, many will be comforted in knowing that the change for good has finally arrived.

In the throes of human turmoil is always the opening of greater opportunity. In this coming time the opportunites that will be bestowed upon you will have the greatest impact on your world as a whole. Together, you will be capable of the impossible. It is our duty and pleasure to assist you all in these grand moments and we will be close by for your comfort. Finally, a day in which we can all unite and plan the work of the new world, will soon be a reality. This will be a glorious day indeed.

What we present you with is an opportunity to see all that you have accomplished in such a short period of time. We are so pleased with the ways in which the light has emerged victorious. We have seen the work of few outnumber the selfish deeds of millions. The power of the light is so immense that it could hold a candle to illuminate a country. This light is who you are in truth. This light is what will make the new world. This light is what will bring your dreams to reality. We are amazed and continually impressed with the power and endurance of the people of earth. Blessings be.

As we express to you our gratitude for all that you have accomplished in such a short period of time, we note that you who are ready for your roles as teachers and wayshowers of the new earth shall indeed prepare to embark on your very new and glorious journey. This journey will be one of amazing adventure and challenge to quell the fears of many. It will be a time for lightworkers around the globe to unite in grand opposition to the forces of lower dimensional thinking. It will be up to all of you to portray the peace of the coming time with your overall sense of placid resolve. It will be in this space that you who walk forward in joy and love will become the beacons of hope for a lost soul. In their fury, they may resist your words, but the energy you emit will be unavoidable.

Take to your new roles in society as the omnipotent beings of light that you all are. This is what will herald the beginning of the new world. This light that you emit and bring forth for the masses will be the light of the way to the kingdom of glory. As you walk in peace and joy of truth, you will be called upon by many who wonder why you are joyous among chaos. This will be the distinguishing trait among those who walk in faith. This will be the force that will pull on the heartsrings of those who long to feel your comfort as you are able to maintain your center despite the outward appearance or illusions of turmoil.

We say these things to you so that you will understand the power of your vibratory essence. We observe that as you make way for the truth there may be times in which you feel as though you are making headway and times when you feel as though no one will listen to reason. We say to you, be patient and allow for those who need you to find seek you out. You have a saying that when the student is ready the teacher shall come. This is relative. You can only lead those who choose to be led. All others will find there own way. Some may return to you at a future time, others will not. All is in divine perfect order.

As you embark upon your new missions on the new earth, take heed for those who claim to teach the workings of God in vain. What we mean is this…there will be those who insist that the major religions have in fact predicted prophecies that are faulty. We see this as a probable outcome as so many who have been conditioned to fear based teachings. What we propose then is a method to initiate a loving atmosphere for a fearful soul. This will indeed be a challenge to suddenly reverse the thinking of a religious sect that has been programmed into thinking otherwise. Have firm resolve to keeping an open heart, for those who need it most may be the most adverse to it. This will be the goal of every lightworker in the coming days, to simply remain open and loving to all who wander.

This brings us to the issue of your governing councils. The governing systems in the Untied States are void of compassionate and dignified leaders. Soon, the attention will turn away from government and more toward the people. When the whole of society begins to realize that there needs are not being met and that they have in fact been lied to many times over, they will begin to understand that true power comes from uniting with one another. Country men and women will gather and join hands for a better life. Relying upon one another to live in harmony will become the way of the world. It is in this time that all who pretend to deliver the needs of the people will become exposed for their dark agendas. It will also be in this time that all who work for the people will step forth into there new roles in society. These new leaders will hold the highest intention for all. No longer will your society be segregated and unfairly distributed based on inequality. All humans will have the same resources from which to gather. We all unite under one God and this will become the foundation of a joyous venture together. This will be the grand result of much hard work.

We also wish to parlay the coming changes in your media and press. It is no secret that the media is a tightly controlled conglomerate of those who wish to deceive you. There is coming a movement so powerful that it will force your media to report the truth to the people, maybe even for the first time. It is in this movement that those of pure heart will finally be free to express themselves as they wholly desire. You may be surprised at the amount of false information that has been presented over time. We say to you, resist nothing. Keep an open mind for even those whom you have looked up to and know that even the most moral an dignified role models are subject to weakness. These people who may have turned to the lower ways especially need your love. Please keep an open heart and open mind for all, do not distinguish right from wrong as it is all relative under one God. There may be surprises and there may be moments of clarity, however all deserve just treatment under Creators law. No one is more or less worthy of such treatment as we are all one.

As the media begins to tell the truth, there may be many who revolt against the tryrrany that you have been under. This revolting is not encouraged, however you must take into consideration the harsh amount of suffering that some of these beings may have endured. We are in no way promoting the idea of violence, but we say to you hold forgiveness in your heart and have compassion for those who have known extreme suffering in their lives. This will be short lived as soon all will have the abundance that is due, however as the cycle in duality draws to a close many need to still play out unresolved issues related to karma. You are encouraged at this stage of the game to comfort even those in rage for it will be those who are ripe for transmutation. As your hearts unite so too will your society and in this grieving and rage of deception and lies comes the greatest uplifting and uniting of human beings as equal souls. This is the most advantageous and beautiful unfoldment process that should be looked upon with great admiration and joy.

Now as we relate to you many pending aspects of a future in transistion, we also propose that you all find joy in your work and your ways. The joy you feel will be one of an elevated vibration as you will know that you are all provided for by Creator and that the time of duality has indeed come to an end. In these moments find time to celebrate your arrival and your many years of personal hard work. Find the joy in being in a body during the most unbelievable time in your world’s history. To that fact alone, you must know how important a role you play in the end times. You are all here to experience the grand journey to Source and that is no small feat.

We present you with many gifts and opportunities to live your hearts desires and Creator has heard your cries for help. In earnest we have come to assist and to lift you to a place of well deserved respite for your new world that is emerging before your very eyes. Take with you the promise of a better life and share your vision with all who will hear. Allow everyone you meet to see the bigger picture of life through your eyes. That will be your gift to the world, a most noble a gracious gift of all. Peace.

We are the Pleiadian High Council and we play a major role in the ascension of your planet. We oversee many avenues of the process and we are delighted and proud to be a part of such a momentous journey. Mostly, we thank you for bringing these opportunities to yourself and to others and for paving the way to the Golden Age. Farewell friends, we will be watching over you from your skies.
L: Thank you!


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