Ascension - 2012


Relay Relay Relay - Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle June 18, 2006

Master R here. It has been a long time since last we "met". You have healed well. (on all levels) Each soul's journey is unique. Like snowflakes that fall from a winter's sky. We have had a grand journey together, all of us. We, who have walked the path on Earth as you have are with you as you transition to your Lightbodies, into fully Conscious Beings.

We remind you at this time to take time out of your, day to sit or walk in a quiet place outdoors and just, Contemplate! Contemplate the world around you. Contemplate Nature, people, LIFE, in It's myriad forms. Observe the teaming Life all around you. Send the Love that is in your soul to everything around you. See with the eyes of the Creator. FEEL compassion for all of life! Love Everything! Everyone! NO EXCEPTIONS! Judgement of others holds you back in your Ascension process. It may help you to know that Everyone wants to Be Loved and to Love on a Soul level. The Soul knows LOVE. The Soul IS LOVE.

It is time to drop the cloak of invisibility in your world! It is time to Speak your Truth, to Walk your Truth and to be the Leaders that you Already Are! You have come in this Great Age of Awakening in order to Do Just That!

We ask that you cleanse yourselves of your belief in your unworthiness for the task that is before you. That is an old thoughtform. LET IT GO! You Are Who you have been waiting for! Truly! Indeed! It IS you! Blessings upon you from your sisters and brothers in Light!

Well, that Was a surprise! You haven't thought about Master R in a long time, have you? Yes, this is Ghondor, your Pleiadian friend. I would like to add that it is necessary for you all to hold neutrality as your standard at this time. It is the way of the "gods". To you, the Warriors of Light we send love; to all on the Dear Earth we send love. Good Night Little One and rest in the arms of the Great Mother!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle June 18, 2006


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