Ascension - 2012


Lauren - Sananda on preparing for take-off...

5/1/06 1:20pm

S: Greetings my love.
L: Hello Sananda…do you or anyone with you wish to give me a message today?
S: Indeed, love. We are many and we come with many more. We issue a warrant for the arrest of the dark agenda and we anticipate the backing of an entire nation in this cause for civil liberty. Do you who know truth rally in the streets this day? Do you join the forces of those who sacrifice their security for a larger cause? Indeed these are the rights of humanity you fight for, not simply the rights of segregated bloodlines. Do you suppose that this march for freedom is the march for the rights of all? We say, indeed it is! Indeed these future rights that are stampeding in your cities are the rights for all who claim freedoms. Rise up, stand up, and join your brothers and sisters in the march for true freedom for all! Now is the beginning of the change and now you can see the awareness with your own eyes. These transgressions that have been acted upon you can no longer be tolerated by anyone. It is because of these acts of violence against the people of your planet that you are finally in a position to wake up. This dark energy was necessary in the pursuit of equality and peace. See it for what it is, but take action to support your mission of fairness. We watch today with great joy to see the rising of so many for great cause. As we interpret the energy around your planet we can see the voids from darkness filled with the light of love. This replacement of energy is necessary to lift the people of silent work to the next level in consciousness. We are employing a mission of grand proportion and we are in a space much closer to earth at this time. We have begun to descend into your skies so as to prepare for the upcoming event. If you see movement in your night skies, know that we are ever closer and now with a better perspective. This gives us a vantage point in assisting your already forward movement. We have stated earlier that this is the time of great change and we declare that the battle has begun. You are only at the very beginning of an intense thrust of truth to be bestowed upon the people of your planet.

It is with honor that we send to you our missionaries and it is with gratitude that we employ these missions of mother earth in her quest for healing and transmutation. Please bear with us as we encounter many dark energies along the way , yet we can handle and are prepared for all that may step in our way to resolution. The dark has a force that is surmountable and the light has a force that is irreconcilable in its attempts to thwart evil. Pay close attention to the words of your leaders and you will see the attempts to sway the attention of the masses to a place of distraction. The American people are bored with these attempts and they shall no longer succumb to the smoke and mirrors of a governing body based on lies and corruption. It is I who claim that these days upon you are the days of destruction of the dark empire and it is you who make these claims a reality in your physical domain. Soon we will work together in the light of truth to foreshadow the coming of Age in your world.

To this day and forward we move with rapid speed to help resolve the karma of many. It will be up to you to take this resolution to the final stages to play out the drama of invocation. In this process you will be guided to face and eliminate any lingering darkness in your soul bodies for the mass upliftment. It will seem as though time is speeding up exponentially in this final push forward to peace. Try to sit back and allow for these issues to be resolved on their own accord and fight not with your irrational minds. These thought forms that are penetrating the masses at this time are due partly to the ensuing drama of the great change and due partly to your own personal clearings. We enforce that many are with you at this time to assist, call to us and we shall guide you to truth. For those of you who choose to not partake in the upliftment at this time, know that there will be other grand opportunites that will open up for when you feel ready to make the transition. No one is expected to participate without prepardness and to this we make no discrimination. We call to you to decide what will be your plight in this grand awakening. We assert that this moment before you has been decreed by Creator and therefore is your destiny. However, it is still your choice to decide when you will join the leagues of heaven in your mission to serve the great earth and it is up to you to decide when you will walk with your brothers and sisters to the threshold of the Golden Age. Take with you the hope of a better world and all else will be bestowed upon you. We are your servants now as we lift you up out of densness and prepare you for your new roles as leaders of this world. To begin the preparation for your journey, you must all eliminate any remains of past history of fear and wounds from your entire life stream. This is what you have been experiencing for quite some time, however, Creator has asked that the process be pardoned for those who cannot finish in time but who choose to be lifted. This means a final reparation for your soul as a gift of compensation for an arduous journey. This is a most gracious bestowal for only the greatest of warriors. We assure you that the lessening of your suffering is at hand and the completion of your long journey is before you. As a final request we ask that you prepare yourselves for take-off by finding your center among the increasing light. We say this jokingly, though metaphorically it has worth for you will be taking off to a very new destination. We have room aboard for all who wish to accompany us to the higher ways and we will make room for those who change their minds. Thank you in advance for joining us on this very special mission of the stars, we are delighted to be with you again and we have strong ties to each of you with plenty of love abound. You are the victors of your era, victors with amnesia! A very special feat indeed. We come to you today with the news that you are all progressing rapidly now and with this news you should celebrate your arrival. As the leaders of a very new world, you have proven that you will succeed in your new roles. We look forward to partaking on this journey with you. Blessings dear ones, I Am Sananda Immanuel, Avatar of the Christed Era.


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