Ascension - 2012



Visualize a chord of light joining the three upper chakras, from the
base of the throat to the top of the head. See it as golden and
light blue in colour
Maintain that visualization and breathe energy into it with every
breath you take. Breathe in and out through the nose, keeping your
tongue up, touching the top of the mouth.
You'll see the chord become more real and vivid with every breath.
Now close your eyes and visualize a golden sun-like object a couple
of metres above your head, radiating golden energy rays downwards.
With every in breath you take see these rays collect in your soul
chakra, in your third eye in front of your forehead.
Then with every exhalation see this area becoming more and more sun-
like and starting to rotate, faster, and faster, and radiating light
in all directions
As you keep repeating this breathing and visualization exercise,
your body will become lighter and lighter, the protons, neutrons,
and electrons will begin to flow upwards. This will make you float
automatically. At this point don't stop. Continue to breathe and to
visualize the rays entering your soul chakra, with the sun in your
third eye turning faster and faster. To maintain the lightness in
your body, open your eyes, and practice controlling the direction of
your newly developed floating ability.
This exercise will give you the power of internal vision, x-ray
vision. People would appear naked and with their internal organs,
aura field, cells and DNA visible.
Now go back to your chord and see it grow larger and larger until
you feel that it has become capable of carrying you upwards. You
will feel yourself rising physically off the ground and above
obstacles. Eventually you will also have the ability of walking
with your body through walls, rising to different dimensions at
will. You will be able to feel the fun of flying around.

Travel through the chakras
Chakras: a grid system of worm holes that can be used as a gateway
to other dimensional destinations throughout this universe and other
universes. This is how our dimensional bodies move between bodies
and dimensions
Worm hole: Chakra or vortex of energy, natural or artificially
generated. It is a gate way that can be used to transport energy or
information or matter of any sort from one point to another at will.
Worm hole network system: is a system of natural or artificial
wormholes linking together to form a network grid.
We know of the 7 main chakras. There are quite a few more on our
body and on our Aura.
And we humans, once we have united our Spiritual body with the
Personality and the Universal Mind acquire the ability to create new
chakras as and when we need them.
Let's first get familiar with some new terminology
Oneness: This is the experience of being everywhere at one time
(spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.), without any loss of
consciousness .
Hyper space: a dimensional vibration where time and space are
considered to be one throughout your experience and interaction,
(fifth dimensional reality).
Light language: is a light encoded experience that can be
transmitted to other light beings by the use of telepathic
communication and shared experience throughout teleportation.
Teleportation: a process by which light or material can be
transported from one point to another through worm holes .
Visualization: This process is used to generate artificial or
photonic worm holes that can be used for travel and materialization
of energy or matter to and from any given reality.
Teleportation: Teleportation is a natural way of travelling for all
beings of light whether from the third or from a higher dimension.
It is natural and quite easy since it deals with "light ". The
experience will vary with the colour and level of light.
Teleportation: Now that we know all this, let us practice moving in
space and between dimensions:
This is a very simple process! Close your eyes, and visualize a
wormhole in front of you. Then see yourself walking through it. When
you visualize the wormhole you are actually creating one and since
it is close to you it will affect your molecular structure and your
own chakra system. As a result you will no longer be in a third
dimensional existence and you will be transported in that modified
fifth dimensional form .And you will find that you can go to any
point in the universe, whatever the time period or the particular
event you want to experience. Time travel and inter dimensional
travel are now a reality. Just as travel to any other universe, with
no limit what so ever.
Visualize yourself as being in the place to which you want to go.
First see your present environment, Then see yourself as light, of
the colour of your choice, and tell yourself that you can be any
where on any given time just like the sun light that radiates all
over the solar system. Once you absorb that fact, your destination
will materialize to you. Alternately you will materialize there
through an artificially generated portal or worm hole. This portal
can be big or small. It could be big as a house or only six to 10
feet in diameter.
Give this wormhole the colour you decide on. Black, white or blue.
And visualize the destination you want to go to on the other side,
and see yourself walking through the wormhole to the desired
location anywhere in the universe

The Final Conclusion to these exercises.
As Simona says:
"Source, the angels, archangels, ascended masters and beings of
light are there all the time for me and I can talk to them at any
moment, during work, during eating and even during shopping. Every
moment is sacred. Every moment is a meditation, while wide awake,
and we spread the energies out to all we meet and interact with."

So now you are in permanent contact. It is a weird and wonderful
feeling, as you walk, to feel yourself surrounded by your God.
Permanently, all the time. And to talk telepathically with any or
all of your Best Friends.

The End.


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