Ascension - 2012


Lauren - A message from Creator...

4/28/06 11:50am
"Hello my beloved child of the blue ray."
L: Creator?
S: Yes, my love, it is I whom you term Creator. I come with many masters to assure you of your fated outcome. I come with a message from on high, a message of hope for you and for all. We are proud of such a monumental effort to close this tumultuous era of grieving and strife destined to be replaced with hope and love and joy. Indeed you are in the final stages of dire circumstance and we come to tell you that the time is now for change. We have decreed that the end shall be in April and we shall hold true to our vow. Now it is up to you. What is laid before you is the proposed event of the masses that we speak of, the event that will turn history on its tracks and represent the new era of man. This entrance to the higher realms will be crowded as many follow the warriors of truth to the light of All that is. In your efforts to prevail you have suffered greatly and though this is not necessary in the higher ways, it was successful in bringing the light to earth in its current condition. We attest to many leaving the earth at this time in preparation for their roles on the other side, and we alarm those in political power that all is in position for change. It is our wish that those in power make the choice on their own accord to step down from their roles, however many are unprepared to let go of their egoic control. Though this is a choice, we greatly encourage the resurrection of their souls. It is with amnesty that we make the deliberate attempt to retrieve these souls and help to guide them in the direction of light. However the outcome, they shall be presented with another opportunity to atone, rather replace their negative behaviors with right doing.

We also come here with a request, a request to stay in your homes on the eve of great change. You will know this change by the way in which you feel. When the moment has arrived for mass consciousness to tip the scales in your favor you will be freed from the chains of energetic captivity. You will be pardoned from your roles as bringers of truth from the unseen. When the light has awakened in enough people to gain the necessary momentum, all who bear the burden of truth will be relieved of their duties in a way that will be unmistakable. You will have a knowing that the time has arrived because you will feel the peace of upliftment in preparation for the ensuing chaos. We have pardoned lightworkers from the drama that will take over the masses as a gift for your commendable diligence and perseverance. You who are tired will be rested, you who are weary will be joyous and you who are ill will be healed. In a sense you are all rushing to the finish line with unprecedented speed which is why it may seem on the outside that you are getting worse. In actuality this paradox poses the appropriate conundrum for life in duality, that all that is seemingly one way is actually the opposite side of another. This is oftentimes the basis of humor and most literary work, that what appears to be real is similarly just as unreal from an opposing angle. The more awareness that you have, the funnier this seems, however, most don’t realize the implications of the 2 sided nature of duality and get lost in it. This is why so many are with you now to aid you to your awakening. It is never funny to see suffering in the name of duality and so now you must all step into your new roles as co-creators so as to co-create the new Terra.

As you are released from your roles are light bearers, you will undoubtedly feel lighter. This lifting will enable you to breathe freely for the first time in many months. As you breathe in the energy of the higher vibrations, take note of your ability to stay centered amongst chaos. This will be the most notable change in your awareness, that you will seemingly be unaffected by the lower energies and capable of feeling joy in turbulent times. This will be advantageous to your well being and you will notice that healing will come to you quickly while in this state of homeostasis. Your antenna will rise so your intuition will be stronger and your communication with us will be effortless.

L: So, are you saying that there will be an announcement this weekend, since this is the last weekend in April?
C: I have decreed that this shall be so, however it is up to you to provide the forward momentum of my request.
L: So in other words, you are just proposing that this is the weekend?
C: It could be looked at that way, though ultimately it is up to you to decide what it means.
L: But if I look at it one way, then there is always the opposing side as you stated before.
C: Correct. This is the cause and effect of energy that we speak of, that what you focus on ultimately becomes the reality of your thoughts.
L: So basically, if more people “believe” that this is the weekend for the announcement than those believing that it will not be, then change will manifest?
C: This is the culmination of collective thought, yes.
L: Are there enough aware people now to put this thought in motion?
C: Without a doubt.
L: SO is this why you decreed that April shall be the month, so that enough people will pull together to think it into our reality?
C: Do you suppose that it could work this way?
L: At this stage in the game I have some reservations because lightworkers are played out. And many still play the blame game for why results don’t appear. They especially like to blame the masters for our lack of results thereby spreading the energy of animosity and taking us further from our goal, which to me says that many still don’t get how energy really works.
C: Do you suppose that there is an underlying current of energy that is working for the intended outcome that may have been put into place long ago and is now ripe with the potential of manifestation?
L: Yes, but if that is the case, then why does what we think matter?
C: Good question. It matters because you have the potential to use/add to this energy to your advantage to create rapid results. Without this underlying current of energy you would be hard pressed to procure results in the physical realm.
L: SO what do you suggest we do to make sure this happens this weekend? There are still many, many people who believe that you and others will save us.
C: In a sense you are being saved because never before have you had these available opportunites whilst on earth and with so much support. That does not mean that you aren’t responsible for your realities, just that the reality of light is more probable now.
L: I think some may see this as discouraging since many are hoping that the changes are definite.
C: Precisely. And when many more believe this to be true it will be.
L: And it is realistic to think that these many more that you speak of will be ready by this evening for an announcement?
C: I have decreed that it shall be so.
L: I am confused.
C: Dearest one, it is all in the realm of possibilities. Everything and anything that you can imagine is a reality now en masse. There are enough aware lightworkers across the globe right now to make this change happen in an instant if brought together collectively. The amount of energy necessary to tip the scales is so close that you would be annoyed. This is why we declare the month of April as the month of change, because collectively you have the power now.
L: Maybe we don’t really understand yet how to use it?
C: In essence this is true, because if you knew how to use it you would not be suffering still.
L: Can you give us a play by play? A collective plan for the masses to employ?
C: I can suggest a plan as I often do, but it will be up to you to employ.
L: Granted.
C: I would suggest creating a source of power that is impenetrable by lower thought forms. In creating this power source I would employ the forces of light to pull together through massive intent to rise above all else and visualize this change in the Now. I would use the tools that you have been given by the higher realms to spread the intent far and wide. (internet?) I would then imagine a successful outcome and step into this as reality. Then I would live in this reality only.
L: Haven’t we done this many times?
C: Have you succeeded?
L: Good point. I am getting tired, do you recommend that I publish this?
C: I recommend that you do all you can to gather the lightworkers and get them on the same page. I recommend that you affirm to yourselves that this be the weekend and see it through to its completion.
L: Can you help us?
C: You are all my children and I will walk with you to the end.
L: Thank you Creator.
C: Be at peace.


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