Ascension - 2012


Report from the Galactic Tribunal

Greetings in the "Light" of Our Radiant One. I am Korton. One moment please .....
Greetings in the "Light" of Our Radiant One. I am Kla-La. The thoughts that I would share with all of those present, upon this occasion, are certain new directives and items of interest, that are the result of the meetings of the Galactic Tribunal.
I would bring, first, to your attention, that we have received communication from the Universal Confederation and from the Headquarters of Solar Cross, at Trantor.
The suggestion contained in those communications, have now been acted upon by the Tribunal, and the following decisions have been made:
1. Two Chronomonitors have been dispatched to your Solar System. One to carry on routine activities, and one that has been ordered to be on station above the facility that you now occupy. This has been accomplished.
2. In addition, we, along with the concurrence of the Representatives of Aldebaran, are activating the great generators (Grid-Ley) contained in the pyramids upon the planet Earth.
The stability of your planet, due to the coming changes, would require a greater dynamic stability in order to prevent an actual physical reversal of your North and South poles.
3. In addition, my brothers and sisters, we have had several meetings with various members of the Spiritual Hierarchy in the past several of your days, including the ones you know as Oxoh, and Lord Esu.
The contents of these communications and the thoughts of the Hierarchy will be explained and presented on the eve of your coming New Year, several of your days, yet away.
4. The Tribunal has also ordered, to be put into effect immediately, that, all necessary supplies, services, and talents, will be followed to, and placed at, the discretion of Kadar Mon-Ka of the Saturn Tribunal, for use in the situations yet to be developed.
A great many personell have, therefore, been reassigned, and placed at the disposal of the Saturn Tribunal.
These actions, my brothers and sisters, are now bringing together talents and resources, from, without the length and breadth of this, our Galaxy.
I believe the significance of such actions should not be wasted upon you, that you should be aware that they portend the magnitude of great events to occur.
5. Another request, forwarded to us, was to start the activation of the removal of the veils, of those representatives of Man, placed in your immediate area.
6. In addition, we will be removing some one hundred (100) of them, and funneling them off into the areas of your distant Satellite Groups for support activities in those regions.
7. In addition, the authorization of three of the "Light" focusing generators (Ronson Ray Device) has been honored, and they are aboard the Chronomonitors stationed above your present location, ready for deployment should they be needed.
All necessary requests of the Confederation, and of the Solar Cross, have been met. And I am most pleased to announce, that, we, of the Galactic Tribunal, are in unaminous agreement with these actions.
We have waited a great deal of time, through many of your eras, in order to welcome planet Earth, and all of its inhabitants, back into the ranks of Man.
We shall look forward, my brothers and sisters, to the great privilege of meeting each of you, in your coming periods of time.
There is a directive, that has been forwarded directly to Kadar Mon-Ka, which will be included in his report, soon to be forthcoming, to all of those who are present.
It has been my great privilege to share these thoughts with all of those present. I extend the "Light" of the Radiant One to each of those present, and those not present. I depart now, in the "Light" of the Radiant One, and wish you well. I am Kla-La. Adonai, my brothers and sisters, Adonai.
Korton here. My brothers and sisters, in the "Light" of Our Radiant One, I depart now. Adonai. I am Korton. Adonai.


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