Ascension - 2012


Sananda: The Emperor's New Clothes... from Lauren

Sananda: It is with pleasure that we greet you and it is in the company of angels that we reside. Take with you this day the blessings bestowed from the highest of realms. As we encircle you in light know that you are linked with the lineage of mastership and beyond. Blessed one, it is time in the realms of light to partake in monumental events beyond human scope. What we are alerting you of is the clarion call to all earth angels to rise up now and hear the trumpets sound. Each of you has been planted with a seed of intelligence prior to your incarnation that is beginning to break open and germinate. This seed that I refer to is perfectly placed within the heart center of each of you. In this way, you will all know the beginning of your new journey based on the amount of love you are able to hold in your being. What we wish to make known to all earth angels at this time, is that each of you are being nudged in a personal way to heed our call. We are in need of the angels of earth to begin now to rise to their destination posts. Each of you has a divine blueprint embedded within your active DNA which enables you to fully realize your potential in your field of divine perfection and expertise. What we hope to accomplish is a gathering of waking souls to bind the energy of Christ consciousness into a working fire of transmutation. In this process of gathering, each of you will feel a tug on your heartstrings which will lead you to the divine truth waiting to be uncovered within. We are with you today to insist that all pay attention for it is in this nudging that you will have found your peace.

Please be sure to foretell the ways in which you allow others to influence your destiny. For now is the time of individual power and decision making is essential. Angels of earth, now is the time to decide your destiny. Now is the time to put your plans in action and now is the time to see them through. Though this is still a question in some minds, we say to you, move forward in the intended direction that you wish to go and the powers that be will take on a new momentum for your journey. Clarity will become you but you must put your first foot forward and choose the path for your highest good. We say to you that what you do is not as important as who you have become, for it is in the power of your vibration that you shall effect all others. In this way, you will change the world. Be not overly concerned with what you will do, but more with what you are deciding to do, for now is the time of great choosing.

We have initiated all who will step forward in great leadership roles in the new paradigm. These souls have tirelessly worked toward a nebulous goal, one that caused great shifting and momentary strife. Now is the time for our great leaders to emerge from their cocoons, for they have completed the metamorphosis phase. Some of you may be noticing subtle differences in your physical makeup or life. This is due to the emergence that is beginning to take place. You see, each of you is destined to take the reins now. No longer is the current paradigm a plausible one and it will be up to each of you now to take control of your planet. In this way mother earth will be ensured her survival.

How do you do this you ask? By simple means. All that is required of you now is to follow the clear guidance of your heart. The seed that has begun to germinate is in need of light, the light of truth. With this light the power of your transformation will take hold and become the fullest expression of you. Likewise, each of you will be trained in your new fields of expertise, and this will come very easy as you have most likely done it many times before.

What we are about to witness on a global scale is all made possible by the anchors of light on this planet. Without you, none of this would be possible. This is why you are here and this is what you came to fulfill in service to creator. In the next moments of reality, you will undoubtedly be called to service, sometimes in ways that you do not expect. As you assist others, know in your heart that this is exactly why you are on earth at this very special time.

Not long ago were you in a position of being bound by the illusory fears of the 3d dimension. Notice now how you are able to witness and transcend these fears with the light of truth. This in and of itself is an advantageous position to be in, for you realize there is no power left in the illusion. As you begin to uncover each area of your life that still needs light, you will be releasing the old in preparation for the newly evolved consciousness emerging in your reality. Where there is lower vibration, the higher cannot infiltrate, it is up to you then to willingly release all that does not serve you any longer. This is important for those preparing to walk forward in leadership roles, for any darkness will block the truth of your next walking steps.

Be sure to see clearly now as you embark upon the very comfortable fitting roles that each of you is longing to express. We can see your heart lights and know that they are throbbing in anticipation for the new world. Little by little you can allow this light to escape and infiltrate any darkness that you stumble upon. Those ready to take the next steps in their ascension will flock to you in anticipation of freedom from limiting beliefs.

My brothers and sisters of light, the emperor’s new clothes have finally revealed the truth. No longer is it prudent to swim with the masses, for it will be the courageous who say what they see from their heart. You are all in valuable positions and no longer shall you be swept away by the beliefs of an ignorant society nor a despotic governing system of authority. Step forth now and expose the emperor, for he truly is without his robe. Be like the small child who is only capable of seeing what is and leave the rest to history. Rise up earth angels, take to your posts. We are preparing for lift off.

I AM Sananda Immanuel of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Universal Light beckoning you now. Take heed and stand tall in your pursuits for the light of the Father is with you. Blessings.


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